Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Land of Strawberries and Teas Part 2

Busy schedule cause chaos, sick and lunatic inner me....
Ok, let's get back to the unfinished bizinesu~

Only wide lens cam/ park aside get down from the car to take the pic will do the trick. :/

BOH Tea Centre Cafe~ Busy and pack

Unleash the Lust in you!
Strawberries(MUST!), Carrots And Chocolates(SUCKS)~

BOH Tea Centre Without BOH Tea Is Not A BOH Tea Centre

FYI, the price are same at K4~ X_X

THE HANDSOME and the...


Brinchang Centre's Potty Pot Flower.

We didn't make it to places further than Brinchang Centre.
Cars, Jam, Rain... Argh~
We headed back to the market nearby Equatorial Hotel then~


Freshie Greenies

You're now in the land of....

Water Cress Kingdom

Other Veggies actually does survive in Water Cress Kingdom

Moi + Moi's Late Lunch/Dinner= All Water CressED

Water Cresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Looong Strawberry, Weird?

Kampung Water Cress

Finally, Huge Hibiscus~

So many photos to update
So less time I have...
Till then, adios amigos....

P.S: Blog what next? Hmm.... Xuan Xuan????

Friday, February 20, 2009

Buh Bai~~~

Hey there! Late night Reiko here again!!! LOLS~
I'm heading to Penang tomorrow~
Will stay at the island for 3 days 2 nights to attend my relative's wedding ceremony + dinner.

Painful car trip 8 hours go and back in total!
Siao X_X

Hectic schedule for me from this moment:
-After blog gotta hang up all the clothes...
-pack moi's and moi's husband + moi's son's clothes into luggage
-Sleep for few hours
-Wake up > bath > make up
-wait for Qi come fetch me go high school take cert
-go to Cannes. Sorry teacher we eat first ya~ Hungry =D
-Wait teacher come
-Chat with her
-300pm++ go Penang directly from Cannes.
-4 hours trip... D.I.E!
-Go relative's house eat dinner till dunno what time
-go back apartment, give baby sleep
-remove make up, bath, online do bizness

Siao leh my schedule?
Pray the best for me ba!!! Need your wish~!

These are the BEST SHOT I've ever made with my lau-zeee camera Nikon S210...

I'm PROUD. Are you???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cameronian Part 1

LOL~ It's me again in the middle of the night~
Was suppose to sleep 3 hours ago but just can't fall alseep...
Heart kinda itchy wanna online and hand itchy to turn on the PC!
Btw, shall blog about the Cameron Highland trip!
Too many photos~ Will upload it part by part. Hehe~ XD

Hey YOU! Illegal leh sit in front!

Walau! One eye big one eye small X_X

Looks like going to rain right?

After some 9 Kok 13 Wan, we reached the Boh Tea Centre!

Gathered up for some discussion at the parking lot. lol!

Going to the Tea Centre by a muddy way~

Woo~ I got apple red face! Lousy camera =_=""

How can not to take pic with the Logo!?

Stylished Design Cafe x Natural Tea Farm
How Fusion is that?!

I Shoot You Shoot Me! Was taking this photo of Bun's eldest bro while he was taking a group pic of us! LOLed~

No need come here buy actually... Prices are the same....

Documentary for the Tea thingy

Machines for Tea Leaf Process

Tea Factory! Got Live Show!

Moving Machines!

These people are doing the work to make sure we have tea to drink! *salutes*

Stay tune for the coming posts. Many many many photos coming!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day

Today SEISYUN will have their 1st gather in these few years! Each and every member will arrive!!! How great is that?

Still remember how we spend the V-Day together? Konstantine!!! Keanu Reeves was so leng zai! And so fail our purikura! LOL!!!

I've been waiting so long for this day to come ne~!!!

Hope we'll have tons of fun! XD

Can't wait to see you guys~

See you in the next few hours! Muacks~!

Monday, February 9, 2009

First CNY with the OHsss

Sorry for my long absent~ V_V So many things haven't finish right now~ Yikes! X_X
Still haven't unpack my luggage! It's already Chap Goh Mei today~
Wish I have more hands and brains. Even twins better!

This CNY is the FIRST CNY I celebrate with people other than my own family...
45 people in the Oh's Family~ Not a lot, not small amount too...

Didn't really much enjoyed the whole CNY cos I'm the one who will be giving out ang paos. No excitement at all.

They don't play fireworks(yeah~ I know it's illegal but fireworks lit up the CNY atmosphere ma~ Must have some de....) which make the atmosphere so dull~

I don't really have someone to talk to except my 4months+ son. But what can I talk to him? He just drink milk and sleep all day~ Haihz...

The only thing I'm happy with is that few of the family members went to Cameron Highlands at the 4th day of CNY! ^^ Will blog bout it later...

Seriously, I wished that I really can have someone to chat to in this family...

Oh yeah~ Not to mention that I actually kena back stab by a female in this family over a particular issue. WTF... I just joined this family for not more than one year then something happened. Luckily I'm not living together with them for my whole life... *Phew*

Don't ask me how and why it happens. It just happen! Maybe in every family also have this kind of back stab issue, no? You see me no syok, you tell other people bad about me... Or can say complaint about it... Haihz...

Kinda sad, srsly~

Ok, just cut it out... Move on to pics I've taken now~(A small part of it~ Will post more next!)

We're having family meeting by the CNY Eve.
Everyone have their own duty

How it was like when meal time.
Just like the wedding ceremony meal, no?

Cute Nieces and Nephews....
They actually performed a Punjabi Dance to entertain us adults!
Give an applause to their effort ^^

That's all for now...
Have to sleep by now! Gotta wake up around 8am... Have to go relatives house.
Hate to rush at the last day! X_X