Friday, February 20, 2009

Buh Bai~~~

Hey there! Late night Reiko here again!!! LOLS~
I'm heading to Penang tomorrow~
Will stay at the island for 3 days 2 nights to attend my relative's wedding ceremony + dinner.

Painful car trip 8 hours go and back in total!
Siao X_X

Hectic schedule for me from this moment:
-After blog gotta hang up all the clothes...
-pack moi's and moi's husband + moi's son's clothes into luggage
-Sleep for few hours
-Wake up > bath > make up
-wait for Qi come fetch me go high school take cert
-go to Cannes. Sorry teacher we eat first ya~ Hungry =D
-Wait teacher come
-Chat with her
-300pm++ go Penang directly from Cannes.
-4 hours trip... D.I.E!
-Go relative's house eat dinner till dunno what time
-go back apartment, give baby sleep
-remove make up, bath, online do bizness

Siao leh my schedule?
Pray the best for me ba!!! Need your wish~!

These are the BEST SHOT I've ever made with my lau-zeee camera Nikon S210...

I'm PROUD. Are you???


kurokei said...

And I'm proud of you! LOL xD

LEon said...

Nicely taken photography.