Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cameronian Part 1

LOL~ It's me again in the middle of the night~
Was suppose to sleep 3 hours ago but just can't fall alseep...
Heart kinda itchy wanna online and hand itchy to turn on the PC!
Btw, shall blog about the Cameron Highland trip!
Too many photos~ Will upload it part by part. Hehe~ XD

Hey YOU! Illegal leh sit in front!

Walau! One eye big one eye small X_X

Looks like going to rain right?

After some 9 Kok 13 Wan, we reached the Boh Tea Centre!

Gathered up for some discussion at the parking lot. lol!

Going to the Tea Centre by a muddy way~

Woo~ I got apple red face! Lousy camera =_=""

How can not to take pic with the Logo!?

Stylished Design Cafe x Natural Tea Farm
How Fusion is that?!

I Shoot You Shoot Me! Was taking this photo of Bun's eldest bro while he was taking a group pic of us! LOLed~

No need come here buy actually... Prices are the same....

Documentary for the Tea thingy

Machines for Tea Leaf Process

Tea Factory! Got Live Show!

Moving Machines!

These people are doing the work to make sure we have tea to drink! *salutes*

Stay tune for the coming posts. Many many many photos coming!!!

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