Monday, February 9, 2009

First CNY with the OHsss

Sorry for my long absent~ V_V So many things haven't finish right now~ Yikes! X_X
Still haven't unpack my luggage! It's already Chap Goh Mei today~
Wish I have more hands and brains. Even twins better!

This CNY is the FIRST CNY I celebrate with people other than my own family...
45 people in the Oh's Family~ Not a lot, not small amount too...

Didn't really much enjoyed the whole CNY cos I'm the one who will be giving out ang paos. No excitement at all.

They don't play fireworks(yeah~ I know it's illegal but fireworks lit up the CNY atmosphere ma~ Must have some de....) which make the atmosphere so dull~

I don't really have someone to talk to except my 4months+ son. But what can I talk to him? He just drink milk and sleep all day~ Haihz...

The only thing I'm happy with is that few of the family members went to Cameron Highlands at the 4th day of CNY! ^^ Will blog bout it later...

Seriously, I wished that I really can have someone to chat to in this family...

Oh yeah~ Not to mention that I actually kena back stab by a female in this family over a particular issue. WTF... I just joined this family for not more than one year then something happened. Luckily I'm not living together with them for my whole life... *Phew*

Don't ask me how and why it happens. It just happen! Maybe in every family also have this kind of back stab issue, no? You see me no syok, you tell other people bad about me... Or can say complaint about it... Haihz...

Kinda sad, srsly~

Ok, just cut it out... Move on to pics I've taken now~(A small part of it~ Will post more next!)

We're having family meeting by the CNY Eve.
Everyone have their own duty

How it was like when meal time.
Just like the wedding ceremony meal, no?

Cute Nieces and Nephews....
They actually performed a Punjabi Dance to entertain us adults!
Give an applause to their effort ^^

That's all for now...
Have to sleep by now! Gotta wake up around 8am... Have to go relatives house.
Hate to rush at the last day! X_X

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