Tuesday, March 31, 2009

delicious-ly SICK!!!

The DELICIOUS PART of the post:

This post should be up at August 2008! Can you believe it? I took around 7 months to finish this! LOL~

However, I still manage to finish this post, no regrets! *Praise myself~*

Last year around Peiyue's birthday, Anthony called up and ajak go dinner. He say he'll pay for the bills... 4 people include him... And that time, still don't know going to this super high classy restaurant...
(FYI, I was still pregnant back then~ My baby boy in my stomach ad he already dine at delicious leh~ Jealous mou? Haha XD)

After reach and going few rounds at Bangsar Village, we decided to go to this restaurant.

Looking at their interior design was a bless~! You will feel like: Ahh~ I wish my house interior can look like this~ So refreshing yet relaxing. Got the Tobacco brand "Mild Seven" Commercial Clip feel~ LOL!


White decorations, blue and teal cushions.... Soft lighting, musics~ Ahh~ Relax till I can take a nap at my seat!!!

And most of all, they serve look-like-very-delicious-CAKES!!!!!!! But sad I'm not the one who pay for the bill of my own so I pai seh wanna ask for desserts....

Browsig through their menu makes me kinda headache. Not really specific on categories. I bet those who got serious short sighted problem can't really read what's on the menu. The wordings are so tiny like ant... @_@

After some time waiting (They took some time to cook the meal), here's what we ordered:

CHOCOLATE TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first sip of it makes me wanna scream!
(Looking at this photo makes me wanna scream too!!!)
Walau~ Can you imagine how deliciously chocolatey it is?
*You won't believe that after 7 months passed, everytime passby near KLCC's delicious restaurant, I still will murmuring to Bun that I wanna go in and stop for their chocolate drink!*

My disappointing England Fish And Chips
Haihz~ Remember, don't order this...
Don't overpay for a plate of ordinary Fish and Chips...

Peiyue's Carbonara Spaghetti!
Yummy~ Very creamy and alot of meats~
But if you have small appetite, better ask someone to share with you~
The creamy taste is so rich you will feel like wanna puke at the end of the dish.

Bun's Chicken Meal~
This meal have a very funky name which I forgot what it is!
All I can remember is the name starts with 'M' =_="
Sorry for my forgetfulness~
Anyway, it's a very unique taste and surprisingly delicious. ^^
Not an ordinary chicken meal can say...
And the most Kua Zhang is Bun ate all the greenies.
Yeah~ He's born at the Year of OX. OX eat greenies. Haha~

'Star Dish' Of The Day - Quote by Cheesie
300gm Beef Steak. 50% Cooked.
When cutted, you can see the red colours from light till dark!
Juicy yet not disgusting~
Very tasty but cost RM60++ @_@

And here, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to ANTHONY because you pay for the bill sacrifice and bring us to this luxurious restaurant which the small gas Bun would never bring me to. >_> And I'm sure at that very moment, Peiyue was touched by your sincerity and generous! You're nice person actually~ ^^

And here's THE SICK PART of this post (It has nothing to do with 'delicious' the restaurant):

This happened few weeks ago, the back windscreen of my bro's car was cracked due to some stupid ANIMALS which lived at the same block with us and throw their rubbish out of the window just like that!

And the cars which parked down there just kena the rubbish and the momentum of the object crash the glass. And this time, my bro's car kena. So one Saturday, my dad took the car to this BLARDY HELL SHOP to fix the windscreen.

If you lived around Setapak, always passby Jalan Pahang, you'll know that after Tawakal Hospital there was few rows of shop houses. If you're driving to the shop houses, you can only turn into the lane after passing the bus stop. One lane in another lane out. *Ok, you maybe confused but this is IMPORTANT - It's a one way lane, after the bus stop you turn IN!*

So, my dad drive and already half way turning into the lane, a very stupid car wanna drive out from the direction!

Hey YOU STUPID! You don't know that's a one way lane????

And some more, this arrogant UNCLE asked my dad to give way to him like he were big shot he don't give way to people who drive cheap proton even though he's the one who drive heading the wrong direction!

If you know me and my dad personally, my dad have very bad driving attitude. He horns and speeds often... like VERY often... And this time, he's totally not giving in to this arrogant uncle! The uncle keeps waving and cursing and scolding want my dad to give way my dad die die just don't want give. And this scenario continues few minutes!

After that, the stupid uncle have to reverse and he park aside. He saw my dad is driving a cheap proton with a crashed windscreen, he immediately went into the shop (remember this name!) called:

DSG Auto Glass 达华

and complaint to few fellas working inside.

My dad parked the car at outside of the shop, one of the workers come and say:
"We don't want to do your business. You have to leave! Go to other shops."


Apparently that STUPID KANASAI ARROGANT UNCLE was the so called 'CEO' of this shop.

I feel like laughing you for not using your brain to think. Your brain just put there and chill huh? You stupid... You think you earn some money by repairing glasses so you're very geng la? Some more asking YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER which have broken glasses all over the car to reverse just because you selfish wanna go from the wrong direction of the lane!

At that very moment, my dad was just chill~ Not JUST YOU - DSG AUTO GLASS repairing glass in the whole KL! So why bother??? Wanna let you earn money you don't want, it's totally fine~


Ahh~ I feel better...

Friday, March 27, 2009


In case you still don't know bout this, here's somethig your should read:


"In December 2009 world leaders meet in Copenhagen to agree on a post-Kyoto policy for tackling climate change. One billion people voting with their light switch during Earth Hour will create a powerful mandate for our leaders to take strong and decisive action on climate change in Copenhagen.

Earth Hour is asking bloggers to help spread the word about the importance of turning your lights out for one hour at 8.30pm on March 28.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm."

No matter who you are and where you were, you can do this, by just switching off your lights at 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009

I wasn't doing this for last year when I was aware of this campaign. But this year, I'm definitely doing it!!!

And I think from 8:30pm is just a right time, you know why?

Because 8:30pm is 2030 global time, which stands for...

爱你20,想你30(Love You, Miss You)

Yes, tell earth how much you LOVE her and MISS her k?

Monday, March 23, 2009


I just finish revamp my blog layout!!!
*Super Satisfied*

My Old blog layout are like dry corpse... Put there 1000 year still the same...
Used up quite alot of time to discover this and that...
Viewed X times of sources
And this is the result I get!!!
*Woo Hoo*

Cutie, Colourful, Happy~!!!
Hope this can bring me some happiness~ hehe XD
What do you think? ^^

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Sad Story

*This below story is what I heard and watched with my own eyes... A fucking cruel reality story it is...*

Thursday, I went to lunch and Pos office with my hubby to post customer's item.

I was at Jln Genting Klang Bo Bo Restaurant having my lunch.... Then one cute small boy boy (around 1 -2 years old, not sure) caught my eye. He was looking at the fish inside a small standing decoration fountain at the corner.

He was such a cute boy and so is his brothersss. Not one, but three brothers. I told Bun that this small boy looks like our leng zai son... He take a look and say: Got meh? X_X

Then I saw small boy's mother. Around 30 years old, or maybe younger. I'm suck at guessing age just by looking their face. She was standing there, look so serious, waiting for someone. And her sons just keep on running here and there, playing, chasing...

After a while, the mother's brother and a male relative arrived. They sit at the table which located beside us. Her sons were climbing others motorcycle, and she yell so loud at them, asking them to come to the table and sit down. I was shock at her loud voice.

After everyone taken their seat, the mother went to order food. And her brother saw one of the son's forehead got bruise and wound, looks like injured by something. He asked him: How come your forehead injured? You know what the lil boy( Approximately 5 -6 years old) answer? He said...

"My mum throw a chair towards me. The chair knocked my forehead become this lo! And the chair broken some more!"

Then, his younger bro also come and say: Ya ya~ She throwed the chair about 2 - 3 times! You see my back also injured!!!

I was SHOCKED kaw kaw this time.

What is the mother thinking? I really couldn't understand why she have to hurt her own child with a chair! How vulnerable will that be? Treat a helpless child like this? Is this what you call "education"?

Deep inside my heart, I murmured to myself: Will someday I do the same thing like her? Honestly I was very afraid... I'm afraid that I will do such cruel thing to a lovely child...

To me, my son arrive too soon too sudden. Everything was not well prepared, physically and mentally. But still, it's a life and I choose to save it instead of ignore and destroy it. I truly understand how big is the responsibility and how unimaginable the future will be...

Since then, I try my best to gather information on "Parenting".

Read books, online search for information and ask people who are experienced in parenting... I try my best to learn how to be a good parent...

Human need license to drive a car... And this apply to parenting too! We need to learn how to become a good, responsible parents. This is definitely harder to pass the car test. Without the knowledge of "parenting", our next generation is totally going to be fail in their lives because of us!

If your child behave bad, the main reason is none other than YOU! This is what I believe.

I grow up in a not-so-healthy-relationship family, I truly knows how it affects a child mentally... I pray for myself that I will not repeat the mistake of my parents which cause alot of defects in me mentally...

Ok ok, don't be so emo.... Here's something to cheer up k?

He's not a monk now cos his hair grows longer dy~ Hehehehe

Xuan Xuan fever... About one month+ ago....
I thought it was because his teeth comig out...
But end up nothing eh~ He now still teethless. LOL! XD
The nurse say baby will saja saja fever de, just let it be.

Recovered!!! Cute as ever~ :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny Things Does Happen In Life

Here's are something random yet I think quite amusing happening in my life...

1)Kakiis.com Movie Mania Contest

Oh LOL! 500 tickets to be given away! How tempting it was especially I haven't been to any cinemas watch movie since my son was born. I click on the ads at Nuffnang main page which redirects me to Kakiis homepage.

Clicked on Trivia Challenge, and I discovered that all the questions are hard as hell! I think even my Japanese sensei which study movie and watched alot of movies and doing reviews can't even answer these questions!!!


Please Use GOOGLE wisely~ ;)

-Haha~ You got it right! I googled up each and every single questions asked in the challenge!!! And I got boomed by ONE question which is:

Who played the character ROGUE in X-MEN movie?

The answer in Wiki Answer and other homepage is Anna Paquin. However, Kakiis ban my answer and say it was wrong!

SOMEBODY TELL ME LA! Wiki Answer will fool people one meh? I don't think so lo~ And I know there's many of you out there using the same way to win movie tickets. LOL! Cos some questions appeared in Wiki Answer are exactly the same like what it's asked in the challenge!

Bah~ I give up! One answer = 10 Points. And points are to be accumulate. The highest points accumulated user gets to win. And yesterday when I check, the top scorer gain 15990 points! LOL! Seems like questions are never ending~

2) Fermented Tofu

Finally, I put this smell-iest tofu in my mouth. Although the TASTE of the tofu is just some ordinary crunchy deep fried tofu, but the SMELL that lingers inside your mouth and between your teeth make you wanna puke!!!! XP

I know that moment I smells like someone who ate shit and hasn't brush her teeth for years.


OH LOL!!! This one is really funny~!!! This "Gutter" Saga keeps going on and on and on and they now deleted his blog and he recover his blog and google deleted it again!

If you're wondering why, read this:
Again, Google is a Tool of Malaysian Fascists

I am an American citizen being CENSORED by the Malaysian Government with the Help of Google!All my fears have now been confirmed. Google is a puppet of politicians in Malaysia, its a great shame for the founders of the company. The self proclaimed champions of free speech that founded Google are just
members of the fascist party. Google is in the pocket of the corrupt fascist Malaysian government. Through Google, Malaysian politicians can actually shut up an American citizen. Through Google, Malaysian politicians can do things to Americans that not even the American government can do. Three times controversial pictures relating to public officials in Malaysia were posted, within a matter of hours the blog was blocked by Blogger which is a division of Google.


This time Google/Blogger did not just block the blog but they suspended the whole account including Gmail, AdSense, Blogger, Reader and the entire Google Accounts system. Everything under that account is gone, like it wasn't even there to begin with. Thankfully a shitload of additional accounts were created months ago. When the authors of the blog try to login to the account now, Google transfer you to this page at http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?answer=40039. I hope the Malaysian Fascists paid the people at Google well for giving up their souls.

It is likely that this blog will also be block by Google/Blogger very soon. So, we are looking for alternative hosting options. The best thing would be a hosting service that has nothing to do with Malaysia. Preferable a hosting service based in America with absolutely nothing to do with the corrupt fascist Malaysian government. The hosting service that we are looking for should be with an American hosting service company with American values unlike Google. Its going to take a few more days to find the perfect hosting service, but one with be found. If you have an idea just drop a line to GutterUncensored@yahoo.com.

And if you want to keep in touch with the blog, a myspace page was created at http://www.myspace.com/GutterUncensored, hopefully News Corp. is not also a bitch of the the corrupt fascist Malaysian government like Google. If so and News Corp. is a bitch of the corrupt fascist Malaysian government like Google, here is a link to a recently created Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/people/Gutter-Uncensored/1009360269.

One would expect this type of behavior from from the small men running Malaysia but one would expect better from the Americans at Google. Google in fact is an American company that like to brand itself as a champion of freedom. They people at Google like to talk about free speech but to them money speak louder than words. Hey Google, we are at mad at you. We don't want to hurt your money!

For those who like freedom, copy and spread the posts with the pictures the politicians are trying to hide. Post these picture everywhere, send them to freedom loving like minded people. But Malaysians should be careful, I don't want you guys hurt because Malaysia is controlled by small men who don't want their hypocrisy exposed.

Please copy are spread this post before they delete thing blog too.

Oh~ Here's another one, the latest post:

This is Now The 4th Time Google Deleted The Blog

Damn, they just block the last blog again. Just remember the Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/people/Gutter-Uncensored/1009360269. We will put info on the new restore blog there. Most likely it will be under the GutterUncensored.com url but we have a few other domain names to chose. If you are still missing the blog in a few weeks just drop a line at GutterUncensored@yahoo.com and you will get a reply with the info.

It only took them only a few fours to block the last blog so they will block this one soon. I am only able to get one post up per blog lately so this will like be the only new post on this blog. Two post from the previous blogs have been added. New Blog Coming Soon!


Fuck you to the haters. This Gutter blog will be fully restore elsewhere. Small dick politicians cannot stop this blog. They can beat their wives but they can't beat this blog.

OMG! You really have GUTS man! I really can't stop laughing~

Funny things happen everyday~ Go discover it by yourself!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ground Zero

This is MY PLACE and I can RANT about just ANYTHING I WANT!!!!!!!!

Sighs... Feels tired mentally and physically these few weeks. Can't really find a motivation or something to keep me high in spirit.

I have lotsa lotsa lotsa undone task this moment.
- wash clothes
- hang clothes
- sweep floor
- mop floor
- tidy up the room
- clean possibly EVERYTHING in the room and the house
- do phone coverssss... Like 4 and a 1/2 of them waiting me now? Sighs~
- Pray for the online business to be better
- Everyday 24/7 hope my boy doesn't become cranky, can be easily set down...
- Possibly anything, anytime.

Ah~! Yes, another thing that bothers me till death - my very ill, bad temper. I'm so easily get angry these days, or to be more accurate - these months. And I only show true colours to my family members include the new member - Kok Bun. (Not Xuan Xuan la of course~ =_=")

I think he's getting more and more tired of me perhaps? I don't know... But recently we almost have an argument/fight/cold war each and every single day... At this moment, when I think of it, these memories makes me feel sad...

But I just can't cool down myself when come to face the situation. I really can't take control of myself. The blood seems rush up from my adrenalin to my head and suddenly everything just burst out! Is this somekind of illness? Haihz~

I'm getting ugly~ X_X

Met with my Japanese teacher this Tuesday. We make an appointment to meet at Times Square actually. But with my current financial status, Bun wasn't in the mood of going anywhere in this world! I was like o_O""" I promised them and now I gotta give up? Gosh~ I sound so irresponsible.

I told Qi my situation frankly without any doubts cos I know she'll understand. And yes, thanks for her understanding, poor me can stay at home. That particular moment, I really left like RM20 only!? Wow~ Hard to imagine... the POOR-ness...

POOR can definitely make ones shed his/her tears like rain. I really, really can't imagine how life is with alot of hard cold cash in pocket/bank. Especially recently I'm following news of Arissa Cheo a.k.a Arissa Luna, the one they say Dawn Yang clone her face. Really, she was rich! I mean her parents was.

The level of richness is one unimaginable. Driving Aston Martin, Living at States, holding designers handbags, designers accessories, clothings, vacation at various famous place on earth, not even bother whether working or not. Clubbing, party all time. Wow~ Really is born with gold spoon in her mouth, full time princess? Some people don't even have money to buy food. How unfair it is...

Anyway, I still manage to met my sensei though. He come to Setapak! If I'm not mistaken, that day was the day KL kena flash flood. Scary~ Luckily they didn't kena flood or something. If not, I'll feel very very very sorry~

Sensei gave me the feel like he's like my big brother? Cos he gave really good advices in life. I still remember last time when I run out from my house and stayed at Kei's house for a few days, I called him and we meet up and talked about this issue. He's the one who advice me to go home. Explain all kinds of perspective, look from different angle. Without him, I'm so helpless that time.

Hontouni Arigato Gozaimasu! Sensei~ T_T

Things weren't bright for me these days. I keep looking at the dark side of life. Nothing seems to give me hope. I can't see how my future is going to be like. Yikes... Can you feel my fear of grabbing nothing in life?

I wanted to achieve alot of things. Deep inside my heart, I have a lot of lust/love/ambition... But my present situation is the stopage to everything I dream for. What can I do to make all things to be done perfectly? A responsible mum with dream achieved. Do you think I'm joking? Me myself does.

Life isn't going to be bright all the time. All I have to do is to cool down, plan a good plan ahead and wish for some luck!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm feeling so tiny and energy-less right now...

Feels as I've no power to change me and my situation into a brighter atmosphere.

Doing nothing X_X

Time keep passing and I'm still standing.
What should I do and how I keep on going?

Need some motivation =====3
Oh crap~ 0509 now. 1100 someone will be knocking on the wood.......

Head fulls of stars and tiny lil sparklies
I will try my best to lay them down a bit!

View my neighbour/chilhood friend's facebook photo album.
Was happy that she live happily right now.
Was not happy that her happiness does not have any connection with me.

Sighs... Human, I'm doomed. Disgusting ME!!!

Please cleanse my soul and rinse away my sin!
Take me to the new path and I shall rise and begin!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today, I celebrate My Lurvesss

How you guys celebrate Valentine's Day?
I celebrate mine with my Lovely Onesssss.... So many 'S' because there's many people I Love! Hehe~

Its been a long time since I gather with fellow SEISYUNs~ It was a fun day! It really makes me believe that days of happiness aren't over yet~ We're still in it!

Whenever SEISYUN gathers, Something happens. Something beautiful happens...

"Okaeri nasai~!! Qi-chan~"(Welcome back!)

We went to Son's niece bday party before meeting Hana at Hartamas Square.
They even got dress code for the Bday party k?
Male= White Female=Pink

Xuan Xuan looks like Alibaba here~ XD haha

Group Photos!
Back there the botak guy was Bday Girl's Daddy a.k.a Son's Brother!
Look fierce right? But he's funny!

I have mine Bday Party at a hotel when I was having mid year vacation with my family at Penang when I was like... 10 years old?! *Forgets the actual age when celebrate*

Maybe It was not VERY fun because guests were all my relatives, my aunts, their kids and so on... But It was at a hotel! Gosh~ And the whole family only me get to celebrate bday at hotel!!! Thanks Mum and Dad!!

I swear I will celebrate Xuan Xuan's Bday at least ONCE and make it as a party. A reason for everyone to gather and have fun! How good is that!? Hehe~

Scones and Teas at Coffee and Friends, Hartamas Square

We chatted alot while having our teas and scones and thanks to Bun Dear for buying us CHEESE SNACKS from Japan! It was yummy~!!!

Xuan Xuan first time playing arcade car~
He hold the seat so tight don't wanna let go~
Must be the car moving make him gan jeong~ haha XD

We spend our splendid dinner at the SOHO KL, Solaris Mont Kiara

Ole-Ole Bali!!!
Why ole-ole? The song "Ole~ Ole Ole Ole, Ole~ Ole~" keeps on singing in my head...

Picture of The Day

I'll save some time for not writing the same thing.
You can view other SEISYUN's post for this day happenings:
Hope we can continue this Valentine's-Day-Celebration-Tradition every year from now~