Wednesday, April 1, 2009

炮兵 a.k.a Mill Wheel

I'm dying for ice lately.... Every drinks I ordered must ICED! (Ya, bad for breast feeding mummy) I just cannot tahan no ice in drinks, the drinks taste dull~ >_>

After browsing my files, I manage to dig out some store sampai busuk photos of ICE~ These photos was taken around Mid August 2008.... LOL~ If you think this post is not interesting, please come back another day...

I remember me and Bun like to go around Kepong area that time to find they-so-call-delicious food to try on. Yeah~ If you don't know, Kepong are famous for alot of delicious foods around there, but it takes some time from my house to there, especially traffic jam time! @_@

So, I think after watched some episodes of Ho Chiak! and heard there's one Ice Specialists in Kepong area, we decided to find it out where it's located and how's the taste of the ICES...
Their logo are super cutie!!! And everything are so Taiwan-ish. To my opinion, this kind of conceptual shop idea imports from Taiwan, don't you think so?

Inside their shop, beside selling ICES, they sell other small stuffs like house decoration, books, stationaries etc. looks a bit like Niu Ze Xui Full House, or Full House copy one? LOL!
After browsing through their menu, the price rage are around RM3++ to RM11++. So if you think it's overpay for ICE dish, maybe it is... But who cares, not that I'm coming everyday... (But FYI, I went there 2 times! LOL!)
Mango Ice, I dislike Mango and its range of foods..... Yucks~ But Bun likes it. V_V

Peiyue's Chocolate Ice

MINE!!! Cookie Monster Ice! Haha~ Forgot its name dy~ Oreo ice maybe? LOL!

Our 2nd Visit
Peiyue's Chocolate Ice, taste kinda normal... not worth~ tsk tsk

My Yam Ice Cake! Nice decoration, it is not cake anyway,
just a Yam flavoured Ice Cream cutted like a slice of cake. LOL!
And Corn Flakes + Koko Krunch + Yam Ice cream is definitely a good match!

Overall, this shop service, price etc are quite okay, You guys can plan to visit it too! It's located at the shop lots just opposite Jaya Jusco Kepong! You gotta find it though cos it's not located facing the main road.

Ciao~ Gonna dig more smelly old photos~ Muahahahaha~ Stay tune while I'm thinking how to stink your computer!!!


I'm Pregnant AGAIN!!!!! ^^ Wish this time is a baby girl~!!!!!

Bah~ April Fool! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha~ XD


kurokei said...

walau. Nearly kena tricked man!
But eh looks nice leh the ice. I want go also xD

kim-chan said...

I'm staying Kepong XDDDD
I thought I saw something weird lol....

and argh! I kena tipu by you T_T

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

kurokei: hahahaha~ Dunno my joke can fool people one~ Come come let's go eat ice! XD

kim-chan:Oh? You stay there? Come come me and Kei come eat you come also hahaha XD

Christine said...

crazy woman... u almost make me fainted... oh ya... i'm grounded... m so heart breaking nw n suddenly ur bomb nearly make me fainted... baby girl... xuan xuan is cute enough~!

min kim said...

hehe please come to Kepong lol