Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny Things Does Happen In Life

Here's are something random yet I think quite amusing happening in my life...

1) Movie Mania Contest

Oh LOL! 500 tickets to be given away! How tempting it was especially I haven't been to any cinemas watch movie since my son was born. I click on the ads at Nuffnang main page which redirects me to Kakiis homepage.

Clicked on Trivia Challenge, and I discovered that all the questions are hard as hell! I think even my Japanese sensei which study movie and watched alot of movies and doing reviews can't even answer these questions!!!


Please Use GOOGLE wisely~ ;)

-Haha~ You got it right! I googled up each and every single questions asked in the challenge!!! And I got boomed by ONE question which is:

Who played the character ROGUE in X-MEN movie?

The answer in Wiki Answer and other homepage is Anna Paquin. However, Kakiis ban my answer and say it was wrong!

SOMEBODY TELL ME LA! Wiki Answer will fool people one meh? I don't think so lo~ And I know there's many of you out there using the same way to win movie tickets. LOL! Cos some questions appeared in Wiki Answer are exactly the same like what it's asked in the challenge!

Bah~ I give up! One answer = 10 Points. And points are to be accumulate. The highest points accumulated user gets to win. And yesterday when I check, the top scorer gain 15990 points! LOL! Seems like questions are never ending~

2) Fermented Tofu

Finally, I put this smell-iest tofu in my mouth. Although the TASTE of the tofu is just some ordinary crunchy deep fried tofu, but the SMELL that lingers inside your mouth and between your teeth make you wanna puke!!!! XP

I know that moment I smells like someone who ate shit and hasn't brush her teeth for years.


OH LOL!!! This one is really funny~!!! This "Gutter" Saga keeps going on and on and on and they now deleted his blog and he recover his blog and google deleted it again!

If you're wondering why, read this:
Again, Google is a Tool of Malaysian Fascists

I am an American citizen being CENSORED by the Malaysian Government with the Help of Google!All my fears have now been confirmed. Google is a puppet of politicians in Malaysia, its a great shame for the founders of the company. The self proclaimed champions of free speech that founded Google are just
members of the fascist party. Google is in the pocket of the corrupt fascist Malaysian government. Through Google, Malaysian politicians can actually shut up an American citizen. Through Google, Malaysian politicians can do things to Americans that not even the American government can do. Three times controversial pictures relating to public officials in Malaysia were posted, within a matter of hours the blog was blocked by Blogger which is a division of Google.

This time Google/Blogger did not just block the blog but they suspended the whole account including Gmail, AdSense, Blogger, Reader and the entire Google Accounts system. Everything under that account is gone, like it wasn't even there to begin with. Thankfully a shitload of additional accounts were created months ago. When the authors of the blog try to login to the account now, Google transfer you to this page at I hope the Malaysian Fascists paid the people at Google well for giving up their souls.

It is likely that this blog will also be block by Google/Blogger very soon. So, we are looking for alternative hosting options. The best thing would be a hosting service that has nothing to do with Malaysia. Preferable a hosting service based in America with absolutely nothing to do with the corrupt fascist Malaysian government. The hosting service that we are looking for should be with an American hosting service company with American values unlike Google. Its going to take a few more days to find the perfect hosting service, but one with be found. If you have an idea just drop a line to

And if you want to keep in touch with the blog, a myspace page was created at, hopefully News Corp. is not also a bitch of the the corrupt fascist Malaysian government like Google. If so and News Corp. is a bitch of the corrupt fascist Malaysian government like Google, here is a link to a recently created Facebook page at

One would expect this type of behavior from from the small men running Malaysia but one would expect better from the Americans at Google. Google in fact is an American company that like to brand itself as a champion of freedom. They people at Google like to talk about free speech but to them money speak louder than words. Hey Google, we are at mad at you. We don't want to hurt your money!

For those who like freedom, copy and spread the posts with the pictures the politicians are trying to hide. Post these picture everywhere, send them to freedom loving like minded people. But Malaysians should be careful, I don't want you guys hurt because Malaysia is controlled by small men who don't want their hypocrisy exposed.

Please copy are spread this post before they delete thing blog too.

Oh~ Here's another one, the latest post:

This is Now The 4th Time Google Deleted The Blog

Damn, they just block the last blog again. Just remember the Facebook page at: We will put info on the new restore blog there. Most likely it will be under the url but we have a few other domain names to chose. If you are still missing the blog in a few weeks just drop a line at and you will get a reply with the info.

It only took them only a few fours to block the last blog so they will block this one soon. I am only able to get one post up per blog lately so this will like be the only new post on this blog. Two post from the previous blogs have been added. New Blog Coming Soon!


Fuck you to the haters. This Gutter blog will be fully restore elsewhere. Small dick politicians cannot stop this blog. They can beat their wives but they can't beat this blog.

OMG! You really have GUTS man! I really can't stop laughing~

Funny things happen everyday~ Go discover it by yourself!


kurokei said...

lol gutteruncensored?
i call it the porn blog. lol
so many leak photos 1

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

I call it an amusing funny news breaking blog.
Hahaha~ check see who's on the blog lately and sure that person very fehmez.......

Anonymous said...

go through a proxy and you can see GutterUncensored.

For example: