Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Sad Story

*This below story is what I heard and watched with my own eyes... A fucking cruel reality story it is...*

Thursday, I went to lunch and Pos office with my hubby to post customer's item.

I was at Jln Genting Klang Bo Bo Restaurant having my lunch.... Then one cute small boy boy (around 1 -2 years old, not sure) caught my eye. He was looking at the fish inside a small standing decoration fountain at the corner.

He was such a cute boy and so is his brothersss. Not one, but three brothers. I told Bun that this small boy looks like our leng zai son... He take a look and say: Got meh? X_X

Then I saw small boy's mother. Around 30 years old, or maybe younger. I'm suck at guessing age just by looking their face. She was standing there, look so serious, waiting for someone. And her sons just keep on running here and there, playing, chasing...

After a while, the mother's brother and a male relative arrived. They sit at the table which located beside us. Her sons were climbing others motorcycle, and she yell so loud at them, asking them to come to the table and sit down. I was shock at her loud voice.

After everyone taken their seat, the mother went to order food. And her brother saw one of the son's forehead got bruise and wound, looks like injured by something. He asked him: How come your forehead injured? You know what the lil boy( Approximately 5 -6 years old) answer? He said...

"My mum throw a chair towards me. The chair knocked my forehead become this lo! And the chair broken some more!"

Then, his younger bro also come and say: Ya ya~ She throwed the chair about 2 - 3 times! You see my back also injured!!!

I was SHOCKED kaw kaw this time.

What is the mother thinking? I really couldn't understand why she have to hurt her own child with a chair! How vulnerable will that be? Treat a helpless child like this? Is this what you call "education"?

Deep inside my heart, I murmured to myself: Will someday I do the same thing like her? Honestly I was very afraid... I'm afraid that I will do such cruel thing to a lovely child...

To me, my son arrive too soon too sudden. Everything was not well prepared, physically and mentally. But still, it's a life and I choose to save it instead of ignore and destroy it. I truly understand how big is the responsibility and how unimaginable the future will be...

Since then, I try my best to gather information on "Parenting".

Read books, online search for information and ask people who are experienced in parenting... I try my best to learn how to be a good parent...

Human need license to drive a car... And this apply to parenting too! We need to learn how to become a good, responsible parents. This is definitely harder to pass the car test. Without the knowledge of "parenting", our next generation is totally going to be fail in their lives because of us!

If your child behave bad, the main reason is none other than YOU! This is what I believe.

I grow up in a not-so-healthy-relationship family, I truly knows how it affects a child mentally... I pray for myself that I will not repeat the mistake of my parents which cause alot of defects in me mentally...

Ok ok, don't be so emo.... Here's something to cheer up k?

He's not a monk now cos his hair grows longer dy~ Hehehehe

Xuan Xuan fever... About one month+ ago....
I thought it was because his teeth comig out...
But end up nothing eh~ He now still teethless. LOL! XD
The nurse say baby will saja saja fever de, just let it be.

Recovered!!! Cute as ever~ :D

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kim-chan said...

Your baby is the cutest baby EVER!!!