Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm feeling so tiny and energy-less right now...

Feels as I've no power to change me and my situation into a brighter atmosphere.

Doing nothing X_X

Time keep passing and I'm still standing.
What should I do and how I keep on going?

Need some motivation =====3
Oh crap~ 0509 now. 1100 someone will be knocking on the wood.......

Head fulls of stars and tiny lil sparklies
I will try my best to lay them down a bit!

View my neighbour/chilhood friend's facebook photo album.
Was happy that she live happily right now.
Was not happy that her happiness does not have any connection with me.

Sighs... Human, I'm doomed. Disgusting ME!!!

Please cleanse my soul and rinse away my sin!
Take me to the new path and I shall rise and begin!


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