Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today, I celebrate My Lurvesss

How you guys celebrate Valentine's Day?
I celebrate mine with my Lovely Onesssss.... So many 'S' because there's many people I Love! Hehe~

Its been a long time since I gather with fellow SEISYUNs~ It was a fun day! It really makes me believe that days of happiness aren't over yet~ We're still in it!

Whenever SEISYUN gathers, Something happens. Something beautiful happens...

"Okaeri nasai~!! Qi-chan~"(Welcome back!)

We went to Son's niece bday party before meeting Hana at Hartamas Square.
They even got dress code for the Bday party k?
Male= White Female=Pink

Xuan Xuan looks like Alibaba here~ XD haha

Group Photos!
Back there the botak guy was Bday Girl's Daddy a.k.a Son's Brother!
Look fierce right? But he's funny!

I have mine Bday Party at a hotel when I was having mid year vacation with my family at Penang when I was like... 10 years old?! *Forgets the actual age when celebrate*

Maybe It was not VERY fun because guests were all my relatives, my aunts, their kids and so on... But It was at a hotel! Gosh~ And the whole family only me get to celebrate bday at hotel!!! Thanks Mum and Dad!!

I swear I will celebrate Xuan Xuan's Bday at least ONCE and make it as a party. A reason for everyone to gather and have fun! How good is that!? Hehe~

Scones and Teas at Coffee and Friends, Hartamas Square

We chatted alot while having our teas and scones and thanks to Bun Dear for buying us CHEESE SNACKS from Japan! It was yummy~!!!

Xuan Xuan first time playing arcade car~
He hold the seat so tight don't wanna let go~
Must be the car moving make him gan jeong~ haha XD

We spend our splendid dinner at the SOHO KL, Solaris Mont Kiara

Ole-Ole Bali!!!
Why ole-ole? The song "Ole~ Ole Ole Ole, Ole~ Ole~" keeps on singing in my head...

Picture of The Day

I'll save some time for not writing the same thing.
You can view other SEISYUN's post for this day happenings:
Hope we can continue this Valentine's-Day-Celebration-Tradition every year from now~

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