Monday, April 27, 2009

When Christmas is Near....

*This post was supposed to publish at Christmas last year... Oh well~*

For no reason, my mum asked us to go Genting... And yup, we did. This was the first time the lil baby went up there... Hoho~

Fully Equipped!

Since it's year end and Christmas is just around the corner, it would be nice if we're at some cool, relaxing place. As usual, decorations and lights for Christmas is a must... Genting's interior decoration for this was good!

Snow flakes which doesn't melt in the water~

Mostly decorations are located at Times Square, and TONS of people are taking picture with these decorations!

Special booth for selling fking expensive chocolates X_X

Waiting to check into the First World Hotel was a disaster!!! We have to wait for 100++ people before it's our turn! And damn, at this evry moment, those teenagers are showing off their laptops, psps, Ipods and etc to entertain themselves... And we these poor people, are peeking at their laptop screens, watch the programme together. LOL! Did you do these before?

It might be a chance to stop and take photo while waiting for hotel check in.
Xuan Xuan, where you're looking at??? =="

This is soooooooo romantic - Winter Wedding. I wish mine was here.

The first thing me and Xuan Xuan do after checking in to hotel rooms is to lie on the bed!!! The bed was so comfortable and warm compare to the misty cold weather outside.

Can you see how relax he is when he's on the bed???

Mother & Son Shot XD

It's dinner time then!!! Without fully recharge battery on the bed, we all drag our tired body to First World Times Square searching for dinner. We tried to dine at the Hainan Restaurant, but it'll took us 20 - 30minutes to serve their foods.

At last, we all compromise and dine at Hou Mei. Haihzzz~ Typical dining location for those who went to KL often. And some typical dish too...

Anywhere Everywhere People

Hou Mei.... Sienzzzzz

Curry Mee, the best you can have at Genting!!!

Chicken Burger, which was my mistake of the day for ordering this.

After dinner, before seperate with our parents who their only target for coming to Genting is to go to Casino, let's camwhore a bit!!!

My mum and her cute cucu

My leng zai brother Kian

My youngest brother Sheng

What people do at night when they are at Genting??? I remember when I was a teenager back then, I had this WONDERFUL Genting trip with my Photography Club members. Two girls nine boys all squeeze in a small room of highland hotel. The funniest is we all order the Ice Blended and sit at the outdoor section at Coffee Bean. Telling jokes, watching each and everyone talking and shivering at the same time and some boys even take off their shirts to show how strong are them!!! Ghost pretending, the haunted adventure... Wow~ Being here at Genting reminds me the laughter I had back then~ ^^

And what can a pair of young parents and baby do at Genting when night comes??? Absolutely nothing! The only thing we've done is at 11pm++ almost 12am, both of us were hungry and lust for a bowl of curry mee at Hou Mei, so we decided to carry the sleeping baby with us, together went to Hou Mei to fulfill our lust. Haha~ XD

Yeah~ Lust fulfilled, it's time to sleep. Comfy pillows and bedsheets makes people fall asleep fast, don't you think so?


It's another cold day but the sky is clear. After had our breakfast which I forgot where and what, my parents are aiming for the 2nd round of casino while few of us went for some walk and indoor games.

Theme park and rides are not that interesting to me anymore, but I'm kinda pity my younger bro Sheng have to accompany us these few boring adults walking here and there. We end up buying him credits and play the indoor games.

After that, more walks. While we're passing the Coffee Terrace at Genting Hotel, I saw these:
Ginger Breads, Cupcakes and Tarts! So Christmasy feel!

All of those are soooooooooo fking cute I swear to myself I'm going to have my very first cupcake THIS YEAR!!! (Maybe this sound silly to you but believe me, Bun don't think cupcake worth eating at all~ So I must put my whole effort in convincing him to buy ONE for me!)

Few hours later, after my mum and dad play gao gao at the casino, it's time to say 'Bye Bye' to Genting~ (Bye bye cupcakes... T_T)
Out of 20 - 30+ pictures I took on the road, only a few turn out to be nice =="

To you, yes, it may seem like a boring, but for me, this mean alot because this were my first family trip after giving birth of Xuan Xuan. I see this an opportunity to make the bond between my own family and my parents firm and fonder. Hope many many of this trip coming!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost 8 Months~

Time flies, my baby is almost 8 months old and he starts to discover his world by himself nowadays~

He don't like to lie/sit/crawl on the bed anymore. He loves the feel of being on the floor. Crawling here and there, sit up, then touch this touch that grab this grab that. I was merely fainted just by catching him and re-position him.
Soft Puzzles~ Which end up biting it using his mouth....

His 5 Star Difficult mode of getting up from lying position to sitting.

And one of the cute moments is he's starting weaning nowadays, tasting new food is a everyday must. Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Plain, Spicy... He almost tried every taste. He likes Carlsberg and Curry and Bitter Gourd. Haha XD
He likes foods.

And he'll ask for more using 'ROAAARRRRRRRR'!!!

He likes Onions too... So bad he's not going to become leng zai vampire dy~ X_X

Maybe Xuan Xuan is a positive thinking person because whenever I look at him, he'll grant me a smile like this:
A Smile A Day Keeps Your Emo Away

With a smiley face baby accompanying me everyday every second, there's nothing I can ask more!

Of course, sometimes he throws his tantrum upset me... But I can understand that he's helpless. I will help him whenever and whatever I can to cheer him up again.

Being a parents have to be positive enough, matured enough, knowledgeable, caring and understanding... Not too tight not too loose in our own mutual principles. Treat him like how we wanna get treated and so on... So many things to learn, so little time for myself to learn all this and teach him...

So, we shall grow together then... ^^

Being a funny mum will always dress up their toddlers funny, like this:
Fatty Pirate

Quiksilver Faceless Monster

With Face~

Say Bye to Everyone Now!!!
*He starts to wave at people greeting Bye nowadays~ CUTIE!!!*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daidomon Buffet

*Since this promotion is going to end at 30th of April, so I shall post this up and share with you my Daidomon Japanese Barbeque buffet experience! ^^*

Decide to go for this buffet so suddenly we can't really call and meet up with friends to enjoy this promotion~ Yikes... So in the end I end up calling my brother Kian to join us! Nyahaha~ He was sleeping when I tell him we're going for buffet... He promise to go with us using his instinct~ LOL!

First, we're going to post office to post out customer's parcel, then only head to Great Eastern Mall which located at Jalan Ampang.
On our way to Daidomon~!!!

My Flawless face.... Anyone introduce anything to remove the flaws on my face? Cannot tahan seeing all those scars~ X_X

One eye many eye lids one eye inner eye lid

The parking lot in this Great Eastern Mall is kinda confusing. Be extra caution when you're driving in the parking area...

Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

The Daidomon restaurant is located at 3rd Floor. I'm kinda impressed by my own memory cos I still remember the location of it. I used to come to Great Eastern Mall for the preparation of hairshow back at 2007!
*Gosh~ I wanna link to the post of the Hairshow back at 2007 but guess what!? I DIDN'T EVEN BLOG ABOUT IT!!! MY OH MY~!!! Ok, here's the deal, leave comment if you want me to blog about it k? We shall see how it goes then~ ^^*

Daidomon, Yakiniku no Daidomon

It's kinda weird that this Japanese restaurant have some kind of 'living room' alike space for people to wait and relax while waiting for their turn to be seated...

Comfy sofas, TV, nice ambience, can fall asleep here wei~!

We're the 1st group to be seated in the restaurant cos we arrive there ngam ngam 6pm! This buffet is from 6pm till 10pm. Last call for order will be 9:30pm.

I was amazed by those bottles decoration! Unique and recycle~ Haha XD

While waiting for Bun and Kian to take their food, let's camwhore!!! With Xuan Xuan of course~!


Mother and Son

My son easily get disstracted by other people~

Mother and Son II

First, the buffet environment...

Like buffet catering at home...

Sushi Bar with experienced Japanese chef preparing shashimis and etc...

Here comes the food part a.k.a the main part:

Makisss and Appetizer such as Tako and SNAIL MEAT!

Shashimis which end up on Barbecued cos we can't stand uncook food... People must have thinking us of wasting money to go for Japanese Buffet. X_X

Beef Tender Loins~ Belly meat... Yum Yum!!!

Seafood, to be barbecue!

Venison, not really nice though~

On Fire

Shitake Mushroom~ BBQ it too long become hangus-ed mushroom

Wanna know how's the expression is when your tummy is full but it's only 8pm? 2 more hours to go!!! Don't waste~

Bringing Toddlers to buffet dinner is a No! But since no one can take care of him, the only way is bring my son along. Honestly, his impatient and disobey behaviour kinda shut my appetite off... 3 of us were taking turns to carry him, walk him around just for him not to be noisy~ Haihz.... But still Xuan Xuan kawaiiness covered all his mistakes, Nyahaha~

If you're taking a break, you can take a walk and glace through the lamps, vase, japanese bento case... Nice but pricey. You can consider buying them if you're rich tai tais. Hehe~

Lamps and Vases

I personally like this peacock lamp alot! The crystal lamp shade revolves! Too bad it's so pricey it cost my life. RM16000++ Nearly RM17000!

Wafu Dining Set

Glass Sweets

Cute Green Pepper Pot, Frying Pan. They even got brinjal design!

Sweets anyone?

Cherries and 仙丹look alike black stuffs

My Favourite Picture of the Day

Mini Ambassador of Daidomon XD

My overall rating for the food of this buffet is 7/10. Not as much varieties like Jogoya but the food were okay, sashimi kinda fresh, Japanese chef making maki kung fu was good~

Some tips to remember:
  • Go as early as you can! Because more and more people are arriving and you have to queue to take foods then~
  • Do reservation! They need you to do reservation before you go!
  • Meats for BBQ have to order from the waiter/waitress (They have nice waitress and ONE leng zai waiter!!!)
  • Last call for ordering from the menu is 9:30pm
  • Err... What else ar??? Oh ya~ Other part of the beef were running out fast! Be sure to order all varities before belly part because there were only belly meat left after 8pm due to high demand of customers.

That's all~ Enjoy if you're going and don't stuff yourself too much k? Haha!

Charcoal Barbeque Japanese Restaurant
Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
No. 303, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-42528155
Fax: 03-42528166