Friday, April 10, 2009

1 More Hour...

Whoops~ One more hour and I will be heading off to Ipoh~!!! To, of course, bring my son visit his grandpa and gradma....
Why choose midnight to start the journey??? Because PLUS highway is giving 10% discount? LOL! RM2++ can't buy anything nowadays... Just for fun la to start the journey this 'early'! Besides, reach Ipoh 7am ngam ngam ca have breakfast! They have sooooooooooooooooo many delicious foods selling in the morning!

Anyway, while I'm away, here's a series of Xuan Xuan's photos titled :
Catch The Camera

Enjoy these and I shall post more when I'm back by next week Monday/Tuesday~ Au Revoir~

*I have so many delayed post~!!! Help me from drowning in procrastination!!!*

*Hmm? Camera? What is Camera???*

*Wait me...*

*I'm coming!!!*

*Grab grab~*

*I got it! I got it!!!*

*Aaaaarrrrmmmm~ Itadakimasu!!!*

1 comment:

kim-chan said...

SO CUTE!!!! X3
But only him, where's pic of you? XDDDDD

be careful on your way to Ipoh ^^