Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost 8 Months~

Time flies, my baby is almost 8 months old and he starts to discover his world by himself nowadays~

He don't like to lie/sit/crawl on the bed anymore. He loves the feel of being on the floor. Crawling here and there, sit up, then touch this touch that grab this grab that. I was merely fainted just by catching him and re-position him.
Soft Puzzles~ Which end up biting it using his mouth....

His 5 Star Difficult mode of getting up from lying position to sitting.

And one of the cute moments is he's starting weaning nowadays, tasting new food is a everyday must. Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Plain, Spicy... He almost tried every taste. He likes Carlsberg and Curry and Bitter Gourd. Haha XD
He likes foods.

And he'll ask for more using 'ROAAARRRRRRRR'!!!

He likes Onions too... So bad he's not going to become leng zai vampire dy~ X_X

Maybe Xuan Xuan is a positive thinking person because whenever I look at him, he'll grant me a smile like this:
A Smile A Day Keeps Your Emo Away

With a smiley face baby accompanying me everyday every second, there's nothing I can ask more!

Of course, sometimes he throws his tantrum upset me... But I can understand that he's helpless. I will help him whenever and whatever I can to cheer him up again.

Being a parents have to be positive enough, matured enough, knowledgeable, caring and understanding... Not too tight not too loose in our own mutual principles. Treat him like how we wanna get treated and so on... So many things to learn, so little time for myself to learn all this and teach him...

So, we shall grow together then... ^^

Being a funny mum will always dress up their toddlers funny, like this:
Fatty Pirate

Quiksilver Faceless Monster

With Face~

Say Bye to Everyone Now!!!
*He starts to wave at people greeting Bye nowadays~ CUTIE!!!*


Huivey said...

all i wanna say is ur son is real cute!! i m kinda envy u for havin a cute baby. i noe u will always be a great mother and will do the best to look after xuan xuan, cheers! hi~ long time no see, i m hoay way. ^^

kim-chan said...

I am totally agree with you Reiko-chan. A his-smile-type really keeps Emo AWAY!!!!!!
besides that, you are a cool mama XD XD XD I hormat you hehehehe
He's really cute =_= Why you lahirkan such cute being to this world =p

Kevin said...

omg..xuan xuan so cuteeeeeeeee :)

kurokei said...

waaaaaaaaa so cute!! <3333
wtf you let it drink CARLSBERG?!!
Bitter gourd also. lol Onion also x_x

but he looks so happy ahahhaha XD

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Hoay Way: OMG!!! It's bee years since we last met eh~~~ How are you lately??? Was looking forward to see you... Any gathering coming up?

Kim-chan: When you're feeling emo do remember to come to my blog and view his picture k? XD

Kevin: When wanna see my son i reality again??? You move house liao bo?

Kei: Carlsberg is just testing.. Bitter gourd la~ He sucks it and liking it so much!Haihz~ Nowadays seems very eager to discover all kinds of foods... You should see when he eats those spicy one~ Expressions worth a million!

Huivey said...

i m fine.. havin holiday rite now.. wil back to study 5 months later.. hehe.. v will hav gathering normally during chinese new year or t.milo's birthday.. feel free to join us! haha.. dis is my msn add: add me up ya.. ^^