Monday, April 20, 2009

菓子 and something nice~

When Qi was back to Malaysia, that was the best part of the year I can say. So many gatherings, so fun and so memorable.

Out of my expectation, she asked me to bling up her phone. *o* It was an honour to see, to touch, to play and even to ruin decorate her phone!

The phone she bought at Japan using student plan from the telecommunication company 'softbank' are expensive as hell. Though they manage to let student pay by installment for 2 years, the total amount of the whole package still so freaky expensive.

Imagine - RM2000+ for a most cheap phone in Japan, a better phone should cost me a month's salary, no?
After I blinged it up, I received a bag of 菓子(Snacks) from Qi. Snacks from Aomori, Japan!!! I haven't had any since my cousin sis back from Japan more than 5 years ago! I was so excited!!!

Just looking at their packaging makes me drool~ =L

So 'AOMORI' feel~

One of the most attractive product from Japan is their SNACKS! Colourful Packaging, Cute, and taste good!

I shall let you see one by one... hehe...

Kensan Mai Cake! Cake made from Aomori rice!

I forgot what is this!!! Gosh~ I swear this was NICE! Crispy, got some plum and rice taste.

Aomori Tau Sa Pau 豆沙包! XD A mini one! 皮薄馅靓!!!

Apple Cookie made by famous Aomori Apple~ If you don't know what is Aomori apple, go to Isetan KLCC 4th floor! They sell Aomori apples~
So crunchy, full of the sweet aroma of apple, I truly LOVE this cookie to death!

Besides expensive handphones, they also have expensive KFC. It was so expensive you would bury all your lust for the crispy, crunchy, herbs and spices marinated fried chicken into the core of the earth! RM20++ for a snack plate! Their chicken must be the best of the world. For that price, we can have 2 plates + side dishes at Malaysia.

So, another thing Qi wanna do at Malaysia is to EAT KFC!

Leng Zai Picture~ Mini Ambassador of KFC!

Spicy Chicken~ Yum Yum!

Qi, savouring the taste of KFC's finger licking good fried chicken.

Although Qi has already back to Japan continue her Law Study there, I still miss her alot. Hope she can made it back to Malaysia by next year's Chinese New Year! So we can continue our Bai Nian Tradition in SEISYUN!!! Come Back PLEASEEEE~~~

Did You Know?:
The KFC Restaurant located beside Carrefour Wangsa Maju has the juiciest chicken? Tender, soft chicken meat you can't find anywhere else.


Kevin said...

dei..why i dun have those 菓子 =.=

i wanna try some too..puh-leese..haha..

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL~You leave comment say you want at Qi's blog la!
haha XD

plantagirl said...

Hin Zai seems like wan to eat.. haha.. he very cute lar.. when i can i meet him again..?

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Today Bun called Kevin to meet up for dinner de... Too bad you guys are in the middle of exam~

After exam ask us out la~ Hang out at somewhere then~ hehe ^^

plantagirl said...

ya, Kevin told me but then tmr got paper lar.. so bo bian lor.. need to stay at home guai guai study lor..

Unknown said...

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