Monday, April 6, 2009

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market @ The Curve, The Street.

This definitely is a store sampai busuk post. Skip if you want to~ Haha XD

Last year Alien's birthday (Not my friend Alien Chew, is Bun's friend Alien Teoh~ LOL! I got so many alien as friends) we went to The Curve, had a small gathering and decided to tryout this restaurant called Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant And Market.

If you've watched the movie <> before, you definitely know why is this Shrimp Co. exist! This movie is soooooooo meaningful and I will give 5☆++++++ till infinite! I even watched a few times of it.

I knew the existance of this restaurant for quite some time but never found a proper reason for myself to visit it, so since it's someone's birthday, so I can dine in this restaurant without having any guilty feeling of spending~ Muahahaha~

The interior design of this restaurant was superb! Full of "Forrest Gump Atmosphere"!
P.S: Pardon Moi's Phone Camera, still don't have camera by that time~

Movie Quotes on the wall~

More quotes on the crossbeam

Buckets, Wooden furniture, just like the America style Fishing Village~

Photos from the movie

Bucket of Sauces

Unique Stairway~

Their side menu was cute~ It was printed, laminated and pasted on a ping pong bat! Forrest Gump was good at playing Ping Pong! That's why~ The elements in this restaurant have deep connection with the characters!

After order our foods, while waiting, we found something interesting on the table. You only will understand its usage after some explaination from the waiter.

"Run Forrest Run" - You got nothing to ask from the waiter
"Stopr Forrest Stop" - You want the waiter to stop by!
Cute isn't? Waiter do notice the plate shown and they really stop by!

After playing with those plates, we play with sauces~ They have plenty of sauces to go with their dishes...

Hoho~ Mumma Gump's Hot Sauce~ But I forgot how it taste like dy! >_<

Yeah~ Finally it's MEAL TIME! First will be the beverages:

Ours... ermmm... Yogurt drink!?

Jenny!!! The name of the drink~ Taste like berries~

FOOD time babe~

This is NICE! Nice Fish, Nice Shrimps, and yummy Mash Potatoes with lotsa gravy!!! Yummylicious~ Cost RM40++

Spaghetti with tons of shrimps~ The crunchy bread was nice~ The gravy of this was a bit unique but still taste good~

Totally can't resist desserts~ Especially with chocolate flavour desserts! Ice creams, Chocolates, Nuts and something like crunchy pancake as base.

Only me and Bun eating cos Alien and Chun Munn already had their lunch way earlier~ Me and Bun had our lunch at 5pm! Crazy or not? That time I was still pregnant! What a messy routine of life X_X

If you like the whole concept of Bubba Gump, you can even purchase its merchandise!

My Favourite Pic of the Day:

I Feel so "Awwww~" When I saw this pic, because if you watched the movie, Forrest Gump love Jenny his whole life... And it takes all his effort just to be with her~ >w<

Ok, end of story~ Now go watch the movie and dine at this restaurant!!!

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