Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kidnap Alert

Please spread this new to your mum/sisters/girlfriends/neighbours etc etc etc....
Very Important indeed!!!

This morning my mum received an overseas call... And the first thing she heard is kid crying at the other end of the phone...

The kid keep on yelling for mummy, save me!!! (All conversation are in Madarin)

My mum was confused, the kid's voice sounds like my 2nd brother, which should be working by that time.... And the kid keep on yelling: Save me! I've been kidnapped!

The first reaction of my mum of course, asking Where are you now? (Typical reaction) But inside my mum's thinking, she thinks that my 2nd bro was bring to police station for some reason, cos you know, teenagers turning adult, must have done something illegal or what.

Immediately a guy with heavy China Mandarin Slang continue the conversation, say Your kid is with me now! Give me money and I shall let him go!

Of course, my mum is not typical housewife who don't know anything bout those tipu-tipu going on in this world, she ask the kidnapper Where is the child location? The kidapper yeld Don't ask about it! Just bank in the money to me!

My mum ask my dad to continue the conversation... My dad asked him How much is the ransom? The Kidnapper dare dare say RM1million.

LOL! Make sense or not????

My dad say: 1 million hell money(冥钱) ok? The kidnapper knew this phone call won't success he quickly hang up.

You're laughing right? Who will be deceived by this stupid phone call? But hell no! There's someone outside being cheated RM20k++!!!

If you have a child of your ow, things will be different as perspective change.
So do spread this ews to everyone around you! Maybe you can save them from being cheated!

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kurokei said...

lol ur dad so funny.
never knew got a tactic like this 1. swt