Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mirai Star (Future Star)

*Still drowning in fantasy where SEISYUN always hang out with me, living our lives happily~*

When Qi was still at Malaysia, we plan to meet the two Monkeys who worked with us before in the Synovate Survey Company....

We plan to go to The Cave@ SS2, but sooooo coincidentally, The Cave was close for shooting purpose! Shooting by 8TV! We even saw 谢俊岑(I don't know is this his name... The previous 8TV Ho Chiak's male host)!!!

After dragging bout half an hour waitig for Kevin the LATE KING to arrive + discussing where to have our tea... We decide to sambil jalan sambil decide.

And this is our destination:
Restaurant One Noodle

This restaurant gives people 'China' Feel~ But the price is not very friendly...

This plate of baby octopus was given when you're seated by the waiter. Of course it is not a complimentary appetizer, need to pay one~

And here's the restaurant's food... The taste I give rate of 5/10. Kinda regret going into this restaurant actually.

'Soup'ed Dumplings 灌汤水饺, but taste so-so- only...

Looks like I can also cook this kind of mee....

The Mistake of The Day! This was recommended by the waitress while we're ordering our food. This is not even 1/2 chicken!!! So little meat, so normal, so EXPENSIVE! Cost RM25!!! What the hell~ I can find better roast chicken, larger portion in other places~!!!!

The total amount of the bill is RM90 if I'm not mistaken. For a TEA SESSION, we paid RM90 FOR A TEA SESSION!!! And all the fault goes to that stupid, bloody roast chicken! X_X I really feel like being ripped off man!

Despite all the heartache paying for the bill, we shall make this heartaching tea session memorable by taking photossss~

Ke lian my son being hold in an uncomfortable position by the future star Kevin

Group Pic Of The Day
From left: Me and My Son, Qi, Kevin, Steven's GF (Sorry I forgot your name! >_<) and Steven

Later on, Monkey Steven have to go to singing class at Halo海螺... I'm kinda envy that he and Kevin are learning singing... I wanted to learn piano!!! But it seems like this dream leaving me far behind...

After some discussion, Me and Bun, Qi and Kevin decided to bring Qi visit the famous Fullhouse @ NiuZeXui! This will be the 2nd time I visit Fullhouse at that week! I really heart that place gao gao!

But Bun dislike this 'going to Fullhouse' idea... Cos frankly, we didn't even have enough money to pay for the bill if we're having dinner there. While Qi were going there with Kevin's car, me and Bun actually argued in the journey. Haihz... Sad story...

Significant Fullhouse Item

Our drinks~ Honey Milk, Jasmine Honey Tea, Qi's Cappuccino Mushroom and blue berry tea

We took tons of photo around the shop!!! I wish my future home will be decorate into something like Fullhouse~ I will everyday stay at house, everyday invite my friends or Bun's friend come to house and have gathering! Just like how those America family were doing~ Just love their atmosphere!

Enough talking~ Here comes the photossss:

Vintage Cage with Pearls makes the dining place stand out

Kevin's not so glam 'LV' engraved ring artsy photo

NO! I won't want a pigeon in my house in the future!!!

From Above~

Lovely table decorated by stuffs Fullhouse were selling.

Bath Tub!!! I WANT~ XD

Princess Bedroom~ Dreams must be sweet sleeping on a bed like this...

The Overall Look of all the decorations

Lovely Chairs~

At another corner

So warmth + elegant dining table!

Enough of non-living-things photos, here's some people!!!:

Look who's in da house! - Kanye 'Qi' West!!!

Whenever I have photography ideas that suddenly pop up in my mind, SEISYUN are the ones who help to realise the idea, just like how Qi did in this photo... Acting Emo for me...

The Future Star wanna-be also interested in taking pictures....

They even put my cute son inside the bath tub take picture *faint*

Of course, Why will I lose the chance to capture the cuteness in the bath tub???

Stuffed Toy Chu~ Chu~

Friends are Forever

This is ONE FUGLY TOY DOG I have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!! *Nightmaressss*

My son were so happy to take picture with Uncle Nutcracker...
This nutcracker is soooo huge it is use to crack nuts like me...

You know why I call Kevin - A Future Star??? Because..........

I saw him make it through the 1st stage of the ASTRO STAR QUEST 2009!!!
Astro新秀大赛!!! Way you go!!!
Even though you didn't make it through the Top 20, as friend I'm always proud of you~
Next time tell me you're going to participate ma~ I go support you!!!


plantagirl said...

u can always learn piano but then need to wait hin zai about 4 years old.. then u both can play together lor..

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

plantagirl: LOL~!!! Later if he don't like piano how leh??? *sob sob*

Kevin said...

wat la u..even in those photo captions also u wanna talk bad about me T__T

ur son is being hold in a comfortable position lian somemore =.= he should be proud of

and my ring is glam and very the nice's just that u dunno how to 欣赏 only..haha..

btw thank you for mentioning me in this post..haha..future star pulak..still a long way to go la..

i'm so touched that as a friend ur'e always proud of tissue?haha..

i dun think u would wanna go..coz audition that day i waited from 9 something in the nite until the next day around 5am in the morning only it's my turn to sing..waited for about 8hrs..siao =.=

Kevin said...

oh ya..forgot to mention..i miss ur cute hemsem boy so much..felt like pinching his cheeks la..muahaha :P

and how is he now?can he run or fly already?lol wtf =.=