Friday, May 29, 2009

My Life Sucks but I Don't Give A Fuck!

For those who think their life sucks, read this.

I wanted to blog now but it's 5:49am in the morning and my brain is all blank I don't know what can I type... FML!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Road to Penang @ Feb 2009 Part I

Was suppose to post this up looooooooooooong time ago, but too many delays and happenings, I'm going to tell grandma story here.... LOL...

Once upon a time, it's February of 2009.... One day, Mummy Joyce say one of the relative is going to married.... So we have to go attend the wedding dinner and wedding ceremony... No one can escape, so whole family go. (Except for Kian cos he's working... Lame excuses...)

The wedding dinner held at Friday night... That means right after fetch my lil bro Sheng from school, we'll head to Penang directly... What a packed schedule for my lil bro....

We're so boring on the road, we took stupid looking picture:
*Do we look alike???*

*Here's the cute boy, going to Penang for his 1st time!!!!*

Friday, working day... And we reach the Penang Bridge toll around 6pm++... You can imagine how jam is the traffic there... And ridiculously normal pay lane is faster than Smart Tag lane... Wow... My dad give up using smart tag, he went the normal toll lane...

Been stuck on the bridge for 40 minutes.... But guess what, the sunset was beautiful!
*Sea!!! I <3 Sea

We stop by at the Bukit Jambul Shell Station for a little bit touch up of looks and dressing. We all look totally tired!!! So a lil bit make up will do the trick~!!!

We reach the Red Rock Hotel just on time! Everybody is going into the ballroom...
*Ang Pao giving for the bride's family*

*Complimentary Chocolate... But usually taste not that good*

*Stage with MC talking but no one listening...*

We are seated with my aunt's family... Everybody is talking all the time cos really 'long time no see'... But there's someone who looks so emo that night, is her:
*My beautiful Paris-Hilton-look-alike cousin - Jill*

She was kinda emo and silent that night which totally UN-her... Later then we found the reason... But I'll keep that for the end of this post. ^^

MC asking people to stand up and welcome the newly wed!!! Applause~!!!
*Lots of colourful confettis!!!

The main table is just beside our table. So we can watch performance and uncles aunties sing karaoke clearly. I wonder why some of the aunties uncles dare to go up stage and sing when their voice sounds like squeaking or they just got no tempo at all!!!

We these audience are suffering, trying to survive from being deaf!!! X_X

Anyway, I found a way to ignore all those sound polution, by camwhoring! This sure makes people feel better! LOL!!!

*Like Mother Like Daughter, No?*

*They serve Carlsberg Gold that night.... Not much different the taste except the malt smell is more heavier than the normal ones...*

As usual, after 3rd to 4th dishes served, MC will start calling up the pair of newly wed to come up on stage for the 'champagne pouring session'. While pouring, the MC will talk alot of good and prosperity wishes to wish the newly weds.

After that, every guests are required to stand up for a toast session. Both family of bride and groom will have to go on stage to toast with the guests as an act of appreciation.
*Cakes and Champagnes*

*Yum Seng!!! 3 Times!!*

Honestly, I totally forgot how the dishes taste like for that night.... All I'm concerning is Jill's emo and my son keep on throwing tantrum when dinner is going on... Haihz... Bun have to carry him walk here and there just to calm him down....

Finally, when the dinner is over, he's able to move here and there, he become happy a bit! 
*LOL~ My son.... Many expressions...*

*Look of the day... I know I'm underdress... But I can't wear a one piece... >_<*

Lots of people gather at the main entrance of the hotel, discussing where to go and what to do next...  While waiting for my parents and aunties decision, let's take some random pictures!!!
*The Flower Car*

*I wonder how Club Moon Light looks like....*

*She's busy calling that somebody....*

*These 2 sisters really busy all the day, keep on expanding their social network! LOL*

*These two lil fellas are battling each other, see who's stronger! Some more act like Naruto! Jia Lat!*

*The not-so-famous Red Rock Hotel... My mum don't even know the exact location of this hotel... Hmm...*

This time, we're not staying at Auntie JoBee's house, instead, we're going to stay at a service apartment!!!

There are 3 rooms in one house, one room is for the bride and another 2 is for us! Yeah~!!! The air condition are cool enough~ And in each room, there are make up table and a huge mirror...

*The lighting were scary enough that the white balance are imbalance!!!*

Later that night, a traditional praying ceremony was held. My parents have to become the bride's 'parents' cos the bride's dad had passed away, it's not that prosperity if just the mother held the ceremony. You know chinese, always want prosperity and good luck and twin in whatever matters...

*The comb hair ceremony, can see this in alot of Chinese movie don't you???*

*Bride's Mum*

After the ceremony, me and Bun were soooo eager to have supper at somewhere near.... When you come to Penang, you don't eat, you might as well don't come....

So, Jill bring us to Say Bo Kio 洗布桥 to have some supper... And also, she calls up that special someone to meet with us, or to say, to let us see whether he pass or not...

The foods at the Say Bo Kio were nice! Especially the BBQ chicken wings... Wow~ So tasty!!! If you guys were visiting Penang, can go to Say Bo Kio to have supper. Not much place at Penang open up for supper you know...

Next, will blog about the traditional ceremony and what we do after that...

P.S: My son is having a bad time now, he got fever for two days... And still the fever come and go... Maybe it's because he's growing teeth... I'm not sure whether to bring him to doctor or not... Haihz... Worry~ >_<

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Restaurant City by Playfish @ Facebook

Sorry for the lack update, was a bit addictive to this:

Alot of people is playing this Restaurant City and Pet Society these days. I prefer Pet Society more than Restaurant City but that flash just don't load! Keep stuck at the loading page... That's why I turn to Restaurant City.

By the way, this is my current restaurant:
The toilet of my restaurant is facing the pathway where people come and go... If this were real my restaurant's popularity will be ZERO! XD

I'm starting to feel a bit bored about this game cos what I'm doing is just staring at the monitor, waiting for the toilet to be all dirty and clean it... And that's it! It's kinda waste of time actually...

Beside this, another thing will be scrolling through a loooooooooong list of 'TEMPORARY' friends to get the 1st visit ingredients. It's kinda disappointing cos I got alot of sausages and peperonis... Anyone want some???

And kinda curious, why prawn is so popular? I just don't get it!!! There are hell lot of dishes around, why everyone aiming for prawns? And so many people get prawns from 1st visit or daily quiz and they'll open thread in forum to show off! ==" 

This game's flash requires alot of RAM memory I guess... I just can't load anythig else while I'm playing the game. I guess my computer is just out of date... Too old.

Anyway, try play this game if you got nothing better to do! But be caution, this game is ADDICTIVE!

For those who wanna add me for Temporary friend, just type 'RC' in your friend's request in facebook! If you do know me for REAL, type other things such as blog, friend, watever.... I keep all temporary friends in one list and will delete them all one day in the future!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Months ago, when I was sleeping, I heard somebody laugh while watching programme using PPStream...

In case you don't know what is PPStream, it's a FREE online streaming programme. They have almost all the new dramas or variety shows or news or sports from all around the world with chinese subtitle. Of course, you need to know chinese in order to understand how to use this.
For download, click here!

If you have PPS, you won't need ASTRO!! XD

Ok, back to the laughing part... It was Kok Bun laughing while watchine 'some programme'.... It annoys me alot actually... Imagine while you're sleeping and the you heard somebody laugh, want to laugh out loud but can't, have to depress the urge to laugh and this go on and on for 1 hour+! Oh God~ What's wrong with the programme???

I wake up and sit on the bed, staring blankly at the monitor, while listening to the speaker... Korean speaking programme... Sighs~

For your information, I don't really like Korean variety shows, I refuse to watch TOTALLY! An due to some personal reason, I don't really like Korean... 

Then I ask Bun: What the hell are you watching?
FYI, Bun likes to watch Korea Variety Shows, which I can't tahan at all... He didn't answer me... Ok~ Fine, I'll watch it see whether is it SO hilarious until you laugh non-stop 1 hour!

Mana tahu, 不看还好,一看不得了!( I don't know how to translate, use Google translation k?)
I was totally HOOK on the programme! God~

This is THE show which is soooooooooooo popular at Korea NOW!!!:

It's a MUST WATCH show for me and Bun... We didn't miss a single episode!!!

We Are Family is a show which gathers top Korean celebrities from singer to actor to MC, with a STAR GUEST every episode, help out those senior citizens who stay at villages to let them have a 2 day 1 night holiday. And these celebrities will do tasks which ordered by the house owner before the house owner leave for trip...

The main thing I like about this show is each and every celebrity's personality is so different and they all mixed up together and form a good combination which brings SUPERB hilarious laughing effect to all the viewers!

And you know what? I'm stuck on Lee HyoLee!!!

She brings out alot of funny effect during the show which captured my attention. She dares to do alot of things which brings down her diva image but guess what? She just don't care about it! She's a diva no matter what she did! The Diva Aura never disappears~

I was impressed by her and really stuck on her recently... She's good at dancing, Fashion leader, funny and cheerful person, very kind hearted... Not arrogant at all! It's hard to find some people which is THIS FAMOUS and not to be arrogant! Wow~

A Women which makes other woman fall in love with her, how can anyone resist not to stuck on her?

Can't even imagine that she's 30 years old this year. Just celebrated her birthday at 10th May~ ^^

Everyone girl hope they can be Lee HyoLee...
天下无敌李孝利~ Fighting!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Damage of the Day

Still have many many posts haven't up yet, but I shall blog this one first cos this was a happy day for me. Haha XD

Some day in mid April, Me and Bun decided to go to KLCC that day... Cos we have nothing better to do. Stay at home was toooo boring... 

But we end up going many places and some damage were done on our wallet/purse... X_X
*Look of The Day*
No time to do any complete make up, so BB cream were used as foundation... And I found it light and easy apply...

We parked our car at Lembaga Getah Asli building's car park... That's the CHEAPEST car park around KLCC you can find! RM3.50 per entry... Even the LRT fees seems much more expensive.

Before going to KLCC, we went to Corus Hotel because there were branded perfumes and cosmetics held at the ballroom... The security was tight, bags are all wrapped up inside a big plastic bag and you can only take out your purse...

I went there the last day of the fair, honestly they were selling perfumes that I don't even recognise most of the names... And cosmetics were Givenchy and Paul & Joe only... But I really don't have extra money to spend on these branded stuffs even though they're damn cheap!

The whole ballroom were full of mixed perfumes smell... I were there for about 5 miutes then we're off... Really cannot tahan the smell... And REALLY, nothing were attractive...

So, we walk through Avenue K and went to KLCC... It's been a year since I last went to KLCC... But guess what, nothing really change much... 

Our lunch were McD!! They're doing lunch promotion and this is the cheapest lunch you can find at KLCC Signature food court. After McD, Bun were not full and he went to Yoshinoya and ordered Piri Piri Chicken Don.

Xuan Xuan were so frustrated looking at his parents eating and joking he want a share of the foods too... Of course, since Yoshinoya were ordered, he can have the Chawanmushi!!! And he loves it! XD
*Yum Yum~*

After lunch, we went to Kinokuniya and some stores... Kinokuniya is a MUST GO PLACE for me whenever I go KLCC... But I like the Japanese books section more than others... And I like it when the section was located back at the inner section of Isetan 3rd floor...

Speaking of Isetan, we went to Isetan right after Kinokuniya... Bun likes Isetan so much just because they have variety of foods and snacks which we seldom see at our local hypermarkets.

And Lucky Bun, the day we went were the period of the Japan food fair held. Wow~ We saw alot of drooling good food which were 100% Japan imported. Everything are sooooooo Japanish even the price itself... RM55 for a bento... Imagine...

*Big Scallops and Squids, BBQed by Japanese chef*

*Ahhh~ King Crab! We get to test the crab meat too~!! XD*

*When I saw this, I immediately think of Cheesie... Her lust for Mentaiko*

Ok, enough of Japanese food as I'm drooling right now on my keyboard (Yer...). The next place we went after Isetan were Baby Room.

I like to see what facilities the shopping mall have for baby room... And the Baby Room at KLCC were SUPERB! Clean, quiet ambience, soft colur painted and decorations... Just sooooooo relax and can very easily fall asleep... 

*He's becoming more and more naughty these days*

*See!! I told ya~*

After some rest at the Baby Room, we decided to head to Watson's *evil grin* and then have dinner. A last-minute-plan was suggest by me which is have dinner with Bun's friends... I know they haven't meet with each other for quite some time, so I guess it's good to have a dinner gathering once in a while... 

 *He looks so blur.... Blur Baby Octopus seekor di sini....* 

Align Center*Baby and His Daddy Day Out - Chapter KLCC*

Planning and calling up for friends were a disaster... Everyone get the last minute call and have to rush to Pandan Indah... The place we're heading for dinner were introduce by Bun's friend - Anthony. If you want to know where got delicious food, ask him... But most of the time the price are not wallet-friendly. 

Since we're just around Ampang, so while waiting for friends to reach, we went to Ampang Point. You know what? I won my first prize in drawing at Ampang Point... But that was soooooo many years ago... This place was buried inside my memories...

Of course, there were some damages done to the wallet while walking at the mall.... *evil grinss*

Around 8pm, friends arrived at the area and so, we arrive at this place some where around the corner of Pandan Jaya, called Nong And Jimmy Thai BBQ Restaurant. This place was famous! We couldn't find a single parking and the place was so crowded... We have to sit at the outside where roof can't cover us, and it looks like going to rain too.... :(

But who cares? As long as the rain not dropping, we're safe... And ya~ There's no rain that night. I'm glad our brave decision were supported by the God of Weather. XD May the God does't want to rain on Xuan Xuan...
It took centuries for ordering food, drinks to arrive, and main course to arrive. But still, lotsa rich people like to dine there. I guess there's a reason... See, the foods: 

*Thai style fried Lala... One of the dish which is NOT spicy, but who knows, I don't eat lala~ X_X*

*Fried Squid... Nice and Chewy~*

*Their famous very spicy Tom Yam, not really nice but was okay, the price a lil bit... err... high?*

*Thai Style Steam Fish... This was nice, a lil bit spicy add some taste to the fish meat which are freshly caught... I like this! :)*

And this dessert have nothing to do with the Nong and Jimmy Restaurant, it just happened to be collaborate with the restaurant so the owner of this lil stall beside can send their dessert to the customer which dine in the restaurant~ I forgot what's the name of this Yao Char Guai look & tatse-alike food, but it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! Must try~!!! Have to dip with Kaya~!*
I plan to buy at least one pack go home to savour it slowly but the stall closed while we're leaving... Pity me and Kevin's girlfriend Sye Ting wanna buy also cannot... T_T

Anyway, we reached home around 10pm++... It was soooooooooooo tired for three of us The Oh Family... And now I'll show all the evil buy of the day~ ^^

Majolica Majorca Eyeliner!!! I heart this brand Gao Gao~~!!!
(Sorry Kate >_<)

Since my eyeliner was broken, I might as well buy a new one... And I think I make the wrong decision... I wanna buy a black eyeliner, and there's 2 kind, one is pure black and another one is with glittery... I choose the 2nd one...

And unfortunately, my eyes seems have a bit irritation problem with the glittery stuffs... Aiks~ So I don't dare to use the eyeline to draw the lower eyeline anymore... I will draw a bit more upwards from the line on my upper eyeline... 

But still, I wanna buy their products!!!! So cute and magical~ Wanna collect them all~ But expensive than Kate! >_<

And for my evil purchase at Ampang Point... 

*3 For RM50!!! I just so happened to like casual wear style these days~*

And the reward for walking the whole day with my new shoes~
*4 place.... Jia Lat~ X_X*

*Thanks to Plasters which save me from painful walking!*

And Thanks for reading~!!! More posts coming soon~!!!