Thursday, May 14, 2009


Months ago, when I was sleeping, I heard somebody laugh while watching programme using PPStream...

In case you don't know what is PPStream, it's a FREE online streaming programme. They have almost all the new dramas or variety shows or news or sports from all around the world with chinese subtitle. Of course, you need to know chinese in order to understand how to use this.
For download, click here!

If you have PPS, you won't need ASTRO!! XD

Ok, back to the laughing part... It was Kok Bun laughing while watchine 'some programme'.... It annoys me alot actually... Imagine while you're sleeping and the you heard somebody laugh, want to laugh out loud but can't, have to depress the urge to laugh and this go on and on for 1 hour+! Oh God~ What's wrong with the programme???

I wake up and sit on the bed, staring blankly at the monitor, while listening to the speaker... Korean speaking programme... Sighs~

For your information, I don't really like Korean variety shows, I refuse to watch TOTALLY! An due to some personal reason, I don't really like Korean... 

Then I ask Bun: What the hell are you watching?
FYI, Bun likes to watch Korea Variety Shows, which I can't tahan at all... He didn't answer me... Ok~ Fine, I'll watch it see whether is it SO hilarious until you laugh non-stop 1 hour!

Mana tahu, 不看还好,一看不得了!( I don't know how to translate, use Google translation k?)
I was totally HOOK on the programme! God~

This is THE show which is soooooooooooo popular at Korea NOW!!!:

It's a MUST WATCH show for me and Bun... We didn't miss a single episode!!!

We Are Family is a show which gathers top Korean celebrities from singer to actor to MC, with a STAR GUEST every episode, help out those senior citizens who stay at villages to let them have a 2 day 1 night holiday. And these celebrities will do tasks which ordered by the house owner before the house owner leave for trip...

The main thing I like about this show is each and every celebrity's personality is so different and they all mixed up together and form a good combination which brings SUPERB hilarious laughing effect to all the viewers!

And you know what? I'm stuck on Lee HyoLee!!!

She brings out alot of funny effect during the show which captured my attention. She dares to do alot of things which brings down her diva image but guess what? She just don't care about it! She's a diva no matter what she did! The Diva Aura never disappears~

I was impressed by her and really stuck on her recently... She's good at dancing, Fashion leader, funny and cheerful person, very kind hearted... Not arrogant at all! It's hard to find some people which is THIS FAMOUS and not to be arrogant! Wow~

A Women which makes other woman fall in love with her, how can anyone resist not to stuck on her?

Can't even imagine that she's 30 years old this year. Just celebrated her birthday at 10th May~ ^^

Everyone girl hope they can be Lee HyoLee...
天下无敌李孝利~ Fighting!!!

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