Thursday, May 21, 2009

Restaurant City by Playfish @ Facebook

Sorry for the lack update, was a bit addictive to this:

Alot of people is playing this Restaurant City and Pet Society these days. I prefer Pet Society more than Restaurant City but that flash just don't load! Keep stuck at the loading page... That's why I turn to Restaurant City.

By the way, this is my current restaurant:
The toilet of my restaurant is facing the pathway where people come and go... If this were real my restaurant's popularity will be ZERO! XD

I'm starting to feel a bit bored about this game cos what I'm doing is just staring at the monitor, waiting for the toilet to be all dirty and clean it... And that's it! It's kinda waste of time actually...

Beside this, another thing will be scrolling through a loooooooooong list of 'TEMPORARY' friends to get the 1st visit ingredients. It's kinda disappointing cos I got alot of sausages and peperonis... Anyone want some???

And kinda curious, why prawn is so popular? I just don't get it!!! There are hell lot of dishes around, why everyone aiming for prawns? And so many people get prawns from 1st visit or daily quiz and they'll open thread in forum to show off! ==" 

This game's flash requires alot of RAM memory I guess... I just can't load anythig else while I'm playing the game. I guess my computer is just out of date... Too old.

Anyway, try play this game if you got nothing better to do! But be caution, this game is ADDICTIVE!

For those who wanna add me for Temporary friend, just type 'RC' in your friend's request in facebook! If you do know me for REAL, type other things such as blog, friend, watever.... I keep all temporary friends in one list and will delete them all one day in the future!

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kim-chan said...

I bored with RC now. I stop playing it seriously XD xD XD

Prawn is the most right section of the main dish Am I right? (I forgot which category though) Because prawn is a rare ingredient so people wants it.

I am aftering for prawn too. Now, I give up on the game so I dun pay attention to the prawn anymore. *laughs* Yup, all you do is feed the workers and see how they handle your restaurant. Bored-attractively-fun huh? XD XD

I like Pet Society more....same as you =) But at the same time, I'm play Yoville. Nothing much to do there, at least I can use my mouse to click click compare to RC LOL