Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cutie On Set

Hey ya'll!!! How's Father's Day celebration? Well, mine was a lil bit messed up thanks to the restaurant but overall it was ok~ Will blog about that in the future...

Once you have your own child, your EVERYTHING is related to the child including YOUR BLOG!!!! I really can't escape to blog about him every time when I wanted to blog! Maybe some of you are getting bored of seeing his pictures invade all my blog posts SO WHAT? I will continue blog and blog about him until I'm bored of myself for being less creative...

Once again, my post has been invade by this cutie lil fella again... And see... He shows me 'WHO'S DA BOSS' look... =="

*Tell me!!! WHO'S DA BOSS??????*

By the way, looking at the picture reminds me he BROKE my sunglasses into PIECES which was a gift for me from my mother!!! (No, not the white one in the picture) I don't even have the time to yell 'NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!' then I heard 'pak'... He broke the sunglasses already!!! With a goddamn lightning speed!!! WTF! From that day onwards, NO MORE SUNGLASSES FOR HIM TO PLAY/TOUCH!

When they grow, they start to express their feelings... This happen everyday too. Me and Bun will make him laugh, sing songs, teach him something new... But when he do things we don't wish to see him do such as: put his hands on the window... We will 'Ei!!!' him and he will turn to us and show us this face:

*You say jia lat or not la!!! Like those TVB actress kena dera by other people... If people don't know will think I let him suffer a lot~*

We went to Jaya Jusco at AU2 one saturday afternoon for some walk... This was kinda long time ago incident too...

Jusco AU2 become one of my favourite shopping place because I like the environment there which have indoor and outdoor section. Besides that, people there tend to be more relax rather than having a shopping spree like Carrefour or something...

2nd reason I like there is because Watson's there have the brand Majolica Majorca. (Weeee~!!! Jusco Alpha Angle's Watson have this brand NOW TOO!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!)

Back to the topic. We went there for walk + lil shopping to do + eat.

When we pass by the arcade centre, I wanna take some pictures of Xuan Xuan on the arcade machines! But I didn't spend coins you know, just let him sit for syok only.

*I personally think that Xuan Xuan looks like the character he's sitting on... LOL!*

*If you don't know, he likes to drive... Especially LOVE the steering!*

After walk, we head to Steven's Tea Garden (STG) for our lunch.

*This fella keep climbing onto the table.*

*And he wanted to taste everything that is consumable! Very strong curiosity he have. Hope he don't go and kill the cat X_X*

I will not say that food at STG are superb, but at least, to me, is quite nice, but not really worth the price. You can eat the same food at other mamak stalls in much lower price. But this time, I'll try what's recommended by my mum.

*Cheese Chicken Chop! My obsession!!! A must for me everytime I go STG!*

*Lamb chop, not really nice... according to Bun*

Xuan Xuan will behave okay when he's outside. You'll never know how he behave when he's at home. Totally headache I am!!! @_@

*I so wanna post him back to Ipoh sometime...*


*Teddy Bear Baby*

I think I've told you guys that he starts weaning already... And you know what? He just love half-boiled eggs!!!

*Got Egg?*

I'm now trying to capture as much magical moment of Xuan Xuan as I could because I know he will only grow up once. Each and every minute to spend with him is precious I don't want it to be wasted and forget just like that.

I even photoshop some of the pictures of some cute lil moments we all have together:

*My Current Desktop Background!!! Love It!!!*

*His dad black de so I put black background! XD*

*We kissed! Chu~*

Well anyway, will try my best to blog as often as I can! Do check back some time okay?!
Yay~ Can sleep already finally!!!


kurokei said...

So cute la! xD Yeah must take many pictures of him! Like now I cannot take pictures of him with no teeth liao. LOL

kim-chan said...

XDDD nice photoshop skills.
yeah as kei-chan said, please take more pictures of him. We all grow up day by day wan hahahaha

I enjoy your blog seriously.
If the people dun like it, you sure have readers that like it. XD

Kei-chan especially LOL

Huivey said...

lol!! u hav a real cute son!! luv him.. lol..

Reiko said...

I tried to take as much picture as I could... Hope can let him see how he's look like when he's bigger.

Reiko said...

Hey~ Thanks!!!
How are you now? Still busy?

Reiko said...

Thanks for your liking! ^^
I'm glad to have someone like you who reads my blog~
I don't care how many readers I have, I just blog for fun and as a part of my diary to jot down what's happening... hehe