Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME times Twenty Two~!!!

This day at 22 years ago, my mum suffered from the greatest pain of all human being to bring me to this world... It's the war of a woman which can lead to death when anything goes wrong... And with the tough mind and spirit, she overcome everything and gave me the right to breath, to see, and to discover...

After 22 years, all the pain she going through has made me into a....

Siao Cha Bo!!!

LOL!!! Ya ya~ It's the time of the year again~ In case you don't know, it's my B-Day!!!

Nothing much for this year but I had a great time with my beloved family, and cute friendssss~!!! Thank you for all the presents and surprises and the accompany for this day! I will always plant this deep inside my heart~ <3

I spend this day at a 3-days-2-nights-so-call-luxurious-stay-by-peiyue at The Gardens Hotel!!! Will blog about the whole stay soon~ I'm too tired to blog now... Hehe... 

*It's a Grand Prize which I won from a CONTEST! I'm not that rich to spend Ks to stay at hotel for this time being T_T*


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