Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost City of Gold

Long time didn't show you lil fella Xuan's photo already am I??? Been busy for the whole end of May till TODAY!!! And the events and celebrating are still not yet done as there's Father's Day this coming weekend!!! I hate LOVE celebration!

Back at 30th of April...
Let's see where are we heading today...

*Hey! I kiss you you don't show me your ugle face wor~*

Yes, the place we're heading today is...

*Taa Daa!!! You know where it is....*

Went to Sunway area that day to get my Grand Prize for the Mother's Day Contest organized by MySimplifieds, and too, to do some COD and last, hang around... Quite some time we went there for a walk, a lot of changes also!

The time we reach is around 11am, after the small COD session, we head to Steven's Tea Garden for breakfast. Wanted to try it for a long, long time, at last!

*My baby boy is soooo eager to have his breakfast!*

*Oily buns, from my breakfast set :p*

*Nasi lemak with Rendang Ayam~ Yum!*

When we're almost finish with our breakfast, that lil fella poo-ed in his diapers... So no choice, the first place we go at Sunway Shopping Mall will be the Baby's Room. LOL! But guess what, I was amazed by the facilities of it!!! Totally COOL!

They have censored sliding glass doll with some blur tinted film on it, besides that, they have a water purifier machine in the room too!!! How cool is that? That's not all... They have the most surprising area for babies and kids...

*Can you believe that this is available inside the Baby's Room???*

*Lil Xuan try to touch and discover everything that is in that tiny space*

*But after some time ( not more than 5 minutes!) he's bored with the same place and scene inside there and ask us to let him out... =="""*

*Some candid shot taken in the Baby's Room... Bun is covering his face to prevent me ruin his image, capture his so-call-ugly-looking-face in the photo.*

*I curi-curi take this... Muahhahahahahahaha XD*

*White Horse Prince he is~*

Can you imagine going to Sunway and buy nothing???? The feeling is soooo sucks!!! I wanna spend for myself but looking at my son, I think buying things for me, myself is something guilty and a serious sin! So I GIVE UP the thought of buying on anything I laid my eye on! Haihz~ But who knows my heart is yelling: NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Enough of window shopping, really can't stand the pain no more! We shall proceed to the next station, and too, one of the place I heart all along, way back since its first opening: IKEA!!!

Bye bye Sunway, here we come IKEA!!!

'Since we're at that area, we might as well visit IKEA too!', this was my thought of going there. And also, having dinner there!!! Meatball here I come!

But traffic jam really break down people's spirit. From Sunway to IKEA it took me almost an hour! MAN!!! How you guys live at Bandar Utama area, jam up jam down jam everyday when go to school, work???? Really can't stand the traffic at all!

*Ikea, here we come!*

We went to the IKEA's restaurant first because we're kinda hungry. And YES!!! It's the time of the year again: Bedroom Week from IKEA! And you can get extra TWO MEATBALLS when you say the slogan to the waiter at the food counter! I does this everytime! I just can't get enough of MEATBALLSSSSS~

*Pax 10 Years Guarantee!!!*

After eat, we went to the furnishing department for some after-meal-walk. Good for health you know.

Really like all the stuffs from IKEA, beds, chairs, sofas, dining table, coffee table, cabinets... And soooo much more... But when it comes to the price, I feel kinda sad that I couldn't afford all those nice furnitures. But I will in the future!! *murmuring to myself*

*Lil fella in yellow too, like the IKEA plastic bag! XD*

*Lonely Shadow on a Sultan Mattress, got feel???*

*Xuan Xuan's Leng Lui lying on the bed want to seduce Pose!*

*He can't be lock up no more... He just wanna come out from the baby crib and explore the world already!*

*I wish I have DSLR... =="*

That's all for this time... Will blog more and more and more and more as I still have LOADSSSS of photos in my file! This is never ending man T_T

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