Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's day is meant for family gathering... So this year, with 2 more family members joining in, we celebrate Mother's day at somewhere near - Sri Rampai!!!

And the celebration actually is NOT a celebration as it's just a simple, normal whole family dining out at some place we usually won't go for normal dinner. 

Of course, my Daddy Charlie driving his car, we all have to stuff ourselves inside it... Since he's not driving a van or something, so no extra space for extra anything! (Can you imagine we all pack inside this can of 'sardin' for 4 hours journey to go to Penang last time? Geezz... Think can faint liao!!!)

*driving driving...*

We reached the restaurant around 8pm. I still remember the time because of the match between MU and MC! Everyone inside the restaurant is watching the match!!! But MC suck big time they didn't defend well for that match and let that kns MU goal and win! T___T

We're browsing through the menu and discussing what to order so that everyone can have a different type of dish and get to try other dishes~

*Discussing like signing multi-million contract*

*Xuan Xuan: Order only wor... Need to discuss till like that boh?*

*My leng zai bro watching football match which he usually doesn't watch...*

Since it's Mother's Day, so the dishes were serve after quite some time we order... But hunger makes us complaint nothing and straight gobble up what's serve!

*Mushroom soup... Suppose to be TWO bowl of mushroom soup instead of ONE!!!*

Not long after the arrival of the soup, here comes all the dishes...
First of all would be mine...

*Grill Fish... The fish smells a bit fishy smell, so I don't really like it... I Hate FISH SMELL! So smelly can faint ok?*

*Bun's Mix Steak Set... I think is 1 piece of beef, 1 piece of lamb and 1 piece of chicken! This is the best dish of the night according to my mum... Worth the price!!!*

*Bro Kian's Chicken Cordon Bleu... Not really nice as the cheese part is only a little part and the chicken meat is kinda rough...*

*Daddy Charlie's Grill Salmon... He say not nice... But I think with the price, he can get this kind of salmon not bad ma right???*

*Last but not least, Mummy Joyce's Sizzling Steak! But the pan is toooooooo hot it burn the sauce and the chicken, not enough kung-fu to make a decent Sizzling dish eh?*

*Mother and Son*

ACTUALLY... The reason the whole family was at this reastaurant was because I tried it out earlier.... Not I I la... I mean me and Bun la~ 
*Restoran D'One Steak at Sri Rampai*

It was a western food restaurant open by Malays. So no Pork Chop!! Me and Bun were attracted to try it because the price are CHEAP!!! What else are more attractive than SAVING MONEY while savouring through a nice meal???


*The overall interior of the restaurant*

*This lil fella was non-stop moving here and there~!!! Pengsan*

*Their Fruit Juice was the BEST!!! So tasty!!! And not to mention the price are Cheap too!!!*

*Te Promotion Dish no.1 - Fish & Chips (This is definitely more nicer than the one I had at Splendid!!!)*

*Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce... Another promotion dish of their opening!!!*

If you like fancy, high-end restaurant with blue ribbon chef, this is not a place for you. If you're just some normal citizens like me, I guess you'll somehow like this restaurant. The price, the taste of dishes are friendly to wallet and taste buds!

After the dinner, Bun asked me whether I wannabuy some foods home... and immediately I say YES because I really, really dying for this: Chicken Wings!!! And this chicken wings are no ordinary taste chicken wings... They're superb!!!! 

This small stall is just located opposite the D'One Steak Restaurant... 

*The boss jaga api till very cham*

*Very rich flavour~ Nice!!! Must try!!!*

Since this post is about Mother's Day, I shall blog more about my mum's activities... She went to Taiwan around April for meetings and bring back some food... Let's see what she brings...

*According to my mum, this mee is a MUST BUY for some of her friends... They buy one carton back to Malaysia... They say very delicious, I say need so kua zhang or not??? One carton eh... Can eat one month dy lo~*

*Bak Chor Mee - Mee with tiny-chopped-meat*

*Milk Candy... I was asking my mum: You not scare of melamine ar?? Taiwan also got eh~ And you know what? She gave me a confused expression... =="*

*This mee no need buy at Taiwan, you can find this at most Jaya Jusco!!! Haha~ Of course, at Non-Halal department la~*

*This is roast cod fish slice... Very very sweet and juicy!!! Can buy if you were visiting 野柳!*

*One thing I like about Taiwan's instant noodle is the noodle can be cook just by adding boiling hot water... You try add hot water into Maggie mee... The noodle will come out half cook =="""*

*Dessert of the Day - Cheese Cake from Carrefour with Self-Decorated Hershey Chocolate Syrup! Yeah~!!!*

Finally... finish the post dy~!!! Ok Thanks Bye!!! I go ZZZZZZZZzzzZZZzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZzzZZ...

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kim-chan said...

XD Wow, so many delicious foods ^^. And you are mother also, celebrate celebrate! XD XD

now you makes me hungry *_*

pofufufuf, eventhough is open by Malays, but is affordable and the food's outlook can fight some other expensive cafe. XD Might try it in future.

Thanks for the sharing ^^