Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Was sick of fever... Am recover-ING now...

Met with Bun's friend Bernard Yik Chong and Brenda Chin Yee and a whole bunch of friends at Sunday. And a lil side note is Bernard just came back from Melbourne!!!

I was itsy-bitsy-tiny-weeny worry about the Influenza A that gotten spread so seriously at Melbourne, you know, I have a high risk group here - Xuan Xuan.

But guess what, I'm weaker than Xuan Xuan. Gosh~

Anyway, will drink lots of water and won't let myself collapse.

I'm trying to label up all my previous blog post so I can remove the archive list... It is getting longer and longer and longer and longer... Sure is squashing all the creativity juice I have in brain now.

Will blog properly SOON! Ciao~

1 comment:

Kim-chan said...

Take care of yourself!~ ^______^
When you are fully recover, you can blog more in here ehehehehe.

Xuan xuan so strong XD