Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tomb-Sweeping Day 清明节 2009

Guess what... I'm with my family for the tomb-sweeping day this year... Me and Bun didn't make it back to Ipoh for that day~ Sighs~ Don't know whether his mum or dad will complaint about this or not... =="

Anyway, all of us wake up around 530am in the morning, buy stuffs at Pasar and then head to Nirvana, Semenyih quickly~ The later you're there, the jam-mer the traffic will be... It seems like the whole world is there to pray to their ancestors. Really pengsan everytime stuck in the traffic...

We reach there around 7am something... And the sky was clear... Love the sun that day!!!

Without any scruple, I bring my son with me that day. Alot of people said that this is a no-no! Because to Chinese, babies can see spirits easily... So, bringing them to place which are full of tombs and dead people are not a wise act. But you know me, I ain't going to believe all those superstitious thinking... So, I bring him along! See~ He's sooooooooooooooooo cute that day! He wear like Bruce Lee!!! Haha!!! XD

The fresh air and the smell of the green grass really makes people feel good!!! Even shy fellow come out and take some sun bath!!!

*Hey little fella, Long time no see you dy~ How are you??? You're huge aren't you??? XD*

After chit chatting with relatives a while, it's time to prepare for the praying ceremony. Tomb must be clean and swept before foods can be put on it as a offerings to our ancestors. Of course, variety of foods can be different according to different family. 

*Foods~ We haven't had our breakfast yet!!! X_X*

I remember my Ah Gong(Grandfather) used to like pork! Especially those with a bit of fat in between... To him, that's the best!!! So, every year we'll buy him roast pork. Besides that, Kopi-O Gao is a must too! Ah Gong loves to drink Kopi, and I still remember he taught me how to made a cup of Kopi-O using his own method. Ah Gong's Kopi-O is the best Kopi-O I've ever had in the world... I miss him a lot you know...

Due to our empty stomach is protesting how we treat them so bad, we decided not to look at the foods while our mother is preparing to serve as offerings, we shall turn to one of the spotlight of the day - Xuan Xuan and take his picture gao gao!!!

*Bruce Lee Style Punch!!!*

*Bruce Lee win jor he smile confidently!!! XD*

After foods are well arrange and joss sticks were litten up, it's time for the praying ceremony. According to Chinese tradition, the eldest son will be the first person lead the praying, and that'll be my 2nd uncle as my 1st uncle passed away...

*Their joss stick are different than ours, thicker and longer eh~*
*Daddy Charlie: Please 'bo bi'(bless) us kena lottery then I'll buy you whole roast pig next year as offerings!!! XD*

*remember ar~ Lottery!!! 1st place ar~!!!*

After everyone's turn, it's Xuan Xuan turn now!!!!!

*He's sooooo excited meeting his great grandfather for the first time!*

*Walau~ He even put on some 搞怪 funny expression some more!!!*

*Leng zai~ This looks like more to Gong Xi hand gesture than praying hand gesture leh~ =="*

After the praying ceremony, the next big thing we're going to do is to WAIT! Yeah~ Wait!!! If you're asking wait for what, I'll say wait for THE TIME to come... What time? THE TIME!!!

LOL~ Yeah, wait for the spirits to come over and have their meal, after they left then we can burn some offerings to them... How we know they come already??? We'll ask using some sort of coin throwing method to ask... I'm not sure how the process is but we'll just listen and follpw orders by our parents la~

While waiting... MORE PICTURES!!!!
*He changed his Bruce Lee sleepwear into some casual wear because the weather is getting more hotter than earlier... He even hug the marble ornament to cool down his body temperature... LOL!*

*Waaa~ Very hot ar......*

*The temperature is sooooo hot even spider climb on the ornament to cool down too...*

*I believe I can fly~*

*I believe I can touch the sky~*

After we get order from parents it's time to eat, we all eat the offerings we bring to our ancestors. LOL! I know, mentally it's kinda disgusting isn't? But who cares, this is one of the Chinese tradition which have been followed for thousand of decades!

After that, we clean up the place and head to my 1st uncle's tomb. (As I've said earlier, he passed  away...)

*Different family different praying style... My uncle's family put all those colorful flag on the top of the tomb.. I'm not sure what's the reason... Hmm...*

Heading back to KL was the most headache thing of that day! Everyone is rushing back to KL at noon time... Aiks~ We're jammed in the middle of the traffic for about 1 hour... And according to the staffs at Nirvana Memorial Park, it's impossible to broaden the road in front of the place because alot of Malays live there for a long time. They refuse to move to another place...

Is this consider intolerant? They're causing alot of traffic troubles to that place! There are hundreds and thousands of tombs there, and definitely hundreds and thousands of families are going to be there for praying, and of course, hundreds and thousands of cars are driving to that place, in and out for sure! Are we going to stuck in traffic jam like that for 10 years or more?

Gosh~!!! I wish they can move out from the place! I'm sure Nirvana company will compensate them for their lost... But I guess that they're too stubborn to agree... Sighs~

Anyway, we're taking the Sungai Long route back to KL... And we're discussing what to have for lunch (I thought we just had our brunch at Nirvana?)... Guess what, my dad bring us to a place that I think alot of people don't know that such place exist at KL!

He bring us to Jln Bellamy to eat Rojak Bellamy!!! Haha~ (Bellamy reminds me of former Liverpool player Craig Bellamy...)

Hoho~ As you can see at the advertisement board, this Rojak bellamy can consider as the most delicious rojak in Malaysia!!! And for your information, this rojak once served as food in the palace!!! Don't play play oh~ Not delicious how serve it to the King and Queen??? 

*All Malays eating the famous rojak~ We're the only one Chinese family there... I guess Chinese not very fancy over rojak eh?!*

Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng~ Now I introduce you~ 
The Famous Rojak Bellamy:

The sauce were nice... Sweet and spicy... Alot of mengkuangs and tofus and kuihs... Nice but cheap~ Can consider stop by this rojak 'restaurant' if you're around Istana area...

If you not sure how to go, please use Google Map ok???

P.S: Don't go at night, they don't open at night time... Lunch is ok! ^^

The next day, me and Bun decided to go to Carrefour to buy some grocery stuffs... But the queue at the Carrefour was sooooooooooooooooooo long we decided to shop later and have our dinner first...

Seeing the 50% off promotion at Splendid, we decided to give it a try...

But you know, overall Splendid is a CLONE to Secret Recipe. They have the ALMOST same interior design, ALMOST same menu, ALMOST same cake selections and the food too... taste ALMOST the same! Pengsan~ But Splendid is a bit expensive compare to Secret Recipe...

For the 50% off items, only two options available:

Option No. 1 : Blackpepper Chicken with Rice

Option no.2: Fish and Chips

The drinks are expensive, so we order only one drink to share... Overall the food taste normal... I guess I won't step into Splendid for the next time...

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