Thursday, June 11, 2009


Imma now packing all the clothes and grocery stuffs because I'm heading back to Ipoh!!!!! 

Now is school holiday, I think all my nieces and newphews will be dying to see and play with Xuan Xuan... I think it's totally a great timing going back there for now!

Don't you guys think the weather is soooooo ridiculously hot???? I live at 9th floor, the air is suppose to be cool in the midnight but guess what? I woke up in the middle of the night, hard to breathe and find myself sweat a lot even the bed sheet were wet by my sweat!!! 

The weather at KL is so hazy and hot that alot of my neighbours start to install air conditioner at their home. How comfortable is that!!! But when I think deeper bout it, this whole thing is like a circulation:

Hot weather -> You open air cond/buy new air cond -> the weather gets hotter when more and more CFC were release because of the air cond consumption -> more and more people buying air cond/using air cond because of the hotter weather... and this goes on and on...

I wish that there were new technology coming up and everyone gets an air cond which is free of CFC or something like that so that the environment can be protected! How I wish I can have an air cond now~!!!

Ok then, since we're hot now, I shall show you some Latina hot babe style photo of mine!!! How hot is that huh? XD

*This is the photo I took last time before I went to Daidomon buffet... I look like a poser here. X_X*

*This is the early stage I transform into a hot latina babe! Red rose on hair, smooth, healthy looking skin, red lips, long lashes... Woo babe!*

*This is the complete stage of the whole latina concept! Red colour contact lenses, Long hair with bangs, signature with a kiss... Is this hot or what???*

*This is a Extra Version, everything were extra added, heavy bangs, heavy blusher, very very heavy lashes, I can't recognise myself at all!!!*

LOL~ Don't puke!!! I know you're having the same reaction like Bun first saw these few photos... Haha XD

Ok, gotta pack now! Ciao Amigo!!!!


kim-chan said...


Photoshop is fun!!!!
I didn't puke, I find it nice =D
See ya! XD Have fun!

kurokei said...

walau LOL nice leh