Saturday, August 1, 2009

Emotion Rollercoaster

After mad angry and pissed off, here I am... Super sad...

This emotion thingy sure likes to torture me to the maximum.

Now my heart is whining whenever I think back what happened yesterday afternoon.

I feel like crying now, no joke!

Yesterday, noon, I was taking nap with my son.

I don't know what got into me, but I had this dream.

I don't dream usually, but somehow I did yesterday.

I know that Gackt was going to Singapore with his fanclub fans. And I heard Kim-Chan said that he'll be helding at concert at Singapore too!!!

How exciting is that??? I wish that I was there!!!

And yesterday's dream is about Gackt!!! This is so amazing because the last time he appeared in my dream is years ago!!!

I dreamed that I was in a car, heading to somewhere... (Maybe Gackt's concert or small meet ups with Malaysian fans, I don't know... Not so sure about it.)

And I was on the highway.. I guess the meet-up is somewhere far from KL. (Maybe Singapore?)

After a while, my car run out of fuel, so we have to make a stop at the nearest petrol station.

While the car is filling with petrol, a car stop behind ours so close I look up want to see who is it and want to show the fucking driver international hand gesture!

But, I saw someone is sitting at the back, at the same time looking at me.

That person is wearing a pair of sunglasses, and after 3 secounds stunning there, I immediately realise that person was Gackt!!!

I was so thrilled and excited I quickly ran back to the car and search for my camera.

I run to Gackt's car with my camera, open the door without permission and I burst into tears, asking/begging him to take a picture with me!!! (Seriously, I felt like the real life me was crying too!!!!!)

I told him how much I adore and love him since the day I knew about his existance in this world.

And with a kind, gentle soul, he agreed to let me take picture with him.

I asked Bun to hold the camera for me, and then I quickly run to Gackt, stand beside him and start posing...

Suddenly, Gackt said:

You can hug me if you want to....


Seriously, CAN I?????

Everything is so unbelievable, after his permission I hugged him and took picture of that pose!!!

I was too happy to think about anything, I think I took that picture with my tears flowing down like river too...


Dream gone...

When I was awake, I couldn't believe that everything was just a dream!

It was so surreal that everything I see/touch/sense, I feel that it was for REAL! Like what we usual see/touch/sense in real life.

Disappointment and sadness strucks me like tsunami....

I just couldn't stop feeling lost about it!!!
I'm so lost and sad I don't want to say anything more after this.

I want to pop my head to bed and hope I can dream about Gackt again.

Good Night!
Sweet Dreams~ Don't end up crying like me ya~! :(

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