Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Horror Movie Addict

If you're a friend of mine IRL (in real life), you'll know that I'm REALLY a horror movie addict!

One of the peak of my teenage life was to watch ALL, literally, ALL horror movies that are showing in the cinema! How freakish is that?

And to tell you, I don't mind watching alone!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ XD I'm proud of not being freak out by those horror scenes in movies!!!!!!!

Mostly when other girls go "Kiyaaaaa~", covering their eyes with jacket or popcorn box, I was sitting there, staring at the screen, in the same time laughing at those girls' scream. LOL!

Honestly, my mum is the one indirectly made me into this freakish girl who doesn't afraid of watching horror movies alone!

I was trained to watch horror movies since I was little along with my mum, and of course, I was told that all the ghosts are effects made by human, that sure ease a lot of fears within me and boost the braveness. Haha XD

Last week, I was doing a Horror Movie Marathon!!!! How cool is that!?

Xuan Xuan going to bed, and I'm the one who is compulsory in accompany him because have to feed him till he sleeps in. And during that waiting moment, I'll just run the PPStream program and watch horror movies!!! This is call the efficiency of time usage!

And not to mention, most of the horror movie I watched last week SUCKS BIG TIME! I almost fall asleep during the movie, not to mention scare or something.

The horror movie marathon gave me an inspiration on this post, I think I should share something with all the horror movie fans out there!!!

All the movies below is just a small part of the horror movies I've watched, but you think it's nice, maybe you can watch it again or something!

The Tale Of Two Sisters

This is one of the Korean horror movie that made a deep impression in me. It was not that scary but the story line is GOOD! Not VERY good but at least nice to watch and not feeling time wasted! I just love the two actress which play the role of the daughters!


A lot of people said this is one scary movie but I didn't seems to feel it as it doesn't leave much impression in my memory! But anyway, Thailand made horror movie is worth to support! They are freaky, ugly, disgusting and lots of leng luis! XD


I watched all the SAW series. The guy who planned everything was so fucking genius that every method of killing is a form of ART! Can you believe that there's 23137897 ways to kill people? But I remember clearly I was once freaked out by the horrible laughing of the significant puppet when I was browsing the Movie section of Yahoo!Japan! Alone in the middle of the night!!! That was one fucking moment I will never forget!


Good story, talking about karma of abortion. But the ending is a bit weird as there are two Lee Sin Jie appear in the end! What does that mean????


Another Thailand made horror movie. Although the movie slogan says: Every dorm has a tale, but this tale you will never forget. I still forget what is this story about! Haha~ That means the story line is not making any impression in me!!! But I still can remember some scenes of it like the boy who take bath and the ghost is beside or something... LOL!

孤立者(I don't know how to translate in English)

This was one of the crappy movie that I watched last week! The story is soooooo dull and a bit confusing I really feel like quit watching but still, I insist in knowing the ending and continue! But disappointment is what I get in the end. Maybe I'm searching for some thrilling feeling but this one is more to sentimental horror which has deep meaning.

The Cut

I watched this, I swear! But I forgot what the story is about. Maybe not worth watching anyway...


I watch this with Peiyue, KokCheong and the famous Late King a.k.a Lao Gao a.k.a Kevin at KLCC. The most ridiculous part of this movie outing is Kevin arrive when the movie is almost finish, at its climax. LOL! He missed the whole front part! Ridiculous or not??? Haha!

I kinda feel uneasy when a movie is about talking puppets or disgusting freaky clown, don't you think so?


Korean horror movie always want to make the theme beautiful isn't? This is another meaningful horror movie from Korea. Although not much ghosts appear but the story line is awesome! Twist and turn and there, you get an unexpected ending!


I think I watched this for 2 or 3 times at Cinema. The creepy ambience of the whole movie give people a chill! Even guys were nervous watching this! One thing I remember is when the mum head back to house to find her child, a guy in the cinema suddenly shout: Oi! Kat tandas!!! TANDAS!!!! (At Toilet! Toilet!!!) Then the whole cinema burst in laughter!! See!? I told ya guys were nervous!


This is one of the horror movie which Bun accompany me watching! He seldom do that because he don't like to scare himself with all these nonsense! LOL! But this movie is nothing creepy, more like love story, not recommended!!!


The whole movie is about counting stairs! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5............. ZZZZzzzzz.....


This is one of the horror movie I like! To me, this is not scary at all! In fact, the whole zombie concept and virus spreading is so surreal as it will happen among us anytime anywhere! More to disgusting and bloody type movie than creepy horror.


Lots of people doesn't know such movie does exist. Combine a bit with Japan culture and its weirdness, this horror movie does stand out compare to the others. This is more to weird than scary! Nice but unique, watch at your own risk!

But the one and only movie I think is succesful in giving people scary thoughts and creepy feeling is none of the above... It is...


How many of you can survive watching this movie alone in a dark room with full sound stereo on? I can't make it! I only can watch till half way even though I already know the whole story and know what will be coming! The woman with the eye glaring down at you with the sound effects of the throat oh gosh somebody HELP ME!!!!

P.S: No movie poster of Ju-On as I don't want you guys have nightmare!

P.S.S: All these are just based on my own opinions of horror movie. Tell me which movie gives you sleepless night! Recommend it to me! XD


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