Sunday, July 12, 2009

My LURVE Affair with XX

My LURVE affair is no ordinary LURVE affair. Deep inside my heart, I knew this will be the eternal love of my life!!!

Wonder why my LURVE affair is with XX?

XX is not the 'XXX' like nuffnang wrote in its post title...

XX is something soft, adorable, a bit hairy (LOL!)...
Something which will makes me laugh my heart out everyday since the day we first met!!!!

Now, I shall introduce XX to you....


*Hi to all my mum's blog friendsss~ Nice to meet you guys/girls!!!!*

XX= Xuan Xuan!!!

You know what? I sing 'A Song For XX' by Ayumi Hamasaki to Xuan Xuan almost everyday because I think this song is purposely written for Xuan Xuan!

Our relationship is something I will call 'Miraculous!'

When he laugh, I will laugh together; When he cry, my heart will ache so much that I will do anything I can just to make him smile again!

Even when he's just lying there, remain silent, just by watching him I feel the warmth that nourishes my heart!


I still remember that both of us met at 31st of August 2008! A wonderful, sunny day which is best for special encounter like this!

Since then, watching you grow up day by day, has become something that entertains me so much I wouldn't want this to end!

*Ya, more leng zai day by day!!! XD*

I'm in LURVE with XX more and more as time goes by!!!

*Can you feel my love?*

I will do anything to ensure my child get the best, no matter in food, leisure or education.

During snack time, I will give Xuan Xuan this:

*Multigrain Chips is LURVE!!!!*

Maybe you'll think: What kind of insane mother will give her child Twisties LURVE as snack????

But behold! These chips are not any other chips you see on the supermarket shelves!

Twisties LURVE is a healthy, multigrain chips which made from wheats, oats, rice, corn and sunflower seeds.

*Beside those healthy ingredients, there's NO artificial colouring and NO preservatives added while making the chips!*

Now, who'll be stupid to refrain self from consuming these healthy multigrain chips as snack???

Beside the healthy ingredients, I get more LURVE from the chips too!!!!

*+20% More LURVE!!! How powerful is that!!!*

I want to be a nice mother which is considerate and caring enough. so, whenever it comes to decision making, I'll let Xuan Xuan to decide himself on what he wants.

*But due to the healthy-ness and its 3 superb taste - French Onion, Hot'N'Spicy and Seaweed Nori, even Xuan Xuan is confused, don't know which one to choose!!!*

*From his eyesight and gestures, I know he wants to eat 'Seaweed Nori' flavour today!*

*Nom... Nom.... Nom...*

*One after one, one after one.. He just can't stop eating!!!

*Even me myself can't resist the temptation of falling in LURVE!*

I enjoy LURVE-ing, being LURVE-d, and I will definitely teach Xuan Xuan the power of LURVE so he can always share LURVE with everyone he knows!

And now, he's so addicted to LURVE and...

*He must sleep with LURVE!*

What an angel with LURVE I have here! =)


Kim-chan said...

"XX" sounds like X factor, or something like sports. LOL

I thought lurve was 'love', until I realised the product name LURVE XDDDDDD Is amazing that you gave him eat it. I tried this snack once before only, it was delicious and healthy.

Is great that you let him test different types of taste from each foods. ^_^ With you as a mother, he will be a brave person who likes to explore new things in future and try new things XD

oh, dia punya rambut sudah lebat. Tapi masih very leng chai XD

Jinger Yeoh. said...

cute blogggyyyyy~~