Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mystery of Quantum

Today was a busy tiring day for me and my body.

Went to a seminar around 1pm at Sheraton Subang. Was invited(Not really invited because I PAY FOR IT!!) by my mum's friend to discover more about this thing called 'Visiber'. (Anyone heard about this before? A lot of rich tai tais are wearing this company's product.)

Gold Bolero! Love it! Pressie from Mummy Joyce!!

I can't believe that I actually went to this seminar!

I know nothing about the company, I know nothing about the founder, know NOTHING AT ALL!

All I know is I was forced to buy a blardy cheap-looking company t-shirt with the price of RM39!!!! Siao! I can buy one-piece dress at that amount of money eh! But never mind, the t-shirt end up very comfy! LOL!

You can tell I'm a bit dulan kena forced to buy the T-Shirt by looking at this pic!

When I try to go into the ballroom without the company t-shirt, I was blocked by the black-coat team a.k.a kakitangan of the company, they thought I was from the press media or something. LOL! Do I look so glam that I work for the press?

With an empty mind I enter the ballroom. As usual, you can see a lot of company leaders there chit-chatting with their downlines and stuffs. I was sitting beside my mum's friend. To be frank I think she care bout her brother understanding towards the content of the seminar more than mine. LOL! HEY! I'M A NEWBIE EH! YOU CAN'T JUST TAK PEDULI THE NEWBIE!!!

Lucky thing is I adapt to new things and new environment FAST!

First speaker was a Neuro-Linguistic Phd from America called Dr. William D. Horton.

I was told that the theme of the seminar for today is "What is Quantum Energy/Quantum Psychology", but Dr. William did not further explain about this, I guess it's kinda complicated for newbies like me. I'm glad he didn't, abo Imma scratch head on my seat!

Drinks, Candies, Notes and Pencils are provided! Professional can say!

The whole ballroom FULL! And lots of lots of auntiesss and unclessssssss.... Wow, How did they manage to understand what is Quantum energy and how does it make changes and effect the whole neurogical system!

But anyway, I like to take down notes! So I jot down almost all the important (At least they sound important to me) information pass by the speaker into my lil black book.

This whole seminar last for 4 hours. In between there is an afternoon tea session. But as what I was thinking, people are rushing and grab whatever they can WITHOUT QUEUING UP!

What the hell!? You look at the people you will laughing out loud! It really looks like they have been starve for weeks!!!!

Poor we these minority group who queue up for food, end up some left overs. But I like the cinnamonbon/ cinnamon roll!!! Superb YUMMY!!!! I had THREE of it!!!

Tea session was only for 20 minutes, and then continue the seminar with another speaker a.k.a the founder of this Visiber company and Quantum Psychology, Dr. Patrick Tan.

He was a funny guy I can say. A lot of aunties was laughing hysterically with the jokes he tell. Ok la, the jokes are quite funny but not as funny as you have to LAUGH OUT LOUD ok?!

But really, I gained some knowledge today. Was glad that I still able to gain some knowledge after some time trapped in the house and the identity of housewives and so on... *happy*

You'll probably ask: Where's Xuan Xuan when you're away for 4 hours or more then?

Here he is:

Leng Zai in his Brown Jumper!!!

He was with Bun and Brother Kian ( I intentionally asked him to follow Bun because Xuan Xuan likes his Uncle Kian very very much!!!!!) and they went to Subang Parade after they dropped me at the hotel!!!

Muahahahah~ I'm free at the 4 hours or more but guess what? A mother will never forget his child! I was mind-tied to Xuan Xuan during the whole seminar though... Poor me.

Anyway, I'm glad that everyone was happy and no one throw temper!!! XD

We went to Puchong to eat Shabu-Shabu after the seminar. Full till now! Madness FULL can say~

Reiko was happy today because she gained some knowledge and she was full! XD
Jya Ne Bye!!!

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