Friday, July 10, 2009

Soul in Black

Was asked whether should spend the left over RM100 voucher of RedBox, and the answer is YES!!!

Decided to go to RedBox at The Gardens to make the full usage of the voucher... I don't mind top up a few ringgits if the amount exceeded... Better than less right? Ah~ Human...

A bit confuse with what to wear today and what style is it for today... Hmm... *Scratch head*

*Anyway, I can think what to wear while make up... Am 1st time using this Estee Lauder Onyx colour pencil eyeliner... The MOST EXPENSIVE EYELINER I've ever used in my life! You gotta be good quality or else you'll see....*

Decided! Will wear the black t-shirt I bought back at April at Ampang Point, with the gold glitz ironed wording 'No Picture Please' + my one and only Levi's jeans, the washed and tore for the X times in its life... Yengness!

*Let's Go Rock & Roll Baby!*

While on the way, rain poured so heavily and I'm thinking of this time we'll be rugi a bit if we can't reach there by 6pm! This is the time slot for the buffet dinner session, 6pm - 12am.

So jam at the curve at the Jln dunno-what right in front of the junction of KL Sentral, Hilton Hotel. It's all the traffic light's fault!

But who knows, we reached there 53opm! Wooo~ Good job Driver Bun!!!!

*Too early for the session, so have to sit at the super duper huge round sofa before we can go into the room, a sofa soooooo unique you wouldn't wanna miss taking a picture of it!*

Was lead to the room at the Calming Section, room number 'D24'... Makes me think of durian!!!

*Special wall decoration, so calm and sooth and 'zen' feeling!*

*This lil fella non-stop climbing up and down, crawl left to right... Me and Bun were nearly pengsan because of him... A bit steam potong!*

*Malaysia's next superstar in the making! I hope he can be someone like Michael Jackson then... Think too much!?*

Was not allowed to go take foods until given instructions (And end up we start eating at the time of 630pm or 645pm! Boo!!! 30 - 45 minutes wasted man!!!)... So, shall decide what to drink first!

*Bun's Dragonfruit drink and my Muesli Chocolate Shake!!!! Super yummy!!!*

*I don't know what should I call this but if you EVER ENCOUNTER with this, you should TAKE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN without hesitation! MAD DELICIOUS IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah~ The aroma of chocolate and nuts still lingers in my memories.*

*Sushi and Cakes! What a fusion mix! Rules of Sushi Bar: Sushi can only be taken by the same person after 5 minutes gap!*

Can you imagine only two person singing in the room for 6 hours!? I'm glad that they're playing Michael Jackson's video clips and some concert footage to entertain us... So sometimes we will just watch the clips without picking any song to sing.

The madness of the day: Sang Gary Cao's new song 'Lonely Man' for 7 - 8 times!!! Siao!!!! We just sing like nobody's business.

And speaking of Michael Jackson, I purposely pick 'Earth Song' because I wanted to watch the video clip as the closure of our sing k session for tonight, but guess what, I cried.

Yeah, cried.

I was thinking, why God took this wonderful person away from all of us. He's making soooooooo much of these wonderful music and doing sooooooo much wonderful things in order to make this ugly world a better living place for all of us.

Now he's gone, who is there to remind all of us these forgetful human beings of the sin and harmful things we're doing to ourselves and mother nature?

They say ' The Good Dies Young'. Is this the ONLY WAY to remind us of how wonderful and godlike he was?



*The Blues of The Black Aisle*

An outing without self-taking photos are nothing worth to remember of!

*Pardon Moi's lousy looking and awkward posing, I just enjoy to be ME!*

Last but not least, even though he's gone, but I will like to leave a footprint of this wonderful creation of God in my blog by putting this image of his here:

*Michael Jackson... remembered*
*I made this into a 1024 x 768 jpg format wallpaper, picture taken from CNN while watching the memorial service of him, my current desktop wallpaper.*
*His smile, his gracious gestures and his voice will be remembered... Forever.*
*God Bless!*

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plantagirl said...

Everyone said Garden's Redbox super nice..
Hope that I can go also next time.. Hehe..