Thursday, August 27, 2009

Estee Lauder Model Search 2009, My Experience

7th of July 2009, can be counted as one of the important day of the year especially this year as I'm trying to realise one of my dream on this day.

Ahh~ I love number 7!

And as usual, the 3 of us will be heading out to make my dream come true!

*Xuan Xuan looks funny sleepy here!!! and Pardon Moi's naked face, this is how moi looks like when no make up on!!*

*Yeng ar!!!*

After Bun went to Post Office to finish his things, then we head to my dreamland...


Of course not KLCC la, is the Concourse Area of KLCC, where Estee Lauder is helding a function for the Model Search 2009!

Year 2007, I told my mum that there's this model search thingy going on... And surprisingly she's supporting me to go on with it! But too bad that time I was not really free for the period when they hold the event, so I'll make up my regret today!

*So Model Glam-ish!*

I walk up to their registration counter and made the payment for this. RM280 for your information.

Most of the people will think this kind of events are bluffing people and just for money purpose, and yes, I'm totally agree with you, their main purpose are just to attract more sales....

But another side of my story will be, I have to leave a memorial thing i.e. potrait or something for this year! Year 2009! If I don't, for sure I will regret!

So, I choose this event to realise my dream and so-call-target...

When I sign up and waiting for make-up artist to do my make-up, I can feel my heart beating as fast as it can! Is this how it feels like when you're going after what you wish? If yes, I think I felt something amazing!!!

And during the begining of make-up session, I was afraid to take out my camera to snap pictures as you know, these big brand companies always have something they want to keep secret or so call their own policies...

And after telling myself to be brave and just snap, this is it:

*Can you feel my fear of being told not to take pictures?*

I'm very curious how bloggers manage to come over the embarassing moments of being told 'No Photos Allowed'? Won't you feel embarassed of being confront like this???

I think I'm one girl that lack of bravery... I need to accumulate more and more life experiences to achieve more in my life I think.

*My assigned make-up artist applying blusher on my cheek bone*

*Now make my lips sexy please, I wanna seduce all the judges and let me win! XD*

*Make up DONE!*

*The final photo at the make up station, and that's my make-up artist Fara! She's cute and nice!*

For the make-up, we're given 4 types of make-up for selection. I really don't know what kind of make-up I'm suit with, so the decision is make by Fara the make-up artist. And mine was 'Classic Beauty'.

That's why you see all the 'earth tone colours' on my face.

And next station will be....

*Hairdo station!*

*Say good bye ugly hairstyle!*

During the hair curling process, the hair stylist was super talkative! We talked like we know each other for years!!! But too bad, we did not leave numbers or msn to each other... LOL! I'm not S&A anymore...

But I still remember he's from Miko at Sg Wang branch *wink* Let's see if this fate of being friends can continue or not :D

And after hairdo, we have to change to dress for the photoshoot session.

All dresses are sponsored by Eclipse. Lots of dress, mainly plain style, but a lot of colours... Got white, pink, yellow, red.....

and I got...

*Purple Toga Dress!!! XD And too, decision on which dress is not mine too, I think I don't really understand my style, which is a bad thing :(*

*Me camwhoring in the changing room... And takes too long time, the girl in charge knock door asked is everything ok!!! LOL!*

*Me love toga dress!!! I want one! *Prays Bun read this and can buy one for me!!! XD*

I was nervous during the photo taking session... But the photographer said I'm quite good at posing and asked do I always go for photoshoots! That really add some confidence in me!

After snapping around 10 - 15 frames of pictures, there ends my photo taking session...

Change back to my own apparels and I waited for 10 minutes till my turn to choose which photo I wanna print it out.

As I mentioned earlier, all these are just trying to persuade woman to splurge more and more money in making this one time experience unforgettable.

I paid RM280 for this model search thingy, and I will get RM230 worth of Estee Lauder products. So it'll be RM50 for the potrait thingy.

So once you saw 10 - 15 pictures of you uploaded into their pc for a preview, sure you heart goes all itchy and think: Aiyo~ All also pretty leh~ Which photo I'm going to choose to print out??? Only can print ONE... Wasted la....

And this time, at the very moment when you're telling your heart to settle down for ONE prettiest shot, the person will tell you: Actually we got some other options to print more shots of you... You can choose this: 1 big frame and 3 small frame of pics for RM1xx... Or you can buy a CD contains all the pictures of you for RM100!

Sounds tempting, but for me who is seriously poor, I do not have extra moolah to spend on these. Say bye bye to all the pictures of mine. :( But still I gave in and paid extra RM10 on laminating a water-resistant film on top of my picture so the colours won't fade easily.

One frame choosen, and now for the retoucher to put on some magic! You can see clearly the difference of before and after the photoshopping process!

And all I remember is they adjust brightness and contrast, clear off the blemishes and skin imperfections, cloning, and liquify a bit! And too make the picture more pefect, they added some blur-ish feeling! All photoshop process done within minutes! PRO!!!

After I get my A4 potrait, I head to another side and redeem the products.

And to my surprise, there's hell lotsa of products!!! From skin care to make-up to fragrances... Honestly, I don't know which to choose!

After the sales assistant explained and introduce, I made up my mind and wanna get the limited edition model search make-up kit which cost RM220. That means I still have RM10 balance... Bah~ Who cares, I just want to go home earlier, I'm tired.

BUT... the sales assistant said I'm not allowed to redeem anything lower than RM230 value... That means I need to buy something, make the value above RM230 only I can redeem the products.


I'm kinda pissed off with this rule! But the only thing I can do is cursing in my heart and turn to Bun, ask him in a super duper small act-cute voice whether he's willing to pay for the extra amount....

And he gave me a face full of darkness, showing me white eyes and telling me for being such an idiot for getting conned. And kena conned so OFFICIALLY!

I asked that sales person what's the cheapest item in their product range, she said either one tone eye shadow or eyeliner.

So, I paid an extra RM60 for the eyeliner in order to redeem the make-up kit and at the same time, feeling pissed off. What a lousy purchasing experience!

And that'll will be the end of the whole model search experience. Lousy ending.

After that, me and Bun decided to go to Isetan baby's room to rest a while. Bun is taking care of Xuan Xuan for almost one and a half hour while I'm not around.

And me, whom feet pain due to long hours of walking and standing with a pair of heels, seriously need some rest too!

*Of course, I don't wanna miss any opportunity to capture that day's beauty... Here's Leng zai Xuan Xuan and Leng lui ME! XD*

*IF Xuan Xuan is not moving, this will be a PERFECTO picture, sighs...*

*This lil fella is sneaking something out of the bag! Catch him!!!*

And a series of me camwhoring pixxie:

*Do I look good in curls?*

*Act Cute LOL!*

*woooooo~ Dunno wooooooo what!*

*Moi Love Moi's Long Eyelashes... Real eyelashes!!!!*

*And dunno why, we went outside the park there dunno for what!*

*This will officially be my MOST EXPENSIVE make-up of the moment! Fucking RM60 for an eyeliner wtf!*

And by here I end this post!!!!!!!!

Bye Bye~!!!

Haha~ What you mean by: WAIT! WHERE'S YOUR POTRAIT!!!???????

Okay la Okay la.... I show you la..... You scroll down see....

Since I don't have scanner, so I gotta take picture of it... So the quality will be lousy a bit....

Here it is.....

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng...............

*Bonjour! Je'mappelle Reiko. Comment' allez vous?*


Friday, August 21, 2009

A Chance To Shine

*This is me - Reiko Ong*

*And FYI, this is my son - Xuan Xuan*

I asked myselft numerous of times: Do I wanna do this? Should I grab this chance?
Deep down in my heart, there's a sound of truth: Yes, you should go for it!




I always dream to achieve something in my life. So far, the proudest thing I've achieved is giving birth to my son.

But I know, for me myself, I wanted something else. Something that will represent ME, REIKO ONG!

And this time, I felt that the chance is created for me:

1) Who will be free for the WHOLE 4 MONTHS?
- None other than a full time housewife REIKO ONG! (As most of the people are tied down with their studies, jobs etc...)

2) Who likes to write/blog?

3) Are you able to conversate in English/Chinese both Simplified and Traditional?
- Yes, I CAN!

4) Able to work with producers and whole bunch of crews?
- Why not? I've spend my last 3 years of secondary schooling time on drama and shooting!

5) Are you able to possess a keen eye for entertainment and gossip news?
- Tell me, which girl don't like entertainment and gossip news? Of course I CAN!

For this time, I will do whatever I can to shine!


Monday, August 17, 2009


I got time to blog now, but I don't have photos with me! What a joke!!! (Photos are at another pc which Bun is currently using it to watch Liverpool match! WTF!)

Anyway, I don't know what can I blog now.... Any ideasss???

Life is totally not happening for me right now. I've been trap in home like for a week!? Feeling dull and bored like hell these days... Where to get inspiration to blog la you tell me!

While H1N1 virus is spreading so fast and so many people dying, but still seeing alot of people go travel here and there, partying, going to concerts, shopping and attending meet-ups everyday!

And to my surprise, none of them wear mask! WTF!

Are they not afraid of the virus or am I too afraid of the virus?

Because I have Xuan Xuan with me, so I can't go out like those healthy, normal youngsters who aren't afraid of getting infection at all.

You don't know how afraid I am when we're inside the elevator!!!

Those indians cough and sneeze without covering up their mouth! WTF!!!! And the air circulation is not good inside the elevator!!! I feel like slapping them at their face when they do that! Fucking gross and fucking unethical!!! Who knows you got H1N1 or not???

If got and I got infected because of that bastard I am going to kill him + his whole family!

And seriously, I felt that the virus has upgraded! Before these days, there's no report of death of this virus but suddenly, alot of death cases!

This Influenza A has become Influenza A+ I think, easy to get infected and easily cause death.

I'm kinda afraid and am a bit panic over this virus thingy. I don't know why a lot of people doesn't get it, it really is time to be afraid and control ourselves and restrain from going to unnecessary gatherings and travellings.

Buy a lot of masks, wash hands oftenly and don't put your hand near to your face while you're at outside!!!!

Mexicans used all of these method to control the chances of getting infected. We should to!

There's already thousand of infection cases happening around Malaysia, and almost 60 death cases, I don't see why we don't have to take this seriously.

Really, do start to wear masks and take care of yourself well start from today, this moment!!!

Argh~ I really think I should sleep by now... Getting grumpier and grumpier because lack of inspiration to blog.

Bye~ And take care of yourself well my friends!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Of The June-nies

Don't you think you know a lot of people who share the same birthday month with you??? I do!

I know lots of people share the same birthday month with me, which means I have to spend quite an amount of money for celebrating! LOL!

Anyway, I'm gonna flood you with picturessssss in this post. Hehe~

First, it's MummyJoyce's birthday (on 17th of June).

I planned this celebration about a week before the actual date and I have to make an appointment with her just for not letting her to FFK me! (MummyJoyce is busier than me! Can you imagine that?)

This celebration took place at RedBox, Lowyat. Hah! Aunties go sing k and celebrate birthday nowadays! LOL!

And I get a birthday package for this celebration so it'll be much more cheaper plus a lot foods!!!

*Fruit Platters!*

*Special Aloe Vera + Chicken Essence! WTF!!! Name very gross but the taste quite okay~ Haha!*

*Aunties singing Oldies~*

*Ahh~ So comfortable can take off shoes and relax!*

*It's cake cutting time!! Cake is included in the package also!!! Mango Cake!!!*

*Bun (with Xuan Xuan sleeping in his arms), Bro Kian, MummyJoyce, AuntieElaine, AuntieConnie*

*Oh! There's ME!!!!*

*Haha! Got so happy or not??? I wonder what wish you wish for...*

*Sparkling juice, comes with the package too!!!*

*Xuan Xuan singin' in da house!!!!*

*Hah??? I dunno wat ya talkin' about!*

*I like to play with the mic more than sing using it!!!*

We're suppose to sing from 2pm - 6pm, unfortunately MummyJoyce and her friends have to leave earlier due to some business reason so... I guess...



*These 2 fella sing till throat pain... Hahahaha~ XD*

2nd birthday celebration is for Kam Sao a.k.a KokCheong!!!

Me and Peiyue planned this birthday celebration using sms cos I was at Ipoh till the morning of that day! So everything is kinda rush for me...

Anyway, I'm glad that we're able to hang out at this unique lil place at Wangsa Maju Seksyen 5 (If I'm not mistaken)...

And just for your information, this place is owned by my previous tuition teacher Mr. Goh which also the owner of Suria Jaya tuition centre. Hah! He sure earns a lot from student ne....

Anyway, this place is none other than....


*Four Happy Season... I'm Here Always. (No, not me, I only went there ONCE!)*

*We went to the Winter section! So everything is Blue-ish~*

*The Birthday Boy Guy! 22 years old lo!!! Cannot consider as boy anymore! Haha!*

*This funny fella is acting high while in the middle of cold!!! I guess he likes it there!!!*

*Xuan2: Daddy, why here so cold one???*

*Signature Pose! Woo~*

*Bun was worried about cold so he put on jacket on Xuan Xuan! Kawaii!!!!*

*Xuan2: Hah? AuntiePeiyue what you want to eat???*

*Special Mango drink which I forgot it's name. Very mango-ish... Suit for those who wanna hang out for a long time*

*Chocolate Blended*

*The lights, the tree and the temperature... Everything is so winter-ish!!!*

*Bigger dining table beside the sofa section...*

Beside the winter section which the temperature is around 15 degree celcius, they have this one small room which is the freezing cold section which temperature are around MINUS 15 celcius!!!

If you wanna stay in that room and forgot to bring your jacket, you can always ask for one at the counter. XD

Me, Peiyue and Kamsao decided to pay the lil room a visit... and maybe...

*Take picture! But he was distracted by a fatty who is so fucking busybody! WTF! We take picture also your business ar??? Go mind your own weight la!! Diusss~*

*I like the lights!!!!*

After some time sitting, chatting and drinking ice blended in winter section, the chill just got into our bones and we have to shift to warmer place before we all freeze to death!

We shift to Autumn section. And of course, everything is very Autumn-ish!

But not this...

*Haha! Alien Kamsao and Alien Peiyue!! Them two accidentally pose under the lights which end up they look like alien comes from outter space!!! LOL!*

*Hey! I'm enjoying my vacation at... erm... Canada? XD*

*The view from the outdoor Autumn section... Very romantic!*

*Maple leafs, one of the I WANT TO SEE THE REAL THING list of mine*


Actually, we shifted 3 times! LOL! Ya, I admit we're kinda fussy... But hey, who doesn't want to enjoy nice night scenary and some cool breeze???

*Two KamSaoss*

*Lonely Mango Blended (I know my camera sucks!)*

*Bun's Seafood Fried Rice, RM12. Quite nice!*

*Baked Potato and Cheese... Very delicious but the portion very small!!! RM8*

*Xuan Xuan says Hi!*

*Kamsao with his cake!*

*Tiramisu!!! Yum yum~*

*Kamsao making wish... He wish that he will meet a female kamsao in the near future? LOL!*

*Kamsao and Devil. Double Evil-ness!

*Alohai... My camera sucks~ The whole picture FAILED!*

*WHOA~ Big Kamsao and Small cake!!! Actually he's trying to use his mouth to pull out the candle from the cake! Haha~ Trick we use to prank on birthday guy!*

*Cake cutting ceremony! Yay! Got cake to eat already!!!*

I love birthdays! No matter it's mine or my family or my friends... Birthday doesn't come often, but it sure does bring laughter and joy to all of the people.

I will always, always try my best to celebrate friend's birthday! But if I doesn't celebrate yours, sorry, that's because you're not so close with me!? LOL!

Anyway, here are some people who share the same birthday month with me:

June 4th - Jees

June 6th - Teh Yoke Ying (Ahh!!! 66666666!!! Child of Evil!!! Ah!!!!)

June 7th - ME!! ME!!!!!!

June 8th - Teru (Japan rock band GLAY's vocalist)

June 9th - Hing Swee

June 13th - Chee Sing

June 15th - Ming Kiat, Kamsao

June 17th - MummyJoyce

June 20th - Ivan

June 22nd - Kaede

June 30th - Tsukino Usagi (Sailormoon! XD)

That's all~!!! ^o^/**** Jya!

Upcoming: Makan-makan post!