Monday, August 17, 2009


I got time to blog now, but I don't have photos with me! What a joke!!! (Photos are at another pc which Bun is currently using it to watch Liverpool match! WTF!)

Anyway, I don't know what can I blog now.... Any ideasss???

Life is totally not happening for me right now. I've been trap in home like for a week!? Feeling dull and bored like hell these days... Where to get inspiration to blog la you tell me!

While H1N1 virus is spreading so fast and so many people dying, but still seeing alot of people go travel here and there, partying, going to concerts, shopping and attending meet-ups everyday!

And to my surprise, none of them wear mask! WTF!

Are they not afraid of the virus or am I too afraid of the virus?

Because I have Xuan Xuan with me, so I can't go out like those healthy, normal youngsters who aren't afraid of getting infection at all.

You don't know how afraid I am when we're inside the elevator!!!

Those indians cough and sneeze without covering up their mouth! WTF!!!! And the air circulation is not good inside the elevator!!! I feel like slapping them at their face when they do that! Fucking gross and fucking unethical!!! Who knows you got H1N1 or not???

If got and I got infected because of that bastard I am going to kill him + his whole family!

And seriously, I felt that the virus has upgraded! Before these days, there's no report of death of this virus but suddenly, alot of death cases!

This Influenza A has become Influenza A+ I think, easy to get infected and easily cause death.

I'm kinda afraid and am a bit panic over this virus thingy. I don't know why a lot of people doesn't get it, it really is time to be afraid and control ourselves and restrain from going to unnecessary gatherings and travellings.

Buy a lot of masks, wash hands oftenly and don't put your hand near to your face while you're at outside!!!!

Mexicans used all of these method to control the chances of getting infected. We should to!

There's already thousand of infection cases happening around Malaysia, and almost 60 death cases, I don't see why we don't have to take this seriously.

Really, do start to wear masks and take care of yourself well start from today, this moment!!!

Argh~ I really think I should sleep by now... Getting grumpier and grumpier because lack of inspiration to blog.

Bye~ And take care of yourself well my friends!!!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Yup, H1N1's cases getting increased.
My lecturer also discussed about this matter too.
He said " If this country declare one week holiday, you will see lots of people shopping" LOL

Yeah, I'm scared to ride elevator too. I prefer to use staircase if the class is in level 1 or 2...

Also, I'm worry about the haze and weird weather, that rains on and off...I heard from radio, if haze reaches level 4 ...whole country quarantine LOL

I dun have the mask yet X_X~~~sigh.....

yeah, I wash hand like orang gila LOL

You take care too!!!!! Xuan xuan is in your hand XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Whole country quarantine???
That'll definitely be an interesting thing to see, cos you'll be seeing WHOLE COUNTRY PEOPLE GO SHOPPING WTF!!!!