Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Trip

Nah, I'm not spending my summer at Bahamas or Maldives... I'm spending it at none other than...


How boring LOL is that!

Anyway, me and Bun decided to start our journey to Ipoh at freaking 4a.m.!!! So that'll make us reach Ipoh at breakfast time.

(Bun say he wanna go eat breakfast right after we reach. Hello!? I'm tired as hell~!!!)

Anyway, before we really left KL, around Sungai Buloh highway, there's a Bridge which have few shops and restaurants located there.

I've always wanted to stop by at that bridge and see what's around since I was small!!!!

Can't believe that this is the day I fulfill one of my desire~ Muahahaha XD

We reach the bridge at 4a.m. something... Stopping by for early breakfast a.k.a KFC's!!!!

*Very empty, but clean! Seldom see place as clean as here around Malaysia*

*KFC, That's where I want to be!!!!*

* I have to wait for the breakfast because it's only available from 5a.m.! God!!! And I took this closed section of KFC. Kinda scary, like one of the scene from American's scary movie!*

*How the highway looks like when view it from above!*

After the breakfast in the car, me and Xuan Xuan hug each other and fall asleep at the back seat! Muahahahahaha~ That was one comfy sleep!!!

Poor Bun have to drive all the way alone, mumbling to himself, and the radio station. Haha XD

Anyway, nothing much happened after we reach Ipoh that morning... What I'm waiting for is when the night falls!!!



Unlike KL's pasar malam, Ipoh's pasar malam have alot of delicious local snacks/food!!!

And I bought this:

*Famous Menglembu Honey BBQ Chicken!!! This is MUST-EAT whenever I come to Ipoh!!!*

Life at Ipoh is kinda boring + a bit healthy + boring + boring + boring.... LOL~ Unlimited boredom they have.

How the kids live there with no astro, telephone, and computer! Don't even mention about internet, they know nothing about it!

Me and Bun have some small discussions about where to raise or to let Xuan Xuan enter which school when he grow bigger...

I wanted KL of course, but Bun doesn't.

He thinks that life at Ipoh is far more better than KL!

I'm not saying KL is better because I'm KLians, but I think he does support his hometown because he's Ipohians!

Why I want Xuan Xuan to live and study at KL:

1) Because it's a big city, so you get to know different kinds of people, and from that, you'll learn how to cope and tolerate with different attitudes of people and so on.

-Although Ipoh is not that bad, but all the kids there are way too naive/plain, you can't really learn much from each other though....

2) Kids from city have much more knowledge of life. Or to say, experience of life. They get to go here and there, such as zoo, aquaria/water world, parties, seeing famous things like buildings, museum, taste a lot foods and meet with people around the world.

- Kids from rural area get lesser contacts with all those things I mention above, their parents have to work and weekends, they have not much places to visit except shopping centres, unless pre-plan a trip which have to spend more time and money, which are more difficult to earn at rural areas!

3) Parents from city areas are more willingly to let their kids explore the world around them compare to the rural ones, because most of the parents from urban areas read more and know more about parenting and how to raise a child.

- This definitely can tell from my nephews and nieces! My 16 years-old niece don't know how to take bus home at all (because don't know the bus's number and route of it) and she is not allow to go out at all!!! No yum cha, chatting at cafe, shopping with friends, nothing!!! I rather die if I were her!

- Sms with friends are not allowed. Have to always stay at home. Can't wear skirts/ shorts shorter than knees. Can't wear sleeveless tops... bla bla bla~ Because parents are afraid that these behaviour are going to affect their child's good behaviour and eventually gone bad! How funny!

(My 1st outing was 12 years old, I went for part time jobs when I was around that age too! I wear trendy clothes like the magazine ones and start using make-up when I was 15! The differences between my teenage past and my nieces one are so different that I wanna slap her and let her know world is not as naive as what she thinks!)

4) Yes, rural kids think the world is nothing but home, school and watching TV programmes. How funny is that? While we from the city ones are trying to catch up with the going ons of the world, trying to know and understand how to deal with the world so that we can be independent once we're capable!

- Independent personality are less to be seen on rural area's kids. Protective family, limited knowledges about the world and less educated on parenting issues parents are the main cause of the weak personality of the kids.

Ok ok, I know you're dizzy with all those small small tiny words up there. Enough of this Urban versus Rural issue.

I will fight for my son's life at city when the time has come. Have to prepare for the war from now! LOL!

The 2nd day at Ipoh, as usual, have to wake up at 8a.m., which is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT task for me because I'm totally a nocturnal person!!!

8a.m. get out from the bed, 8:30a.m. Bun's sister will come and fetch my mother-in-law (MIL), and us to breakfast. Of course, the location of breakfast is not decide by me nor Bun...

*Xuan Xuan and his new polo-T!!! So 'Yeng' right? XD'

*Looking at me frowningly don't know why.... Is it because have to wake up early???*

Trip back to Ipoh this time were not as plain as those were at past... We encounter something soooooooooooo horrible I swear that I want to let the whole world to know about THIS!!!


A normal day at Ipoh, Bun did not want to have lunch at home so he and his nieces went to the main road of Taman Boon Bak ( Yeah, we lived around there, just 5 minutes journey.) to buy some foods for lunch.

As there were not much variety, so they just buy 3 packs of Asam Laksas.

They reach home, all of us share the 3 packs of asam laksa as some were not really hungry that time.

When we're eating and talking at the same time, Bun's mum a.k.a my MIL took out something that she had chewed for quite some time in her mouth.

At first, all of us thought it was some sardin chunks, or some onions which is the part over cooked or something, too hard to chew, might just swallow it.

But my MIL sure have a pair of EAGLE EYES!

Immediately she saw there's something wrong with the thing she took out from her mouth.

She try to tear apart the so-call-sarsin-chunks-or-onions off but she couldn't. And then, she know what's that....



*PAPER SHREDS!!!!! Lines and some numbers can still be seen on it!!!*


I don't know how many pieces of paper I have already ate into my poor tummy!!!!

These paper pieces are used to make the soup of taste/look thicker as if they put tons of sardins into the soup.

FAKE SARDINS to create muddy soup!!!! OH MY GOD!!!

We're totally unaware about it and will just gulp the whole bowl of soup!!!

That is so fucking unethical of the seller!!!!

Don't ever ever EVER buy the asam laksa from the auntie which place her stall in front of the shop lots at Taman Boon Bak!!!

I believe that she'll be continue doing this unless she's being busted.

Haihz... Ridiculous things happens when one lost his/her conscious and tend to benefit themselves by taking advantages on others!

How fucking mad the world is nowadays. Totally cannot careless about own safety at all!!!

I don't dare to eat Asam Laksa until today!!! Asam-Laksa-Phobia I got!!!

*My niece took this photo while we're chit-chatting at the dining room*

Whenever I think of it, I feel so gross I curse that auntie to hell!!!!!

What if old folks consume it everyday???? The ink and the paper and the bacterias are going to attack our body!!!!!!




Anyway, the day before we come back to KL, we had our breakfast at this restaurant called Jin Jin... I don't know the actual name of the road and the location of it as I'm not living at Ipoh, but this restaurant is so crazily packed and people are coming and coming and coming, non-stop!!!

And we have this two awesome dishes:

*Delicious Wan Tan!!! The flour skin of the Wan Tan is thin, and the shrimp and pork stuffed inside are fresh and well marinated! Yummy!!!*

*Jellyfish! Those like we have at Sushi King! But this is definitely fresher than Sushi Kings*

Other than dine at restaurants, places I go is wet market...

Boring!!!! X_X

And before I conclude this Ipoh trip, let's see some beautiful blue sky and clouds that can only be seen once in a while if were at KL!!

*Took these when go to wet market with my MIL and Bun's sister!*


I should've participate in this contest back at May but just end up don't have time to do so...

Maybe I just lost a chance of winning in a competition. Hahahaha~ Tak malu! XD

Anyway, now I present you:

Have You McLunched Today? Xuan Xuan version.

*One of my favourite McDonald's outlet in KL - McDonald's Jln Pahang*

*I SUPER LOVE McValue Lunch which just cost RM5.95!!!!! Include tax is no more than RM6.50!*
*And now, they have TEN CHOICES for McValue Lunch!!! How great is that!!!!???*

*Today Bun must be super good mood because he buys us McD!!!
Haha~ Usually he'll just say: HUH? Fast food AGAIN?????*

*I wonder what daddy will buy for me....*

*I'm SUPER HUNGRY! Stuff me with McDs!!!!*

*Friendly workers we have here! I LOLed while snapping this picture. He must be thinking, how funny! Buy food also want to take picture! Crazy girl!*

*Delicious LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!*

*My Favourite Menu: Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!!!! Yum Yum!!!! XD*

*And my son aren't giving me to eat the burger alone! He wants me to share with him!!!*

*Nom Nom Nom.......*

Although fast food are not healthy, but I still hope that I manage to give Xuan Xuan happy feelings when we're dining.

Kids will absorb the nutrition from food if they're willingly to consume it with a happy heart and mind.

This is what I believed in all the time.

Anyway, I will take care of the portion, not letting Xuan Xuan become a fatty Xuan Xuan ok?? Haha!

*Bye Everyone~!! ZzzzzzzzZzzzzZzzzz*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

lol ur city vs rural theory not accurate lo! Depends on the parents 1 wat!
If like that I also from rural place already! LOL (The 3rd part la. hahaha)

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

No lo... At least you're from city and lots of things you have done but your parents doesn't know lo!

What does rural kids know about cosplay huh?

Ya, I will try my best to fight for it!!!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

O_O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO xuan xuan must be in KL area!!!!!

Oh that bridge, XD always pass by if balik kampung during chinese new year. Always wandering, what's the view from there to the ground? Never try before to be there makan KFC lol, now I can picture how the view looks like haha

My fav in McD is McDeluxe too. The spicy-ness and the crunchy-ness of the chicken. So yummy =p

I now regret for not eating it this afternoon T_T

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha~ Yeah right!? We passed by that bridge for so many times without going up and know how does it looks like!!!

Haha~ I just had McD the day before yesterday!