Friday, September 11, 2009


31st of August, 2009

Xuan Xuan's very first birthday. His first conclusion of his first 356 days.

I don't really have any plan in my mind of how to celebrate it due to tight budget and so, me and Bun decided to held his 1st birthday party back at his grandparent's house at Ipoh!

Everything was in a free and easy mode... No rushy rushy things or serious things going on.

Foods are prepared by my MIL and 2nd brother-in-law (2nd BIL).

All I can say is: DELICIOUS!!!

*Guess what's the menu tonight!*

Relatives are arriving around evening.... And that's when Xuan Xuan starts socialising with everyone.


*As if he understand what his cousins are talking...*

*Hey, gotta take bath and dress handsomely!!! It's getting late!*

*He insist climb down and walk to the bathroom himself. LOL!*

*The eldest cousin 16 years old and the youngest cousin 1 years old*

*It's MAKAN TIME!!!!*

All foods was mad delicious!!! The fried chicken wing, black sauce fried chicken drumstick, fried beehoon, fried bee hoon, nuggets, fries, sausages and fishballs! WOW!!!

Thanks mum and bro for all the effort you guys put in cooking all the dishes. Forgive me for not knowing how to cook, but I'll learn, I promise! ^^"""

I was busy bathing Xuan Xuan and help him dress up.....

*I'm Xuan, Oh Jia Xuan! Me look handsomer than Beckham leh?*

*See! My grandpa see me soooo handsome he laugh till see teeth no see eye!*

*All the cousins are in Karaoke singing session. Trust me, they can sing very WELL!*

*Cousin Xin Ci sayang~*

*Cousin Xin Yu sayang~*

*Xuan Xuan dancing performance!*

And here comes the climax of the night....

*Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana... with cream deco on it. =_="""*

*Candles on!*

*Happy Birthday To You~*

*Happy Birthday To You~*

*Happy Birthday to Jia Xuan~*

*Cake cutting ceremony, assist by me :D*

*Group Pic~ SMILE!!!*

*Cousin Jia Ming gave Xuan Xuan present! How cute!!! And Cousin Xin Lin wanna see what it is! XD*

*I'm gonna tear off the present paper ya~ You take good photo of me tearing it ok?*


*KIYAAAA! How come cannot one????? Somebody HELP!!!*

*The present is masak-masak... Haha~ Want to train Xuan Xuan to become chef eh? LOL!*

At this very moment, when I'm writing this, a lot of feelings just pop up in my heart....

I still can feel the pain of labor, the excited but yet worried feelings of waiting for giving birth, the feelings of talking to my tummy and knowing there's a lil him listening to me, the feelings of seeing him through the small monitor while doing check-ups, the feelings of touching him even though we're one thin skin apart, the feelings of him moving in my tummy, the feelings of him existing in my tummy...

And now, 356 days has gone, I'm watching him growing up day by day... From tiny lil baby into toddlers and now to a 1 years old boy.

From lying there, sleep all day long, crying for milk, to opening his eyes, to smile to me and everyone else, to turning his head around to look and explore, try to straighten his head up, try to sit, try to crawl, try to stand, try to murmur some words, try to walk.....

I feel the magical feelings of having him in my life. I can't imagine what I am and how I will feel if he's doesn't exist...

I know, I'm doing the right thing for having him. And I know, I will love him more day by day... There's definitely no doubt about it.

Xuan Xuan,

I hope you are happily living everyday of yours. Even though mummy can't give you lots of toys, lots of good food, beautiful house, bring you to everywhere you want, but one thing I can give you is all my love, all my heart.

I will try my very best to give you the best I can give to you. I will hold you, together we will go through the bitterness and sweetness of life.

Happy Birthday. I Love You.



Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

awww..... so cute... wish u n ur baby happy n healthy always yea~~

-  ur setapak high school-mate -

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

it's 365 days not 356 days la..1 year got 365 days..know?and u repeated the fried meehoon twice lol..guess it was really nice..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Happy Birthday Xuan Xuan. 
Hope you grow bigger + heathier every day.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Awwww such a sweet mother =)

I'm sure whe Xuan xuan bigger, and read your blog (LOL) he wun blame you because you give him not enough toys.
You gave birth to him, you allowed him to be in this world. You let him exist in here.
If not because of you (and of course his father XD), will he be here?


Being a mom is a very difficult job to do. Is a forever and 24/7 job....
You are still making the impossible to possible.
I'll support you from behind! (since I stay in Kepong LMAO)

And I didn't know that Secret Recipe's cake can be decorated that way LOL

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks for your wishes! I still remember who you are! XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Oops... I was super blur + listening to songs so my attention got distracted a bit... haha~ Typo typo!
And no! I wanna say 'Fried Mee' after fried meehoon.... All blame to the song lyrics that is always repeat the same word! 

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha~ Thanks!! XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Ya, I will try my best to become a good mother. (I know it's hard)

And to my surprise, a lot of pretty girls have already become mummy, like Tsubasa (Popteen model), Leah Dizon etc etc.... And they're doing great! They're my role models! XD

Ya! Didn't know SR's cake can deco like this right????