Saturday, September 19, 2009

Girl Friend's Bday

Firstly, I wanna say:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

I find it quite amazing how Hari Raya can be celebrated in September!

When I was small, I always thought that Raya is something we celebrate before Chinese New Year. Then, we have this 'Gong Xi Raya' festival which Chinese New Year and Hari Raya are celebrated together.

Few years later, one year got TWO RAYA!!! Do you still remember??? I was truly amazed by them!!!!

Anyway, this post is not about Raya, it's about my girl friend - Peiyue's birthday!!!!

Wooooohooo~!!! CAKE!!!!!!

As usual, we decided to go somewhere to have a nice dinner. I was told we're going to The Mines area to have dinner, but I don't really know the exact place of the restaurant, which is a serious headache because I was to give direction to the Monkey King to come.

Surprisingly, Kevin didn't come late that day!!! HE IS THE EARLIEST!!!!! Good Job!!!!

*Green x Pink, on the way to Anthony's house for a car pool.*

*The Bday Girl*

When we arrive the place, seriously am feeling WOAH!and STUNNING at the same time!

*The Heritage, Opposite The Mines Shopping Centre*

The distance between parking areas and the restaurants are a bit far and maze-like + a lil bit insufficient lighting. So maybe you guys need to be aware around you when you are walking through the pathways...

*The restaurant is located beside the river all the boats from The Mines Shopping Centre used to pass through... So you can see light decorations, trees, river and boats at the same time, having your dinner*

*And yes, the restaurant we're dining at is Riverside.*

*This lil fella very excited seeing boats and rivers*

*Got nothing better to do while waiting for food, might as well camwhore a bit! Vain-inside-moi's-bone*

*TADAAA!!!! The earliest person arrive The Mines area, the latest appear during dinner because he have to wait for us these who come late and walk all the way from The Mines Shopping Centre, through a tunnel and reach the restaurant. Poor monkey~*

*There's Gasoline cafe beside Riverside restaurant. Lots of Lala Muisss and Si Ham Zaissss there*

*First arrival, mango blended and watermelon blended(?) I don't really remember the red drink is what but I'm very sure that the Mango ice blended tasted really good!!! Full of Mangoness inside!!!!*

*Significant Drink - Coconut Frappe!!! MUST ORDER!!!!! VERY NICE!!!!!!*

*First dish (Bday Girl's) arrived - Salmon Fish with Almonds and Butter. A bit tasteless, maybe not enough seasoning/salt?*

*Anthony's medium(50%cooked) steak. SEE!!! STILL GOT BLOOD!!!! WALAU!!!*

*My medium well cooked steak. Yummy!!! The beef was juicy!!!!*

*Bun's Lamb Chop... A bit overcooked... But the taste is good!*

*Monkey's Pasta!!! I forgot how it taste like already....*

*Monkey very sui one lo.... Tease Xuan Xuan with his drink! But Xuan looks SUPER CUTE here!!!*

Just when we finally gobble up all the food in front of us and try to rest a while, make some time for the tummy to digest, the owner of this restaurant gave us these......



Thanks to Anthony who is a friend to this restaurant owner, that's why we get complimentary cakes.

But seriously, none of us feel grateful for those cakes, because we still have.......


*WHOLE CAKE!!!Screw our tummy!!!!!!!*

Of course, this is a cake from all of us friends wishing Peiyue happy birthday. Let's start singing the birthday song!!!

*Woooo~!!! Happy Birthday to Auntie!!!!*

*21 years old big girl... Oops, no more girl, become lady already!*

*These two don't know why got so many things to talk one.*

*Vanilla cream cake with fruit toppings*

*Cherry for Moi*

After few bites, we wanted to pack the cake back into the box again but Peiyue insist NO MATTER HOW also don't want to take the cake back home because no one will eat it. Plus, she still have cupcakes at home, gifts from her classmates.....

All of us ate one slice of the cake but still, can't finish.

At this very moment, Bun came up with a brilliant idea - Play Game!!! Loser eats a slice of the cake.

*Spin and Eat, and the slice of cake is not thin slice. Hohohohoho~*

*Anthony is the winner for the last 2nd round, so, he's picking the last winner.*

*And who knows, He's the final winner!!! Also known as the ultimate cake eater!!!*

*Amitabha, finally all the cakes finished!!!*

The ambience at the dining place was romantic. We chatted and laughed happily that night. I truly wish all these happy moments will happen again, again and again.

Maybe we're too happy we kinda forgot the time. We pay the bill around 12a.m. something and Kevin end up have to walk alone through the tunnel back to another side and found that The Mines Shopping Centre was closed!!!! LOL!!!!

He called us and said: Hey, the shopping centre closed dy, how ar????? Just now I come out from the shopping centre, and now my car parked inside!

LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!!!

When we arrived, we asked approximately where's his car and decided to let him sit inside the small lil perodua kancil and go search for his car.

Mana tahu his car is just around the corner after the junction. Cheh! LOL!

Got home late that night after send everyone home.... Was really tired but still, feels happy and warmth.

I really love friends gathering. Wish that I can always make up some gatherings when I move to a new place later. *pray hard*

*Colorful cupcakes from Peiyue.... Happy! My 1st cupcake!*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

dei why post up my pic ugly time ask for my permission before u post up my pic la..wonder why all those pics of mine in this entry looks sucks while i look so good in :D

and u look good in that new haircut that only i realised..haha..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! I already tried my best to edit all the photos of you, so it's really not my fault if you look shitty in the photosss... haha! Just blame and admit you're not as good looking as you thought you were! LOL! XD

My good looking hair is officially gone now and I'm back to what I used to be. FML!