Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hana-chan 22nd Birthday Mini Gathering

Haha~ Mini gathering wtf! Gomen ne, we no money throw you a big big party!!! Plus if we throw big big party for you we don't know wanna invite who also. LOL! Our social network is very the limited. Haha!

Anyway, on 22nd of September, 2009, it's our precious cutie lil Hana-chan's big day!!! - Her 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!

All of us are free (except Son who last minute have to balik kampung with her family) so we decided to do a mini gathering with Hana to accompany her at this very lovely and special day.

The sun that day was lovely bright too!!!

*We just arrived!!! Sunny sunny day!!! Perfect for ANY activities!!!*

This is the first time Kei and Bun visit Hana's house. They're quite amazed with the security and the interior of the condo.... So Hotel-like!!! Super comfy it is!!!

Xuan Xuan is welcome most whenever we visit Hana... Hana's mummy, sister, brother... Everyone just like to play with him!!!

They even dig out all the hidden toys just to keep Xuan Xuan feel entertain!

*Hamster Vs Human.... Hamster 1, Human 0!*

*All the toys everywhere just because of Xuan Xuan*

Beside sitting in the living room and do nothing, actually we have some plan to make it an awesome day!!!

*We're going for swimming!!!!*

*Cutie Hana-chan and Me~*

*Going to strip him NAKED!*

Xuan Xuan likes water very much!!! He refuse to come out from the bath tub everyday when help him take bath....

So, he's very the happy today because he can play with GALLONS of water!!!!

At first, he kinda refuse to go into the pool cos the water is a bit cold... But after get used to it....

*Woo La La~ *

*Ish~ Hate it when people take pictures without noticing me and my funny face just appear on the photo!!! LOL!!*

*All the happy babes and the happy baby*

*Xuan is busy splashing water and walk around in the pool... I'm busy talking with my ji muiss~ We just chill at the baby pool and call it a day. Haha~*

*Awesome day it is!*

Had some hard time ask the baby to get out from the pool. He keeps screaming and crying. LOL! I first time see baby like water this much.

We took bath at Hana's house, chilled for 1 hours, and head to Solaris Mont Kiara for dinner!!!

Hana took us here:

*One of the cheapest food you can find around Mont Kiara, Nasi Kandar Bestari*

*Milo Shake with one scoop of ice cream, only RM3.50!!!*

*Kei taking pic to blog*

*I had Roti Cheese Pisang!!! A combination which Hana likes!! I'm hungry now when I'm typing this!!! Yummy!*

We end the short dinner quickly because Hana can't stand bites from mosquitoes... And instead sending her back, we go here...

*Dessert's Bar at Shoplex, Mont Kiara*

*The outdoor section*

*The interiors*

This is the first time I actually heard and went to a dessert's bar. I thought it was a bar, something more adult-ish, more pub & bar-ish place, not like what I'm seeing here...

But I like it!!! A place for desserts and snacks!!! Which girl doesn't like here????

*Choose your desserts*

*Their lovely menu*

*Xuan was a bit boring so he keeps on kacau me...*

*Seisyun minus 2!!! LOL!*

*Girl Friends*

*Here comes the birthday girl's Oreo Parfait*

*We ask her to make a wish on a parfait! LOL!*

*There's a big red wallpaper which got meaningful saying on it, it's something like this:*

It always reminds me of Love.

This heart shape fruit is the only fruit that has its seed outside, as though how true feelings tend to shown like those who are in love.

Sometimes size does not matter. Medium-sized strawberries are often more flavourfull than the larger ones.

*Lovely Friends*


*Let's toast and wish for the best for Hana for the coming year!*

Here's our order:

*Oreo Parfait RM12.90 (Is it RM12.90 or it is not????)*

*Belgian Chocolate + Banana + Soy Milk Smoothie = RM9.90*

*Kei's sandwiches which I forgot how much....*

Last but not least, how can I forgot to take pictures in such nice, romantic ambience of dessert's bar?

*Actually there's a big air-cond above my head, I just photoshopped it off!!! LOL!*

*Smoothie Yum!*

*They are happy that I consume them!*

*Xuan is busy playing with all those small coins-alike chips of board games*

*Finally, he's bored with it and decides to throw everything on the floor. Bad boy! BAD BOY!!!!*

*My Oreo-ed lip Prince*

*Messy still cute!*

We had an awesome day, spent some awesome time together. It's really been a while since we last hang out like nobody's business. Haha~

Anyway, I still wish that Hana will always happy happy of her life and now she moved and stayed at Hartamas, we can always hang out!!! (Don't worry~ As long as I take Xuan with me whenever I'm out Bun won't say a thing!!! Hahahahahaha~!!!)


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