Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Ya Doin?

Me, still stucked at Ipoh... But things get better, at least not as shit as my previous balik kampung experience which bored like hell... Because...

I got a laptop, and Digi broadband with me!!!! Hooray~!!! Thanks to MummyJoyce who lend me her laptop.... If not I think I'm rotting here NOW!!!

Anyway, I'm still unable to upload photos of Xuan Xuan's birthday celebration by now... Will do it by tomorrow... I PROMISE! So please don't boo me for once!

And fyi, I'm not able to online 24/7 here....

As you know, people here are unaware of the high tech era going on outside, so basically they are able to live with 2 things: handphones and televisyen + DVD player.

So, the laptop I brought back becomes a STAR ITEM of the house, which draws A LOT of attention from adults and kids... Especially the second category.

To them, Laptop = A lot of games inside, can print things... bla bla bla.... Something like you can do whatever you want with it.

So, they'll stare at your screen when you turn on your laptop until you shut down then only they leave. A bit annoying + insecure. As you know, I'm one person who care and wanted to do my things personally, so I don't really like people watching me doing anything like blogging or tweeting or plurking or fbing....

Argh~ I can't find my A L O N E time of my own here!!!!!!

That's why, I'm not able to stay connected whenever I want at here even though I have the ultimate tools with me.

And so does this say for why I still haven't upload all the photos yet.

I was told we'll be back to KL this Sunday.... That means 4 days to go!!!!

I will try MY VERY BEST to stay happy for whatever I'm facing even though people are bitching/act snobbish to me entertain and try to find something to do here at Ipoh.

But you know, I'm not allowed to drive out alone, so basically I can't do whatever I want right???


I guess, for now, only Oat Cereal Prawns and Ipoh Coffee able to cheer me up... Others are bullshit!!!!!!!

I'm having coffee EVERYDAY now. I hope this doesn't turn to an addiction.

And I want my OAT CEREAL PRAWN!!!! Grrrrrr~!!!

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