Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Princess's Knight

Do you still remember that there's a song by Jolin which is called "Knight's Spirit 骑士精神"

There's a phrase saying:
我不要王子苦苦守候的故事 梦幻不实我不希望你是王子
因为瑰丽童话结局为战而死 故事开端结局会因你而真实

Do you know why she don't want her love one is a prince

I think I just realise the answer.....

Because a prince will never bow down and serve another girl like a princess even though that girl IS REALLY a princess, do you understand me?

A prince will remain as a prince and he'll keep his pride and his arrogant with him as long as he's living.

But every girl wish to be treat as a princess when she's in love so that she'll feel the unique status in one's heart.

So, a prince will never treat a girl like princess, he'll just remain gentlemen, unlike a knight, who will treat a girl as a princess, a jewel, with all of his heart, he'll do anything he can to fulfill a girl's wish!

That's why Jolin prefer knight more than prince.

What do you think???

In real life, there's real example which a guy really treat his gf as princess! I saw it with my own eyes!!!

He's willing to spend every ringgit on her, even though he knows that after that, he'll be eating breads or maggie mee for days.

Besides, he'll listen and pay full attention on what she say.

She doesn't like him to smoke, so, when she's around, he never smoke!!! Really amazing because I wonder how he manage to kill all the urge to smoke cos he's kinda addicted to it.

The girl will go a bit moody and maybe, angry if she's hungry, so, he'll do whatever he can just to make her happy, including making food order earlier when she's not yet arrive so that when she arrives, she have something to eat!

How considerable!!!

If only Bun have 50% of his consideration and attention on me...

I know I shouldn't apply this guy's attitude treating his gf like princess on Bun, but whenever I see how he treat her, I felt that I deserve to be treated like this too!

I often told myself not to compare as these things exist naturally, but still I am envy. LOL! Complicated emotions.

But I guess things are way off different once 'gf' status change to 'wife'. It's like from princess degrade to normal citizen!!! And your husband's status will change from 'knight' to 'prince'! WTF!!!!

As a gf, you never need to wait, never need to carry anything, never need to raise your voice, never need to queue, never need to do house chores, never need to look at bf and do things according to his mood, never need to feel guilty to shop etc etc etc..... There's a long long list of gf never need to....

But once you're a wife, you have to do all the things stated above. How sad....

Plus, your husband will never pay attention on you like how he did last time... Double impact of sadness!!!

That's why I always tell my friend: Don't ever get married if you don't have to! There'll be no actual benefit if you get married... Things will get more serious than ever and you can't really escape from the reality if you want to.

Nowadays, I'm trying to gain more attention from my hubby as I found life is kinda dull for two of us.

I actually do make-ups whenever there's outing and dress nicely. I'm feeling like a princess again whenever I do these things. I felt that I cheer myself up!

But I wonder how Bun's feeling because I never ask him about these... The same goes to I never complaint to him how I feel he's not paying attention on me.

Oh WAIT! I actually complaint few times!!!

Whenever he's on computer games, he can't hear a word I say even though he's not wearing any headphone or worst, didn't turn on the game volume.

His whole spirit just seems like sucked into the computer game! He give no response to whatever I say!!! How pathetic I am!!!

I told him this, but he denied it. He said that I wasn't telling him things properly. And he promised that he'll give me response whenever I tell him something. But you know, the same thing happens again...

So, I gave up! I gave up to talk to him whenever he's on computer game because I know, he won't pay any attention on me.

I'm less worthy than a computer game. FML!!!

I wonder does all this relate to the times of being in relationship?

I really do think that if you've been in relationship for times, you'll learn how to treat your partner in the best way.

Experience is definitely NEEDED when it comes to bf-gf relationship.

Just like games playing! The more you play, the more experience you gain, the higher level you are!

If not, you're just a NOOB!!!

And yeah, I got myself a NOOB ex-bf a.k.a present husband! LOL!!!!! CHAM AR!!!!!!

How I wish that he can learn from the 'knight' guy so that he will treat me as a princess all over again!!!

But I will only put around 5% of hope in this because I know 95% he'll still remain the same. The same old Bun I know all along...

A not-so-gentlemen, not-so-considerate, not-so-paying-attention-on-me, the same old Bun...


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

When Bun sees this post, he will know how much u love him..
I think he will feel touch because he has such a wife.. like u..
And I think he will treat you like your friend treats his gf..
Cheers girl.. And I wanna to tell u..
u look super sui in make-up.. ^^

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

i think we've some similarities