Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Human Do Everyday

Is EAT!!!

Don't you agree????

From the day you were born until your final day in this world, you need to eat.

Eat to live or live to eat, which type are you? For me, I'm kinda changing from time to time.... Sometimes I want to eat good food, which I think is some kind of gift to my body and please my lust for the same time, and for some time, I can totally go for plain, dull, tasteless food for days!

One of my record is: Eat bread almost everyday! Until Peiyue also say: You ar, don't eat bread anymore la! I see/hear liao also feel very geli!!!!!

Hahaha~ But bread is one good 'save money' food! LOL!!!

I've been to some place having good food for months ago, so this will be a 'food documentary' post! Hehe~

The first place will be at Setapak, here:

*Restoran Chong Fatt*

Bun told me that his cousin said that dishes of this restaurant was delicious but pricey. Well, never try, never know how delicious it will be!

*I love Table Deco!*

*You know this photo was long time ago, Xuan's hair haven't grow long yet!!! *

Of course, me and Bun is not the one who is paying for the dinner. The bill was settle by my mum's friend whom my mum helped him a lot, and another side note is that he won lottery, won thousands and wanna treat us for a good meal!

Here comes the appetizer, which also Chong Fatt is famous for:

*Shark Fin Soup!!! Yummy!!!! I like those crab meat chunks!*

After some time waiting, here's those dishes:

*Fried tofu with meat chunks*

*Vegetable soup... LOL!*

*Steamed Fish*

*Claypot Salty Fish and Pork Belly. Very very salty!!!*


*Brocolli!! Me love!!!*

*Salty Egg Prawn~ A special dish ordered because of me!! I heart my parents who know what I like to eat!*

Overall, all the foods was tasty but a bit too salty. I guess the chef like salty food eh?

It's time for some walk after meal around the restaurant:

*Xuan is not afraid of big, fat, ugly crab!!!! He's trying to grab it OMG!!!!*

*This is one huge fish!!!!! And pardon moi that's not moi's hand! LOL!*

*Super ugly lobster I hope you won't get nightmare after watching this photo! Sorry!*

*Outdoor section, for smokers*

*Very gold-ish!*

The next place I'm gonna bring you to is Ampang, Korean Village. One of the blogger from my blogroll went there too. Highly recommended if you wanna try out PURE 100%Korean food. The restaurant is 水玉山 (Su Ok San if I still remember correctly....)

*I love how hygienic they are when it comes to food!*

*Xuan is happily, freely roam around because we're sitting in a no-shoes-allowed area! I love floor sitting restaurants!!!*

*And to my surprise, the owner gave us steam egg for free!!! As baby's food!!! How considerate and kind hearted! And this was delicious!!!*

*Lots and lots of....*


*My favourite korean dish - Soon Do Bu Chige (Tofu soup)... Tiny bits of spicy + clam + A LOTS of tofy!!! Me like tofu!!! RM15*

*Bun's Twen Chang Chige.... Vegetable + Miso like soup. RM15*

All the soup comes with a bowl of rice.

And from my past experience, if you ever ever ever feel that one bowl of rice is not enough, DEFINITELY DO NOT ASK FOR THE SECOND BOWL!!!! One bowl of rice is charged RM5!!!!!!!

That time Bun and his friends siao siao go and add 4 bowl of rice, and when the bill comes, only rice already cost us RM35!!!!! LOL!!! Very expensive experience I can say.

But this time, 3 of us including Xuan is full like we ate the whole cow ourselves!!! All the appetizers and rice and soup made us full till limit already.

And just when we wanna ask for bill, the lady boss gave us this:


Very good right???

I know I should be grateful for the cup of green tea.... But I'm very full!!!

Because of that cup of tea, we stay there for another half and hour. We let our tummy rest, wait for some food to digest on the spot and make some place for this cup of warm green tea.

I will feel very paiseh for not finishing the green tea.... So me and Bun force ourselves to bottoms up!

And for all these, it only cost us RM33.30 after taxed!!!

Ahhh~ This very moment, I wanna go back to that Korean restaurant cos I'm damn hungry!!!

Another day, another place, with a friend whom stay so close with me but we lost connection for over a year! She's none other than Huey Sun!!

I sms-ed her and ask about her recent doings, and we decided to go for an afternoon tea session at the newly open Rampai Business Park's PappaRich!

Fyi, this is my 1st time visting PappaRich!!!

*I like their interior very much!!! Classic!!!*

*If you smell something overcooked, that's the bread....*

*Colourful Menu*

*My Cham Ice... Very NICE! The taste is SUPERB!!!RM3.80*

*Chicken Slice Porridge. Tasty!!! RM7.90*

*Huey Sun's Asam Laksa and dunno what drink. XD*

This is a one good time of friend reunion. I really appreciate all the time we spend together although it's becoming lesser and lesser.

But never mind, to me, I prefer friendship which is 细水长流 ( I don't know how to translate in English) rather than those 轰轰烈烈 and die once and for all. LOL!

I always find that when I'm with my friends, even though we didn't meet each other oftenly and chat oftenly, we still manage to cherish each other. This is what friendship is. And those which last long... Maybe for a lifetime I suppose?

Talking about friendship, around the end of June, Bun's secondary school mate Jamie a.k.a his good friend flew back from Australia for R.O.M!!! *Congrats!!!*

Jamie and Brenda purposely drive all the way to KL just to meet their fellow friends for a gathering!!!

We decided to meet up at The Curve, shopping mall which I heart so much I wish I can go there everyday!!!

*Xuan as Son Goku!!! Riding a horse! Wahahhahahahha~ *

Firstly, it was only Bun, me, Jamie and Brenda for an afternoon tea session. We decided to hang out at The Apartment. Comfortable but expensive

*Listening to adult's conversation....*

We walked and walked and walked and some friends called up and said they're at One Utama, asked us to go there for dinner. So..... There we go!!!

And Brenda wants to do some shopping at Forever 21, so we're there waiting, and snapping photos! I love the floor tiles of Forever21 outlet which got a lot of blings blings on it!!!

*Xuan likes there too!!! XD Next time our house use this kind of bling tiles ok??? LOL!*

For dinner, everyone decided to go to Sushi Zanmai! This is the first time I went to Sushi Zanmai.

I saw a lot of peoples queuing up and waiting for their turn whenever I pass by the outlet but I never knew why.... Until this day! Honestly, I really do think people are crazy, queue up for hours just to get some sushis and Japanese food.

*Fresh Sushisssss~*

*All the green tea-ish colour*

*Jamie and Brenda*

*This Son Goku very busy body one lo, go and kacau another table's friend. LOL! One table can't fit in all of us as all the big tables were already seated. X_X So have to divide to two tables... Laughter also divide to two already!*

*Busy busy busy.....*

After dinner and some walk, all of us decided to go to SS2 for next round. And that special place we want Jamie and Brenda go is....

*The Cave, my second visit*

All of us chat and chat and chat and chat.... Talked about funny stuffs and experience... It was super fun! I've never seen Bun talked so happily! Honestly, I wish that he can be this happy everyday...

*This lil fella climb up to the table!!!!*

We ended our happy time around 12am... Poor Jamie and Brenda have to drive all the way back to Ipoh as they didn't wanna stay at KL because still got a lot of preparation of the R.O.M ceremony waiting to be done.

Recently, I really got nothing to do online except login to POUPEE GIRL!!!

If you're a girl which love fashion, you'll love it too! Trust me!!!

Ok, time for bed... Bun say tomorrow bring me to buy donuts!!! XD YAY!!!!!! But got one term & cond is I gotta wake up at 12pm. So I better sleep now! LOL!!!


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