Monday, October 12, 2009

Foh San

The title is not refer to Wong Fei Hung's Foh San No Shadow Leg... Just continue reading you'll know what I mean...

85 photosss, 10 days worth of pictures in this entry! Wooohoooo~ Imma flood you with all the picturess!!!

The day before we go back to Ipoh, we went to Robinsons... AGAIN!! LOL!!! And this time, we really did bring back something!

*SALE! Woooooo~!!!*

Guess what.... Almost 80% of the items inside that shopping bag are....

*For this lil fella! LOL!*

*Because his birthday is coming SOON!!!2 days after~*

*I wonder he like these toys or not....*

*Hopefully he does!*

*This is the leftover 20% from the shopping bag - my new pet TAMAGOTCHI Ver.4! Too bad I don't really have time to take care another baby so I ask my bro to play for me now... LOL!!! Waste money~*

The next day.... Before we head back to Ipoh, we stop by at Sg Buloh, visit Bun's aunt a while...

*Minnie Mouse SPOTTED!!!*

*Mini Minnie Mouse*

*Minnie Mouse Sing & Dance Session*

*Minnie Mouse Play Cooking!*

That day, we reach Ipoh kinda late... Around 7pm. So that's the end of that day. We need some rest seriously cos both me and Bun didn't really sleep well at KL. So Ipoh will be a very good place for us to rest our body and mind completely.

Saturday morning, what a nice time to sleep, and yet, we have to wake up as early as 8a.m. and have some breakfast before those food stall close!!!

This is what I had for that morning:

*Chee Cheong Fun ala Ipoh style! Soy sauce and oil to replace sweet sauce, lots of sesame and dried onions with some green chillies. I love soy sauce more than mushroom ones.*

We didn't go anywhere this day, decided to stay home and accompany those kids and my mother in law (MIL).... And we're chillin' at the garden during evening time.

*Happiness is This*

*Suddenly my MIL say the papaya fruit almost ripe... So, ask Bun to help poke down the fruit... And he didn't catch it properly and the papaya drop on the floor. Luckily it's a grassy land, so nothing happen. LOL!*

Mostly all the time we just had our meals at home as Bun's sister in law will cook each and every meal at home! A good daughter in law/wife/mother she is... Unlike me....LOL!

And here comes the next day, the day before Xuan Xuan's big day. 11a.m., we went to Secret Recipe to make reservation for the lil fella's cake, but we couldn't decide what flavour!!! So, we asked for brochure with ALL the flavours of cake listed, and need some time to think and discuss.

Before we head back home to think about the cake, we went to Steven's Tea Garden for a short tea break.

*Walkin' walkin' walkin'... He just happen to be so love to walk!*

*Very the attracted to his own shoes LOL!*

*Epic CUTE!*

*My got-a-bit-sampat niece... Hahahahaha~ Miss all the nieces so much!!!*

*Inside the soursop blended got STAR SHAPEnata de coco jelly!!!! Yummy!!!*

*Xuan Xuan loves to play with his cousins too~*

*Ahh~ The beautiful weather!*

30th of August, which is also Bun's sister's son - Jian Li's birthday. He's a very very cute lil boy and he'll be 4 years old this year!

*Ipoh's famous JJ Cake House!!!! Expensive than Secret Recipe!!!!*

*Blackforest! Very delicious you can't believe it!!!!*

*Big chunky strawberries!!!!*

*See!!! Pretty mummy gave birth to beautiful son! Good gene it is!*

*Happy Birthday*

*Jian Li with his beautiful 6 years old sister Li Min. Two cutie!!!*

*What a happy day!*

*7 years old Xin Lin, 4 years old Jian Li and 6 years old Li Min, the best playmate you can find in this family. LOL!*

Until now I still can remember how the blackforest cake taste like. The smell of strawberries are strong, lingering inside the mouth and the chocolate sponge cake taste so soft. WOW~ I crave for this blackforest cake soooooo much now I hope someone can deliver it from Ipoh to KL NOW!!!!

If you happens to be celebrate your birthday around Ipoh, you DEFINITELY MUST TRY this JJ Cake House's cake! Expensive but worth the value!

Before we head to bed that night, I told Xinyu and Xinwei my two nieces that we're going to eat dim sum tomorrow morning! At 6a.m.!!! So they have to wake up very early, if not we're not going to bring them along. LOL!

So, early morning of 31st August... Few people in the house sneakily wake up, get ready and head to this dim sum heaven....

*MIL driving.... Am very excited when heading to the restaurant*

*Just when we passby the restaurant we're going to dine at, I saw the gate still closing, and there's already a BUNCH of people waiting outside the gate!!! Seriously, they look like those old Hong Kong dramas which those people waiting to go on board of the train....LOL!*

*The gate open at freaking 6:20a.m and all the people just rush inside, scare not enough place. Oh My God...*

*After car parked, we still manage to find some good spot to sit.*

*Am waiting anxiously for their dim sum!*

*After waited for some time, me and my two nieces decided to have a look around of this grand dim sum restaurant. They have these 3 huge caligraphy frame at the wall beside the stairs... Very the grand-ish feeling!!!*

*My father-in-law and the busy body grandson.... He just can't stop looking at those old folks sitting behind. Very the kaypoh!!!*

After 15 minutes of waiting.... The 1st batch of dim sums are OUT!!!!:

*Siew Mai*

*Har Gao*

*I forgot the name of this, but it is Har Gao with some additional vegetable leaves wrapping the prawn. Taste okay~*

*Lor Mai Kai.... Quite nice!*

*This is the Siew Mai King! Call me Sua Gu(jakun in Hokkien Hahahahaha~) but this is the 1st time I ever heard of Siew Mai King! To be honest it taste just like other ordinary siew mai. What's with the title 'king'?*

*Stuffed Red Chillies*

*I'm not the one who is feeding the lil fella~ I'm enjoying my dim sum breakfast in peace~!!!! Woooooo~*

*The price list + order list... As you can see, the tea per pax is RM1.50! Wow~ And some of its dim sum are quite expensive too....*

*I'm too ugly to be seen in this picture comparing to the cutie I'm holding*

*Family Potrait LOL!!!!*

*Nah~ This is the 'Foh San' I mean. Why Foh??? Why not Fu????*

*Foh San is one of the GENG dim sum restaurant I've ever seen! They even have the take away section!*

*I really love their gold plaque at the main entrance. Very Grand-ish!!! And kinda old school too, feels like I'm back to the Wong Fei Hung Era! LOL!!*

*All the old folks breakfast tea-ing!*

If you plan to dine at Foh San, please go earlier, around 7a.m, if can earlier.... Those who come later than 7p.m. have to stand and wait for empty tables you know!? This is how famous Foh San Restaurant is!

Our total bill for that day is RM85+ for 6 pax. Some say expensive some say not. But to me, I think once in a while is okay. RM14++ for a full stomach of dim sum is kinda worth the price.

Oh yeah~ Just before I forgot, their Prawn Roll 虾卷 is very the delicious!!!! Super recommended!!! I forgot to take picture of it because all I remember is just eat. Hahahahahahaha~

After stuffed all the delicious dim sum into our tummy and feeling satisfy, MIL decided to stop by at the wet market to buy some vegetables. She's not the one who cook the meals in the house but she still know what to buy and what the kitchen needs. Where to find this kind of MIL??????

*Vegetable Prince LOL!*

Just right when we reach home, we're told to go visit our passed away grandmother at a temple. The temple is doing some ghost month ritual so it's better that family go and pray.

*I forgot what this temple called.....*

*The humongous 面然大士*

*Beautiful lilies*

*Art of Dragon*

After praying at the temple and the ritual, we went back home and start preparing for Xuan Xuan's birthday gathering! I've already blogged about it, if you missed it, click here to read!

Here's what we bought at the wet market that morning:

*mini grapes! RM10 per box! We call this boogers... LOL! Because it does look like nose boogers!!!*

*All the mini boogers. Haha~ Kinda sour. And I just found out that Jaya Jusco AU2 does sell this kind of grapes too, but at freaking RM18 per box!!!! Mad Expensive!!!!*

Despite sleeping late the previous night, we still manage to get up early in the morning and join in the breakfast team.

*This lil fella is lack of sleep obviously!! Good!!! Let you suffer a bit so you know the precious of sleep!*

*This his face expression when I ask him to smile to the camera. LOL!*

*Always want to poke the lens, don't know why!!!*

Yes, today we're going to eat at one of the restaurant which is famous for its PAU! This restaurant is located at Jln Kampar.

*Lots of people waiting for his Pau you know~*

Char Siew Pau and Kaya Pau are my breakfast for that day. LOL! From the outside, the Paus are not much different from all those we normally see, but with one bite, you can feel the difference. And it taste good when it's hot!

Later that morning, after breakfast, Bun asked his sister whether wanna join us to go to Pusing. Yes, we're going to visit a place called 'Pusing' LOL! What a name!

According to Bun, this Pusing place is famous for its kuih-muih. I love to eat desserts and kuih-muih can be consider as desserts too! Woooo~ Mad happy am I!!!

*This is it - Pusing, a small, small town*

*After we parked our car, we went to this little stall which have a lot of varities of one of the famous drink at Pusing - 晕头浪. Something similar to Taiwan 爱玉冰.*

*Some fruit stalls beside the drink stall.... Very old and historical.*

*The owner preparing the drink*

*This is the 晕头浪 Wan Tao Long I'm talkin' about. The yellow jelly is the Wan Tao Long and mix with lime juice. Icy cold refreshing!!! I'm lovin' it!!!*

*Beside the drink stall there's a small lorry selling Siew Yuk(roast pork)... Mother went there and buy RM11 worth of siew yuk as tit-bits! LOL!!! We already had siew yuk for freaking 4 DAYS IN A ROW!!!Hahahahaha! Siew Yuk madness!*

*Siew Yukss..... It's nice according to mother and sister.*

*With refreshing drinks and siew yuksss, this is life~ And we're enjoying it!*

Originally, I'm the only one who order drinks, but after some siew yuk consuming and the salty-ness of it, Bun and his sister ordered another 2 drinks....

*Wan Tao Long with Coconut Milk.... I'm not really fancy over it because it taste a bit milky, but the aroma smells nice!*

*Wan Tao Long with Cincau! Looks like Frog eggs doesn't it?*

If you're wondering what Xuan Xuan been doing during this time... Here he is:

*Sitting on Bun's lap blabbering*

*Look here and there, feeling curious*

*Eating Siew Yukssss~*

*And feeling happy about it! LOL!!!!*

After the happy morning tea session, we went across the road to go to these stalls selling all those kuih-muihss....

*But I was totally freak out!!! Those kuih-muihs were expensive and the colours are so VIBRANT I don't dare to buy it!!! All the colourings inside! Really turn down my appetite. I end up buying just only ONE kuih.... And eaten by my nephew... SOB!*

Before I show you something uber cute, you have to see something SUPER GROSS!!!This is what Xinyu do to it... Feel sorry for this lil fella~

*Xinyu accidentally kill it by dragging the stool over it~! EWWWWWWWW!!!!!It just a baby lizard!!!! Poor baby~ May you rest in peace in heaven.*

Here's the UBER CUTEpart!!! Yay~!!! More pictures of Xuan Xuan~

*He's sitting, playing with his shadow*

*I love to see him holding this, so funny!!*

*Walkin' here and there with the toy he found.*

*What you wanna do with it?*

*I think he wanna go somewhere to make use of it....*

*He wanna go outside dig a hole and bury treasure. LOL! Otherwise, spank the dog*

Before I end this post, I shall recommend you the last thing to try if you happen to be visiting Ipoh in the future...

Ipoh is famous for its White Coffee but nowadays, you can't find very nice one. (Although their so-call-not-nice-white-coffee to me is still better than KL ones. KL ones are like shit!) Here is where you can find very nice white coffee!!!

*Sun Yuan Loong Restaurant... It's not located at the mains roads of Ipoh, but you just have to ask any aunties or uncles they all know this place. And fyi, this Sun Yuan Loong Restaurant have a branch at Kota Damansara! But I'm not sure do their white coffee taste the same... You know la, KL standard*

*White Coffee!!! Wow~ The aroma, the taste.... SUPERB!!!!!*

Actually there's more food, but some I forgot to take pictures and some the restaurant close when I visit them. Damn disappointing! There's always some restaurant close down on me whenever I go and visit them! I jinx or what!!??

Anyway, hope you have a happy happy day!!!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Xuan xuan really very cute la...
Btw... nanged ya post... and clicked ya ads... ^^

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Bun is so good in CARI MAKAN.
He is really a pure IPOH MALI.
un-like Kev. He dunno these. :(

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

come later than 7pm of coz have to stand there and wait long long d la..or mayb "chiak ka ki" LOL

and RM85+ for 6 pax is consider as kinda cheap for me..coz here in KL if ppl like me who eat damn much wanna have dim sum i think i must at least fork out RM20 lol..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha~ Thanks! But I don't think I have any ads running currently. LOL!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! Next time you should come with us~ We bring go all the lubang-lubang cari makan! Haha~

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! Really lo! Heard some people say 9a.m. or 10a.m. already sold out liao! So must go early! Hahahaha~ You this kind of person sure tak boleh one la.... 7a.m. still sleeping!

Don't know, maybe breakfast can't really stuff a lot of food inside the tummy that's why the bill come kinda cheap. LOL!