Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mamaks, Coffee, and A LOT OF MEEEEEE!!!!

Life, is kinda boring unless you try to reach out to the adventure yourself! Don't expect for something interesting happen to you when you're living a dull life and unwilling to change.

Try yout best to change your life! It'll be totally different!!!

Here are more random things that happened around September:

*Beautiful Sunset... I love both sunrise and sunset, they gave me the feel that 'Living is Great!' How about you?*

*Xuan Xuan evening walk around time*

*We are Family, We walk TOGETHER!*

*Heading out to Steven's Tea Garden for lunch~ Xuan loves to EAT!*

*I look puffy here... Sighs*

*I'm in one of my favourite T-Shirt of the moment!*

*I'm Vain, Don't Puke!*

*Banana Split! How I wish I can have this NOW!*

*Awwww~ Loves!*

No, once is not enough. During the early till the mid of the September month, we had A LOT of mamak food! No thanks to Steven's Tea Garden which change its system and all card members just crazily stuff themselves with all those unhealthy food.

I'm one of the stuffed victim too. Sobs. No choice, have to help my mum to clear off all her credits before new system starts.

Another round of mamak again.... This time we're at Ampang so-call Waterfront.

*Yay~ Eat again!*

*Me and the barely can see Sungai Cinta. LOL!*


*This is called 'North' in the menu - Sprite Float! I love Floats!!!!*

*LOL! I forgot what is this!!!!! Let's just say it's watermelon fusion!*

*Waiting for the food... Sleepyzzzzz*

*Mutton Curry with few pieces of white bread*

*My FAVOURITE!!!Goreng Kambing!!!! (Drools)*

You can't imagine how much we spent for that night's dinner. My 2nd uncle WHOLE FAMILY also come and help clear off the credits.

We spent 2 - 3 hours for the whole dinner thing and the bill is RM750++! Mamak, RM750... How inappropriate! This is call modern mamak, with air conds, wifi and comfy atmosphere.

*Future car racer playing with car again*

*Bro Kian kinda mm song I take his photo!*

*Bro Sheng insists I take this photo! LOL! Peeping Tom!*

*MummyJoyce still wanna discuss something with friends*

*While waiting for MummyJoyce might as well make use of free time and camwhore. But I look weird here! Why ar? Because I pout my lips?*

*Chubby face that will not and never will go away till the end of my life! HATE!*

For those aunties who are sooooooo kaypoh about how thin I am now, YES, I AM THIN, SO!????

It's not a MUST for me to become as fat as you aunties after giving birth am I?

I'm 43kgs, for the height of 173cm, I know I am severe underweight according to the BMI, BUT...

I eat like normal, sleep like normal, walk like normal, take care baby like normal, God wants me to become this thin I also have no idea why.

Thanks for your caring. I am happy with what I am now and I don't want to gain weight to my original weight - 50 - 55kgs.

Last time, I thought I was thin, I thought I am looking good and I definitely feel good about myself. But those who always stand on the same pace won't feel the difference.

And now, I'm here, looking back at my old photos, I think I'm, erm, not fat, but chubby! I hate the chubbyness in me! HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!! I can wear S size clothes now, I look better in photos and I definitely want to keep this feel good moment!!!

That's why you MUST look forward to my next blog post - all about the beauty tips I got from Japanese magazines!!! Yay~ See! I'm so generous I share one!

Next, we're visiting Red Island Cafe.


*So cute I wanna cubit him!!*

*Already wanna punch me for taking his photo without his permission. You better not because you won't regret. I help you leave some memories of your leng zai face before you turn out to become a fat, botak father next time!*

*Pouting my lips again. Bear with me please. LOL! I fell in love with myself SRSLY! And I love my eyes in this photo! So sparkling!*

*Sausage Egg Maggie Mee*

*Look! Xuan got his new toy! Gift from his uncle a.k.a my Bro Sheng!*

*Horse thirty, Horse want drink Jasmine Tea*

*Funny Horse, press bottom whole horse collapse one! LOL!*

*Oh the feel! I love!!!*

*Xuan is so blank here*

*Xuan peep at girls*

*Xuan looks like boss*

*Xuan sits like a mermaid.*

*Xuan amazed by his own leg. LMAO!*

*Xuan feel curious towards the plant*

*Is this a "father-feels-proud-of-his-own-gene" look?*

*Evil Bun put pants on his own son head and ask him to smile at camera*

*This is sooooo funny I can't stop laughing!*

*Now your turn for can't stop laughing!*

*I mistakenly injured someone with knife the other day....*

*Bla~ Lame joke! I was cutting the cooking chocolate into small piece so I can melt it in the pot*

*Strawberries + Chocolate = Perfect combo!!!!*

*I feel like falling in love again... NOT! I failed this chocolate fondue making because I melt it directly on the stove. The high temperature over cooked the chocolate and it taste funny!! Sighs~ I'm so not good in cooking.*

*Lullaby my boy in my arms*

*Only one word can describe when I see his smile - Happiness*

*Yeah~ Heading to.....*

*Newly open Wangsa Walk Mall!*

Not many of the shops open yet when we pay our first visit to the mall. And the landscape of the mall kinda imbalance too.

I wonder how people push their trolly to T.G.I.F when they finish grocery shopping at Cold Storage.

*Gave this Hot & Roll a try*

*They're selling none other than crepe. Salty ones.*

*Today is 2nd day of Hari Raya. Time for Aira's house visiting again!*
(I look nothing like above pic, I'm not that fair too. PS effect)

*Today's style is: Japanese street style, hairstyle: a bun. Bun says my checker shirt as outer , white camisole and rolled up torn jeans looks like construction worker.*

*Duit raya for Xuan. So yeng this green pao. No need open already know the amount*

*Went to JJ AU2 after Aira's house. Saw this Japanese snack at the stock clearance section. The due date is around November, so I BUY!*

*At some ridiculous price - RM2!!! I bought two packs. So cheesy!!! Love all the flavours especially Almond Cheese!*

*U.F.O Instant noodle! Bought this during Cold Storage's Japanese Food Fair. Cheaper than usual A BIT so I decided to give it a try.*

*Jas a.k.a Kei, what's your name doing on the cover?*

*They got this U.F.O Sauce!!!*

*And Japanese seaweed! Bun loves Seaweed*

The funny thing about this U.F.O instant noodle is, I didn't know it was yakisoba (fried noodle) until Bun scream out loud and say: DON'T TELL ME THIS IS NOT SOUP!

The prepare process is suppose to be:

i) Tear the lid till the line A, and pour hot water, then cover it up and wait for 3 minutes.

ii)Pour out all the hot water, and open it up, pour the sauces and seaweed into the bowl, stir and ENJOY!

I pour all the sauces and seaweed into the bowl of noodle and add hot water. Totally mess up the process. RM6.50 per bowl, WASTED!!! URGH!!!!

So, don't do stupid things and act smart like me. ALWAYS read the instruction before you do anything.

*Xuan laugh me for doing stupid things like that *

I'm still preparing for the 'beauty' post. Excited?

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your post so long leh... but i can't help myself laughing when i saw xuan xuan's smile... that's the best part of the post..