Sunday, October 4, 2009

Midnight Affair

I always wanted to do some photoshoot but due to my son, I can't really go out alone, not even for few hours a day... So, I decided to do a photoshoot by MYSELF! Hah!!!

I must be tooooooooooooo wu liao to do this kind of things, but seriously I enjoy doing these very much!

I borrowed a hair accessory - Black Hat with pearl and laces and start shooting myself. All I'm using is digital camera + table lamp + lil knowledge of photoshop.

Model: Me
Photo/Make-up/hair: Me
Location: Bedroom (LOL!!!)

Do drop some comments!!! Dying to know how you feel!!!

*Waiting is something beautiful*

*Love Me or Hate Me* I like this srsly!!!


*You Don't Know Me*

*??? Any nice caption for this??? *

*Are you lying?*

*Shut Up!*

*Don't Love Me - my current FB profile pic, might change another one~*

*Dreaming Stars Tonight*

*Without You*

*Shhhh.... Don't Tell*

*Shadows of You*

*I'm Not You*

*Fragrance - a song which I love most by Gackt!*

*Lust For Blood*

I took around 100++++ of frames just to get few nice one.... LOL! I guess it's not easy to shoot ourselves right?


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

are you lying? that 1 very cute lah..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I think it'll be easier for you to take photo of yourself if you have a tripod. 
Any way the "Are you lying" is so nice. Sweet 

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Hahaha~ Thanks! I just got that shot, that angle, that look so coincidentally...

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! I only have a MINI TRIPOD which comes with the camera.... The height can't be adjust so I didn't use it.

That's why MOST of the photossss appear to be motion blur! LOL!!! FAIL!!!

I wonder why most ppl like the 'are you lying' shot. hahahaha