Thursday, October 8, 2009

My 1st Wedding Anniversary Dinner at The Spread, Gardens Hotel

4th of August 2009... Our very first wedding anniversary

I never thought that I will go through my FIRST wedding anniversary at the age of 22. Oh well~ I think life is unpredictable....

Anyway, unpredictable things happened on that day too....

We called up the restaurant- The Spread to book a table for two.

The Spread is famous for its buffet dinner and we've been waiting for this day to try their buffet since... erm... May!???? LOL!

Just when we're sooooooo damn happy thinking that we're going to stuff all those delicious foods into our tummy tonight, we're told that

"The Buffet is UNAVAILABLE due to the month of Ramadhan......."


I am soooooooooo afraid that we're not be able to dine in that place again because, that day, 4th of August, is also the deadline for my restaurant voucher worth RM200!!!

I ask the receptionist carefully is there anyway we can dine in that restaurant even though it's not going to be buffet style?

The girl asked her manager.... And YES! We can dine À la carte style, three course meal, free flow beverages and desserts.

YIPEEEEEEE~ At least I'm not going to waste my RM200 worth of voucher!!! I am glad the manager is soooooooo considerable and can let us use the voucher even though they have the rights to refuse to take the voucher instead.

Anyway, after confirm everything....

When I was trying to prepare myself for this special dinner, I was rushed by Bun, asking how long I am going to take to make-up.

Eh!!!! HELLO!!!! I am busy for the whole day and now only I got time to slightly make-up myself for this special occasion and yet, you're rushing me, accusing me for doing some special things for a special day is a waste of time.

I was so fed-up I stopped make-up, grabbed the house and car keys, bags and walk to the doorway straightaway.


I think he knows I'm pissed off... We didn't talk to each other when we're heading to the hotel's restaurant...

We arrived around 7pm... Still... Not talking to each other....

We're seated beside the floor windows with full, panorama view of Bangsar area.

*Beautiful Sunset of that day....*


*Ordered our main course... Drinks served - Ice lemon Tea*

*This fella is very the 古灵精怪*

*Cannot sit still....*

*Must move here and there...*

*Jia Lat to the MAX!*

Appetizers and desserts are self-service... So you can take as many as you want....


*Garden Salads and some smoked, cold hams...*

While eating our appetizers, Bun apologize for being inconsiderable earlier and yes, apology accepted!!

We're happy happy again!! LOL!!!!

And here comes our main course:

*My Almond and Butter Cod Fish*

*Bun's Medium-well Beef Steak with Black Pepper Sauce*

Honestly, not much selections for us to choose for the main course... I think cod fish and beef steak is the best deal... Sighs~

I can't really finish the fish cos it was kinda big portion (to me)... Bun have to help me to finish it. LOL!

But the food wasn't that delicious, not like what I expected... I think I have too-high-expectation of this restaurant thanks to all the information from blogs. LOL!


*Bun's all-time-favourite-desserts - ABC Ais Kacang*

*Some cakes... Seriously, not recommended AT ALL!!!*

*I like this shot!*

*They serve cotton candy as desserts!!! How cool to see they make your cotton candy LIVE!*

*Cotton Candy!!!!! So crystal blue it is!!!*

*Heavily PSed~ I didn't wear make-up that day! This will be the ONLY SHOT I am going to post in this entry!*

*He likes the mushy creamy mushroom soup too!*

*Guest appearance by Bun... He doesn't like it when I post his pic on my blog... DUH! Your wife is a blogger!!! *

* Light From Above *

We didn't stay and tea for long time due to the impatient Xuan Xuan. We leave around 9pm, and head to Robinsons!!

*Xuan in his favourite JumperZoo... We did not buy this cos it's muthaeffin' EXPENSIVE!!!*

We ended that day with laughter. Life with husband and son is definitely different! I am and will not be alone for the rest of my life... ok, at least I hope!

Since it's about wedding anniversary, some of you may not know about this: There's special name given according to the year of anniversary!

Traditional and Modern
Wedding Anniversary Names

10Tin/AluminumDiamond Jewelry
60Yellow DiamondDiamond

And yes, mine is Paper!!! And my gift will be the RM200 vouchers which is made from paper too! LOL! How appropriate!!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

little boy so cute..

thanks for the chart, i've save a copy.

wedding anniversary to me is noting. no celebration. no surprises. i'm not looking forward this year either

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

<span style=""><span style=" line-height: 17px;">Glad to read that you enjoyed your 1st wedding anniversary. It's not easy being a mother but from the pictures of your adorable son, you are doing great at being a mother to him. Thanks for the link to the wedding anniversary site. I know about the traditional names but didn't know about the modern names.</span></span>

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Erm... for me i dun think next year got any surprise or presents too...
just this year coincidentally got the voucher... Some more i'm the one who owns the voucher! LOL!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks Mun...
Sometimes I'm not sure that whether I'm taking good care about my son, but seeing him smile sure does cheer me up. :D

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Happy Anniversary Casey.
Wish u and Bun happy happy forever.
Then wish hor fun grows faster!!