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Pheww~ Finally! Beauty Complex Part 1

Wow!! What a week!!!

The sudden attack from my MIL all the way from Ipoh and my brother(B)-in-law all the way from Singapore really gave me a heart attack.

Anyway, I am enjoying the 'weekend escapade' with my in-laws and one thing that saddens me is my stupid camera. Haihzzz....

I'll leave that for another post.

Here's something that I planned for almost half month!!! Am happy to see the outcome for all these~

Although it's not something really fantastic or detail, but at least I hope these gave you some clues and new ideas for your daily beauty routines.

I've made some example/further explanation based on these magazine scans. My Japanese are so-so only so I might translate something wrongly. Don't blame me about it ok? Thanks!

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The first one is for those who have big face, like me.

My face is big, I hate it so much. I've been thinking ways to cover it or make efforts to make it smaller or at least, look smaller.

To me, the most efficient way to make the face looks smaller is: Find a trustworthy professional hairstylist and cut your hairstyle with bangs. With bangs cover almost 1/4 of your face, your face will definitely look smaller and you'll look younger too!

If you don't have money to do so, of course there's other way.

Method no.1: Lymph Nodes Massage

Do you know that there are around 500-600 lymph nodes all over our body? These lymph nodes act as filters or traps for foreign particles.

Maybe you'll wonder, what is all these lymph nodes thingy going on???

Lymph nodes with all the foreign particles inside, or I should say, with all the rubbish inside, it needs some massage to a smooth lymphatic circulation.

After all the massage and foreign particles gone, your face will looks smaller!

Don't believe? Try this for some time at home, you'll see the difference.

*First, use thumb, gently massage from chin to beside cheek near your ear. Upwards only.*

*Then, from the side of your nose, gently place your thumb under your eyes and massage towards the end/side of your eyes. Outwards only. This method can help relieve eye's dark circle and freckles.*

*From the center of your forehead, gently massage with 2 fingers each side, from center to the side of your eyes (as marked). Downwards*

*Lastly, place the fingers behind your ears and massage downwards. All the foreign particles that trapped around your face will be gone by now!*

This lymph nodes massage can be done before sleep, then get some good sleep for better results.

Besides lymph nodes massage, you can also make your face looks smaller by style your hair the "half-up" hairstyle. Do refer the hairstyle from the magazine scan.

Lazy to set your hair? The last way the magazine introduce is by changing your cheek's position with blusher/bronzer. Try to brush it long shape instead of just brushing it roundly onto your cheek.

The 2nd beauty complex is: I hate chubby, meaty face.

The magazine suggest that you chew on gums oftenly to strengthen and firm your face so the 'meat' around your face won't be flabby. But some people also said that the more you chew on gums, the bigger your face will be due to over exercise.

To chew or not to chew, it's up to you. Different people may have different result.

You can also go to dentist to seek for some advice for the bone structure of your teeth. These areas' bone structure can directly make some impact on your looks if you get it right. So do go for braces or teeth position correction if you have the chance. It really can enhance your looks.

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Some people often complaint they have small eyes and often look sleepy instead of wide awake.

Here are some beauty tips for small eyes:

Method No.1: Lower Eye Lid Falsies

If you're an expert in sticking fake eyelashes onto your upper eye lids, here's some challenge for you.

Lower eye lids fake lashes + bold lower eyeliner can make your eyes look big.

Not a falsies fan? Never mind...

The second method as the magazine recommend is go for an under eye botox. One injection can last for 6 months. Consider this if you're rich + lazy.

Method No.3: Over line and double eye lid stickers make-up

I won't be using the double eye lid stickers as I'm not using it normally. So I will show you the magic of eyeliner and 4 colours eyeshadows.

*Without any eye make-up*

*Draw the entire upper eye lid and the draw 1/3 - 1/2 lower eye lid with eyeliner. This is absolutely suitable for day make-up because it doesn't look heavy.*

*Eyes with eyeliner absolutely looks more wide awake than without eyeliner.*

*More impact - use mascara!!!*

*Am using this, one of my beloved cosmetic brand - KATE!*

Ok, if you think you don't know how to draw eyeliner, wants to go for something more easy. This is what can make your eyes look stunning too!

*4 colours eyeshadow pallet*

To me, 4 colours eyeshadow pallet is definitely more worth and useful than 2 colours or 1 colour eyeshadows. If you're buying some new eye make-up, search for 4 colours one.

The darker the colour tone, use it nearer to the eyelid.

*Pardon my fugly nails. See, the gradient of colours*

*Now, you can see how shimmering the colours are*

*Here the comparison between two eyes. Even though the eyeshadow can't really make 'big eye' effect like how eyeliner and mascara does, but the highlight (arrow pointing) does some effects on sunken the eye and make it looks bigger.*

For those who have 'guys-like' cheek bone, you can check how they put on blusher on the cheek by avoiding look like guys.

(Click to Enlarge)

(Click to Enlarge)

Round face and nose bridge not high enough? Here are some ways to make your face figure more stand out.

*Elianto bake blusher which I use for highlight. LOL!*

*Apply highlight at your T Zone and under your eyes... For more impact, apply highlight at the under nose above lips area and your chin.*

*Your skin will looks more translucently, and the figure will looks more outstanding after highlight*

*Hate your low nose bridge? Use this! Kate Eyebrow Design Pallet*

*Use the lightest brown colour and brush it on the marked area. This will definitely make you looks like you're Eurasian! LOL! But don't overdo this, because you don't wanna end up look like Beijing Opera Singer*

For more highlight/shading technics, do refer to the magazine scans above.

(Click to Enlarge)

Nude lips are HOT!!!! I know you want one too but don't know how?

My lips are too red I seriously dislike the colour all the time. So here's some tips how to reduce the colour and get yourself some kissylicious nude lips!

*Before... See! RED!*

*Concealer will do the magic! I've been using this concealer for YEARS! Tube after tube. This never fails me!*

*Apply concealer all over your lips. But your lips MUST NOT crack! If you have cracked lips, do apply lip balm/vaseline for speedy recovery!*

*After conceal your lip's colour, now you can choose whatever lip gloss and apply on it. I'm using Elianto this time*

*A bit pinkish nude. ME LIKEY!!!!*

(Click to Enlarge)

Double chin problem saddens you alot? Me too!!!

I have double chin, mostly I don't look good at most of the photos. Sighs~ But now, I can practise these methods and try to get rid of my double chin. You can try too!

This is a new method from Korea, called : Goru-Ki.

*Use Vaseline to smoothen your action so you don't cause more wrinkles on your face while you're massaging *

*How you place your palm. Thumb under under chin and strictly no space between your face and palm.*


*Place two palm together and one goes upwards. Thumbs must place under chin.*

*Do the same to the other side. Repeat several times.*

This Goru-Ki massage not just get rid of your double chin, it also massage your lymph nodes, gives your firmer, smaller face!

Beside Goru-Ki massage, you can also try the 'chin roller' if you manage to get that online. Or while you're taking bath, you can always look above and say: "Aaaa-Yeeee". Repeat 10 times per bath session.

If you don't feel like doing any of the method mentioned above, wear chunky necklace then. This will help distract people's attention and not paying attention on your double chin.

Besides double chin, if you got wrinkle around your mouth (法令纹), you can reduce it by saying "a, i, u, e, o" loud and clear and repeat 10 times per session. I haven't try this but definitly will do so in the future. I have serious 法令纹 problem.

You can also massage your mouth area with the help of lifting cream. Do refer the massage method on the magazine scan above.

(Last but not least, Click to Enlarge)

For those who have 'O' shape legs, do refer to the magazine scans for dress up tips on how not to make your 'O' shape legs visible.

That's all for the Part 1. Hooray~ I finally achieve a target which I set for myself and am damn happy now!!! Wooohoooo~!!!!!!

Okay then, I'm off to bed. Mad tired after the busy weekend.

*Bye bye~*

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