Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purikura Tatsujin

Is US!!!

Today, I'm gonna dig out ALLLLLLLL my treasures which I've hidden inside my treasure chest for half a decade. (ok la, actually not all, just a small portion of my collection. Haha!)

Purikura (Click to know more) - words shorten by Japanese, which should be "Print Club" is a major hit in the world! Everybody knows Purikura!!!!

Every year, there are numerous of new type Purikura machine release by Japan company... But sadly, I'm too old and too broke to try all those fancy new machine one by one....

It's not cheap if you wanna go for those with a lot of features, decoration items and beautiful printing colour ones. It'll be around RM24 - RM26 per session!

And before you go into the machine, you actually have to think about themes!!! Themes for your pose so that you won't go blank when the machine starts counting down. But of course, there are times when you just want to plain pose, then you just go with the flow.

Why are we so good in taking purikura? The answer is: We practice everyday, everytime! LOL!!

*Suki and Hana practice posing with a dead rat*

*Hana and me posing while waiting for rehearsal of performance*

*Suki and me, posing at the corridor*

*We went to Cineleisure and The Curve when the place just started its business, and yes, we play with camera's timer function too!*

* *

*We kiss girl*

*We act like strangers*

*We pose like nobody's business and.....*

*We pose funnily like how those malay kids do *

And today, conjunction with SEISYUN'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY, I'm gonna show off all the funny, stunning purikura decoration skills you've ever seen!!! (Don't scold me if it's not funny/stunning)

*Cat fight! LOL! I don't know why I have this idea comes up as cat fight.... But the 'blood' surely makes a lot of effect!*

*Yes, we draw a chair and ask Aira to 'sit' on it. Hahahahaahaha~ And SMILE is the name of the L'arc en ciel's album which Aira just bought and got very into it! We're actually try to make it something like CD cover*

*August 13th.... One of Seisyun official day: Pink Day. But we did not celebrate any Pink day after that. LOL!!!!*

*After the SMILE album, here comes Gackt's Diabolos album cover. Hahahaha~ Don't we look like we're covered by a purple leopard print blanket. Aira and Suki's head are masks actually. Please refer to Gackt's Diabolos album for more accurate image. LOL!!!*

*Ariitake no Ai de.... Means 'A Lot of Love'... Song by Gackt which we looooovvvveeeeee so much that time!*

*This is not Finding Nemo, this is 'Finding HANA'. Hana can't hang out with us that day, so we have this idea to search for her. LOL! We're all sea creatures!!! You have to be amaze of how creative we are, draw ourselves like this. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!*

Besides a sticker, Purikura can act as present too!!! This is my birthday present!!!

*They thought they saw big, huge moon on the sky.*

*Besides moon, they saw rainbow too!*

*I think originally they are trying to do the 'Thousand Hands Guanyin'?*

*I'm not sure whether they are cats or mouse but definitely it's a KISS!Chu~*

*S.H.O..... My nickname!*

*This, my flaming cake! Hahahahahahahaha~ Can't stop laughing whenever I see this!*

Below are one of those earliest days of Seisyun era.... Freshly 'graduate' from Form 5!

*I think we just got our SPM result this day! Took bus to Sg Wang for Purikura session! Weeee~ Aira's tongue is so freaky long!*

*My Bestest Friends... Forever!*

*LOL! Can barely see Suki's face... And what am I holding? A love cube??? Now it looks more like "I Love Seafood Tofu"! Hahahaha *


*Aira is sooooo KAKKOII!!! (means cool in Japanese)*

*Plain CUTE!*

*This machine is one of the cheapest one, RM16 per session, so you see, the varities of decoration items are lesser and the color quality is much more shitter than those expensive ones. But still, cuteness can cover it all!*

*Accidentally found this photo of Kei! That time she just cut her hair into this 'Kanon' hairstyle and she looks damn YENG!!!A lil side note is we're at Steven's Corner Pandan Jaya enjoying our brunch after our PC Fair Interview!!!*

*Seisyun (without Kei), from left to right: Hana, Aira, Suki and Me!*

*This is what I made for SEISYUN's 2nd anniversary!!! You can seek for the archives for the original post!*

*Seisyun (without Hana), year 2009 Zoo Visit! It's hard to gather all the members together because each and everyone of us got our own thing to busy about.*

*Seisyun - Photo of the year 2009*
(I think we SHOULD take photos for every year and choose the best shot and make it the photo of the year!)

15th of October, a day to remember in my whole life. We tied each other with this day, with the hope that our friendship will go on no matter what happens in the future.

And this year, is the 5th ANNIVERSARY of SEISYUN, half of the decade. WOW! I'm really amazed by how fast the time pass by and how we keep our friendship so fresh until I still can taste the sweetness of our memories!

Even though we're not celebrating this day together, but I hope that each of you will have the best of the best in life and let's hang out together more often!!!!

P.S: All the members of Seisyun are Xuan Xuan's godmother! Hahaha~

P.S.S: I still have whole bunch of Purikuras in the treasure chest, but it's for the next year, the next next year, the next next next year's Seisyun anniversary blog post. LOL!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL 5th Anniversary! <3 I love you all!
Some of my purikura dropped in the college canteen leh wtf. So from that day onwards NO MORE PURIKURA IN MY PURSE. lol
I can't wait for the day we take puri kura again! xD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I love it so much~!!!
Those photos... seriously, some I can't recall when we took~!
The last photo was during VALENTINE~!!!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

omg~!! i feel like crying~!!T^T

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Cute pictures and also very cute post... ^^
Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here already... ^^

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! I think I have the most complete set of purikura.
You got scanner???
I wanna scan it all into PC!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! Your memory got so lousy or not? HAHAHHA

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Me  too!!! T_T

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks :D