Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tiny Little Things

that kill alot of space in my hard disk. LOL!

To make it simple, I will let the pictures do the talking + captions to make things easy to understand.

Back in May, Hana called up and ask whether wanna hang out together at KLCC or not. So, here we go!

*Funny lil fella, totally cannot sit still in his stroller*

*Madam Kwan's, 22 years living in Malaysia, this is my FIRST TIME visiting Madam Kwan's.*

*Madam Kwan's famous nasi lemak! It sure is NICE and YUMMY!!The aroma of the rice makes you drool~ RM12.90 (if not mistaken)*

*The one and only kissing photo of me and Xuan Xuan.*

*What also want to grab lo this fella!*

Actually, Hana's friend - Dennys from Maldives is here, visiting Malaysia. That's why Hana chose KLCC as the venue of today's gathering.

Fyi, Dennys is a Mexican. When few of us doing self-intro upon first meeting and she say she's Mexican, me and Aira is a bit O_O". LOL!!!

Swine Flu is attacking seriously at that period wei!!! Hahahaha~ But Dennys comes from Maldives, so should be ok~

Next spot we're bringing Dennys to is Petronas Twin Tower Sky Bridge~ Woooo~!!!!

*Xuan Xuan's first time Sky Bridge visit!*

*Yo! Skybridge Kid!*

*We missed the video viewing session, so we have to sit and wait for the others to finish that session*

*Aira and Xuan Xuan*


*Camwhored on the bridge*



*Finally, a decent group pic! From left: Dennys, Aira, Hana, Me and Xuan Xuan*


*I still can't get use to see this fella botak... Like it best when got hair on his head! LOL!*

*The world is yours*

*Stand on the bridge and sing songs~*


*The Junction of Jln Ampang and Jln Yap Kwan Seng*

*Petronas Twin Tower, I like this shot!*

*This is how this fella mess with my comics.... Major headache!*

*He accidentally place his hand on the steamer hole of the rice cooker and get burn at the finger back at May/June... Poor fella~*

*Went for supper~ LOL!*

*I like the colour of lights*

*Dancing lights*

*Xuan's tiny foot on my lap*


*Ever wonder where is this place??? It's at the rooftop car park of Carrefour Wangsa Maju. I always think that's a good spot for taking photos!*

*Me in the car, waiting for Bun to complete his task at post office*


*Future car racer*

*Do you know what kind of tree is this??? Seriously need some information!*

*These trees blossom like sakura/cherry blossom!!! So beautiful! Got white and pink colour~!!*

Some time in the Auguts, there's a lunch session with friends and Form 6 teacher at Cannes, Jln Genting Klang.

*How can I not bring this lil fella?*

*Professional Smile*

*The two uncle and aunty make fun of Xuan Xuan~ So evil!*

These are gifts from Peiyue when she visit Langkawi before that:

*Cote D'or Chocolate!!! Hazelnut some more!! Me LOVE!!!*

*This is how chunky BIG those hazelnuts are!!! And the chocolate is not that bitter too~ Delicious! The price selling at normal supermarket at KL is RM20 per bar!!! Damn Expensive!!!*

*Vodka Chocolate.... Kinda afraid to try, still lying inside the fridge now. LOL!*

*Her gift for Xuan Xuan 1 years old! Thanks~*

Besides the previous lunch session, there's a gathering with a bunch of old, old friends too~! Chong Hwa's Photography Club Old Friend gathering and T.G.I.F The Curve!

*Call me Sua Ku, this is also the FIRST TIME I went to T.G.I.F!*

*American style*

*All the oldies on the wall*

*Xuan Xuan is SUPER ANNOYING that night. I don't know what gets on his nerve but he seems don't wanna sit still... I can't even finish my meal! Have to ask waitress to pack it up and take back!*

*Allen and Victoria*

*Chuan Koon and Allen (Another Allen... LOL!)*

*Delicious clam chowder!! Creamy~!!! Recommended!!*

*Sizzling Chicken & Cheese. Both cheese and chicken are my favourite!!! It's a set meal with the clam chowder. RM29.90 per set*

*I let this annoying lil devil say bye bye to you guys~ Bye!*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

OMG... ur bb so cute...
Btw...nanged ya post and clicked ya ads already ^^

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

he's too cute to be called little devil.
i've never been to the sky bridge..

Iriene said...

The junctions that you snap from Sky Bridge

is great! Keep it up~

Do drop by when u r online, thanks!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Xuan Xuan annoyed you a lot. Poor Reiko

Wow, you took so many pictures XD
I never been to t.g.i.f, so dun worry, you are not alone XD
But wait! I am alone now coz you went T_T

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! Thanks for your support! XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Ok, I change, he is cute lil devil! Haha!

Got time can go visit! Free one! Have to get the ticket at the counter so must go early~! Around 9 or 10pm.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Erm... Ok ok lo... Sometimes will feel VERY annoying but kids are like this one. LOL! So have to accept their behaviour no matter what also~

LOL! I love to take pictures! And I still have TONSSSS of pictures haven't post up lo!! Hahahahahaha~

No no no~ You're not alone. I know a lot of people still haven't been to TGIF before... ie: my husband! Hahahahahahhaa XD