Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anime Hanabi Festival

is a cosplay/anime event held at Berjaya Times Square on 14th and 15th of November.(Yes, last week)

Hana is the manager of the event of course being one of her best friend must show her some supports right? I bring whole family go support her.

*Xuan Xuan even did some minor cosplay!*

*Everybody knows this character*

*Going to make it a memorable day today*

*Tickets to the event, and there's lucky draw for it too!*

*While on the way to Times Square, this lil fella took a short nap. He's so tired he fall asleep while sitting on my lap. Poor fella.*

*One of the reason I don't like to go to city centre on weekends - Super Jam!*

*So near yet so far.*

I told Kei that I will come at 2pm when I saw her online that morning but I told Hana I will come around 3 -4pm the day before. Due to heavy rain and jam, finally I reach Times Square around 5pm. Sighs~ I missed out a lot of things!!!

*Anime Hanabi Festival at Times Square 6th floor exhibition centre*

*I like their booklet, banners, logos and stage backdrop alot. So colourful and cheerful!*

Kei and her sister dressed up as maid and serve customers at the Manga Cafe booth. Too bad when the time I arrive they went for lunch break at Gasoline. Can't see how they wear immediately.

Even though I like Japanese cultural, mangas, animes, cosplay and lolita a lot, this is the FIRST TIME I actually went to such event. So many cosplayers and girls dressed up as gothic, lolita etc. I can feel that my heart is beating fast and adrenalin rushing!


You should see how those people portray an anime character so successfully and professionally when they're just students. They manage to bring out the characacteristic and blend it in real life. I had my vision opened and totally salute to all cosplayers.

Wish I can have more chance to go to this kind of event in the future. I wonder does Xuan Xuan like cosplaying too?

Anyway, back to the event, since Kei and her sister went for lunch break, we might as well sit down and look around for a while.

*Hana found a balloon for him. Purple. So pretty! Xuan Xuan loves balloon so much he will cry if he doesn't get one. Major headache when he ask for balloon he sees at shops which used as decoration purpose, not free gifts.*

*Got balloon happy liao*

*Hana's younger sis - Nicole, which loves Xuan Xuan so much she ask me bring Xuan Xuan go to their house swimming everyday. LOL!*

After some time playing with the balloon, I wanna walk around and see what others are doing. Maybe I might get some chance to take photo with them. And I was shocked when I heard somebody call me 'REIKO!' when I walk pass a booth.

I look at the cute girl, and I was wondering: Do I know her??? She was smiling at me and I just have to ask her: Errr.... You are....????? LOL! You don't know how awkward it is when somebody knows you but you don't have a clue who is that.

She is Guki-chan. A friend of Kei and I heard Kei talked about her quite often. And she's CUTE and friendly!!! I'm glad I get to know such cute and happy person. She's cosplaying that day too... But too bad I missed it. She already changed back to normal apparels. Urgh~

After a short talk with Guki, I continue my walk and look around journey. Saw some really cute anime character hat (I think is handmade one) but cost RM25/per hat. Soooo cute I want one but expensive I don't think Bun will like it. *sobs*

Never mind... While walking to the empty space in front of the Sudden Attack gaming booth, Hana's coursemate came by to say Hi and he likes Xuan Xuan very much. He wanted to take a picture with Xuan Xuan.

*But Xuan Xuan dislike strangers carries him. He feels damn uneasy about it.*

*After that, there's people surrounding us, start to take pictures of Xuan Xuan CONTINUOSLY. I only can stand there and laugh at my son becoming the next superstar letting people snap his pictures. But still, Xuan Xuan feels uneasy about it and he just don't wanna show his smiley face. Poor son, he even run to me and just wanna hide his face into my shoulder. Camera shy?*

After 10 - 15 minutes standing there looking at Xuan Xuan running here and there chasing the purple balloon. We decided to sit down at the Manga Cafe and have some light meal.

*Spaghetti. Real tasty ones! Prepared by Hana's friends Soo Jeung. She has very good cooking skills.*

*In case if you wonder how an event manager will wear at a cosplay event, this is how Hana wears. So much like the anime Bleach's captain suit. I told her that I will photoshop a katana or something into her hand but sorry dear, your fierce looking face already scares a lot of people. No more katana or weapon for you ya.*

Not long after we finish the tasty spaghetti, we heard loud music bombing at the stage section. We quickly grab our son and belongings and head to the stage just to look at those cosplayers dance. They're so funny, brave and at the same time, talented.

*People might think they are insane and questioning their acts, but I found them a bunch of pure, happy kids.*

*The one and only cosplayer Daphne (Kei and her sis doesn't count) I took photo with. My lousy camera + Hana's shaking hands = blur photos. SOB!!!*

*Kei as maid. So cute isn't she???*

*7pm, here comes the final lucky draw. The 1st prize is a Canon printer. Too bad I'm not the lucky winner.*

After the lucky draw, here comes the end of the whole event for that day. I asked Kei carry Xuan Xuan and put him on the stage to take some pictures of him.

*Looks like he's gonna rock the house!*

*LOL! What kind of face expression is that????*

*The maid that is taking photo is Kaede, Kei's lovely sister.*

*Pretty maid with a beautiful soul of arts and creativity*

Kei have to rush back home to continue her seminar after the event. She really put money and effort in supporting this event of Hana's course. She bought the maid dress and willing to become waitress for the Manga Cafe. Where to find such nice friend you tell me la.

And 22nd of November, means tomorrow is Kei's birthday! Otanjoubi Omedettou~
I'm kinda running out of ideas and money to go any fancy place to celebrate, but we'll shall hang out together for a while, maybe for a tea session at some cozy place? We'll discuss this privately k?

We leave the exhibition centre around 730pm... Wanted to go to Plaza Low Yat to eat curry fish ball but raining, can't walk in the rain because carrying the lil one. So I wanna eat something else....

*Krispy Kreme Donuts! My first time trying*

*Unlike J.Co and Big Apples, they're using machine to mass produce donuts.*

*So many donutssss~*

*Honestly, not a lot of variety to choose from. So for the glazed, nutty nutty and almonds I make it all double.*

*Despite hearing all the bad comments about how not tasty Krispy Kreme is, I still bought 1 dozen of donuts from it. But it is really disappointing indeed. The over rich flavours and sweetness blunted my taste bud. I have to giveaway THREE donuts to my brother because I feel I had too much of these flavouring and sweetness. Should've listen to what my friend say and resist myself from buying a dozen.*

Still, J.Co donuts are the best.

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