Saturday, November 28, 2009

DDB - Drop Dead Bored

Is what I feel everytime I'm here, at Ipoh.

I have no friends here and I have to stay at home most of the time doing nothing but taking care of my son, to prevent him from making the house messy or got in a fight with his siblings.

To make me feel even more worse, I'm the one that is staying at home with son while Bun went out to futsal/drink/whatever partying with his friends.

Maybe you guys will say: Aiyo~ Only once in a while ma... Why you so care about it???

But but.... I just feel kinda emo for staying at home and not able to go out while everyone is gathering together chatting happily. I want to go out too........

Emotion is really killing me from the inside now. Thought of going to sleep but end up wanna release some negative feelings here. Sighs~

I must convince myself to think positive:
"there's nothing wrong to let Bun go out... Once in a while ma right??? Plus there's also some people whom I don't know at all, I go there also sit there silently, so what's the difference being there or stay at home? Plus I don't wanna let Xuan Xuan surrounded by smokers...."

Good good~ I think I'm feeling better now. LOL WTF!

Anyway~ Sorry for wasting your time reading this nonsense and thanks for your time for reading this nonsense. LOL!

Have a nice weekend, hope mine will turn better tomorrow... err... today.

*Blogging in a room where everyone fell asleep. LOL!!! Suspense nya~*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I know how you feel being a SAHM. I just moved back to KK with my husband so I am totally new in KK and worst part i think is I have no friend in the city. Not familiar with the place and a lot a lot more.

Like what you said, things will be better after all. But yours still not bad coz u still can going out with friend :D

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

have you ever ask your hubby to bring you out whenever he got any plan? sometimes guys always never think and never understand what we're thinking.. they thought when they're back to their own place, then they can do whatever they want... well, can try to discuss with him, or else have to do something will make you happy lo..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Wow~ You're definitely braver than me to move back to KK with your husband. Such a far place I can't imagine how it's gonna like to stay there.

You will too, get used to the place you stay eventually. Hope everything will turn out better.

And those are not my friends, LOL! My husband's friends... Whatever. Hahahaha~

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I don't what plan he have because he never told me about it. But I already confronted him with this matter I guess he'll pay more attention on me next time when go back hometown.

Anyway, thanks for caring!!! :D